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009. Gaining Knowledge and Calling Out a Gang

General Summary

After waking up in their rooms in the Blastwood Inn, the party first sorted all their loot into "keep" and "sell". The "sell" pile got sold to several merchants on the market.   During this, Gimdalf recieved a Sending:  
Adventuring Party.
Many thanks for cleaning up messy situation.
Reward arranged, collect at Jafone Bank.
Mention my name.
Pwyl lectured on trust.
Sincerely, Archdruid Dugas.
  He sent back a thanks. Gram Crackers had him add: "Not money, lessons!" at the end. Presumably wanting druid lessons from Caddryn.   After having located the Jafone Bank through the straightforward strategy of asking the innkeeper, they recieved the sizable sum of 200 platinum. It was promptly divied up between Gimdalf, Gram, Macca Ni and Fei.   Macca Ni and Gimdalf promptly opened personal bank accounts, depositing 50 pp and 30 pp respectively. Each received a TRB Security Token as their identification as account holders at the bank.  

The Red Dot Gang

  In the bank the party noticed a poster, signed by the Talamir City Guard:  
Leader of the Red Dot Gang
Reward: 2000 gold
  A quick inquiry with the guards in front of the bank led them to the Jafone Guardhouse, and an appointment with the Guard Captain.   While going up the stairs in the Jafone Guardhouse, Macca Ni jokingly announced that he was the leader of the Red Dot Gang, which caused a bit of a stir in the common room, but was ultimately recognized for the joke it was.   From the Captain they hear the current state of investigations into the Red Dot Gang (see the article for that information). The Legendary Beetles offered to potentially go undercover in the organization, in order to get close to the leader and his lieutenants. The Captain will contact Archdruid Cadrryn Dugas as reference for the trustworthiness of the party. He will give the party any more information that they aquire and are willing to share.   Back in the inn, the party ordered lunch, with several different alcoholic beverages, bread, cheese, and the specialty: spicy Lamprey. Given that they didn't have the included breakfast, it only cost them 1 sp. Gram Crackers ate the lamprey without any issues.   While eating they overheard a huntsman tell rumors about attacks and disappearances in the Ginoboja Forest.   While discussing their strategy of how to approach the problem of apprehending the leader. Macca Ni struts out onto the Market and makes the following proclamation, making the general public quickly shy away from him:  
I have a business opportunity for the Red Dot Gang that will make them a lot of money! I will only talk with their leader or one of his lieutenants!
  This made the discussion a bit of a moot point.  

Rumors of a Huntsman

  Gimdalf talked with the huntsman in the inn's common room. He indicated that there have been several disappearances of hunters in the Ginoboja Forest, along with attacks of undefined origin. These attacks started about 5 weeks ago, and have become especially bad since about 3 weeks. He mentioned that they might want to hire the Legendary beetles as extra protection when they go back in 2 days.   The hunter is staying in the Blastwood Inn, and mentioned the party could go to the Huntsman's Lodges for more information on the attacks, and to find out where the injured hunters are located at the moment.  


The party spent the rest of the day in te library. Gimdalf copied 4 1st level spells into his spellbook. Then they attempted to find the location of Nymatar Maeafin's home in the Underdark. With a book on sapient inhabitants, and a newly bought map, they narrowed it down to somewhere in the Simnian Desert.   A library cleric warned them about the general untrustworthiness of Drow.   When night fell, not everyone went to bed, because the party expected a visit by someone from the Red Dot Gang. In particular: Gram has made a nest in the closet and Macca Ni has hidden himself in a blanket underneath the bed (stealth check 13 in an attempt to make it look like he is a rolled-up rug).  

Plan for next session

  • Check if they wake up.
  • Go after the thug that they robbed back.
  • Character(s) interacted with

  • Nymatar Maeafin
  • Arryn Tamrin (Guard Captain)
  • Aior Menita (Innkeeper)
  • A Banker
  • Several City Guards
  • A few merchants and other people on the Jafone Market
  • A cleric in the Jafone Library
    In-game date
    Report Date
    09 Oct 2020
    Primary Location
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf
  • Items Gained

  • 217 gp and 12 sp from sold items.
  • 200 pp as a reward from Archdruid Cadrryn Dugas.
  • 2 TRB Security Tokens, Gimdalf's is signed with a G with a staff through it, while Macca Ni's is signed with glasses.
  • A map in full color of Telarul. It gets less accurate the further away from Talamir one looks.
  • Items sold

  • Scimitar (15 gp)
  • Feathered spear of mediocre quality (3 sp)
  • Spiked bandolier (5 gp)
  • Lance (7 gp)
  • Heavy Crossbow + bandolier (50 gp)
  • Fancy wall-tapestry (20 gp)
  • Fancy red silken cloak (10 gp)
  • A set of well-isolated clothes (4 gp)
  • Steel nosed boots (3 gp)
  • 4 Small exotic furs (8 gp each)
  • Green robe (5 sp)
  • Ivory comb (10 gp)
  • Signal Flag of Clouds (20 gp)
  • Red-glassed lantern (1 gp)
  • Shirt and pants of a bandit (4 sp)
  • Gimdalf: One crossbow (40 gp)

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