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TRB Security Token

Security Tokens are hexagonal metal tokens that are used by the TRB for the identification of it's account holders. In addition to being an unfalsifyable method of identification, the token also contains a ledger of the account's contents, giving the account holder acces to their money in any office of the bank.   Upon creation, the tokens are blank and not bound to a specific creature. To bind a token, a sentient being needs to sign it with a personally chosen letter or icon. The token is then bound to that creature, identifying them as an account holder at the Royal Bank. The token is blessed by the godess Thutunia and will magically return to the rightfull owner when lost, stolen or otherwise separated from said owner.   Clericks of the TRB can read or write to these tokens through their connection to Thutunia. Fraud is not known to happen, as the godess frowns upon such practices.
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