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  Like some of my friends, I'll be keeping a WorldEmber journal of our journey through WorldEmber together. It'll be my first time doing WE and I hope we can all do it together. :D     I plan on documenting my journey ( as much as I can remember to) and try to encourage everyone to do their best and be awesome. If you write, you are a winner. <3   For WE, I am going to be working on a few different worlds: Araea, Quentriandal and the Necro-Industrial Complex (or NIC)   If you want to get a primer of what Araea is like, a good place to start is here:  
From the Heavens, to the Far Deep
Geographic Location | Jun 27, 2020

Cosmic evils haunt the surface and the endless deeps, with life clinging to existence where-ever it can take hold.

  It is a weird-fantasy world where humanity is almost entirely underground and the surface is an irradiated and barren waste.    

Tips for Surviving WorldEmber

  First and most importantly: Have Fun! If you enjoy the writing you are doing, you're far more likely to do more of it!   Second: When you want to write, minimize distractions. Turn off Discord and youtube.    

WorldEmber Articles



Araea world cover
    Araea is a weird-fantasy world set in a world very different from our own. The surface of the planet is a barren wasteland plagued by radiation and vicious dust storms, forcing mankind since time immemorial to shelter deep underground. There, they build cities and civilizations, farm fungi and mushroom, raise insects and cave newts, all far from the sun. Strange beasts prowl the dark and threats face humanity from every quarter, but against all odds, mankind survives.   It is a world of mystery and many unknowns. Most of the surface remain unexplored and even after millennia of habitation, humanity's presence in the depths are a flickering candle in a sea of darkness.        




  The dead have been roused from their graves but not as terrors to haunt mankind or foes to be battled, but as servants and slaves. Undead work the lines in factories, tend to crop and fell trees at the order of Nekrobioteks, powerful necromancer-surgeons. Crypts and cemeteries have been emptied to fill mines, factories and gas-choked trench-lines.  
Death has become a business transaction.
  The world of the Necro-Industrial Complex (or NIC) begin with the question: What would we do if necromancy actually worked?    


      Quentriandal is a fantasy world that explores themes of narrative, story and archetypes. Set inside of a dream conjured by a distant creator-god, Quentriandal is a world were tale and narrative are laws of nature that define it more than any other. While the world may be a dream, the stories of those who Awaken inside it are real.   Quentriandal function on assumption and story as much as fact; crops grow when planted and tended, the sun moves across the sky and fires burn because that is what these things are supposed to do. Stories and narratives govern the world and shape events in it.  


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