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WorldEmber Journal

  Like some of my friends, I'll be keeping a WorldEmber journal of our journey through WorldEmber together. It'll be my first time doing WE and I hope we can all do it together. :D     I plan on documenting my journey ( as much as I can remember to) and try to encourage everyone to do their best and be awesome. If you write, you are a winner. <3   For WE, I am going to be working on a few different worlds: Araea, Quentriandal and the Necro-Industrial Complex (or NIC)   If you want to get a primer of what Araea is like, a good place to start is here:  
From the Heavens, to the Far Deep
Geographic Location | Nov 8, 2018

Life hides from malignant stars and irradiated wastes, deep in the dark. While cosmic evils haunt the surface and the endless deeps, life clings to existence where-ever it can take hold.

  It is a weird-fantasy world where humanity is almost entirely underground and the surface is an irradiated and barren waste.    

Tips for Surviving WorldEmber

  First and most importantly: Have Fun! If you enjoy the writing you are doing, you're far more likely to do more of it!   Second: When you want to write, minimize distractions. Turn off Discord and youtube.    

WorldEmber Articles



Nebiri-Shi, the Devil-Shrimp
Species | Dec 9, 2018

These large crustean predators are native to the Abyss and a hallmark of just how vicious its wildlife can be to those who live near it.







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