Master Nekrobiotek

The difference between apprentice and master is akin to that of a surgeon, wielding either hacksaw or scalpel.  
— Elaine Rae
    Outside of the army, the Nekrobiotek don't really distinguish themselves with ranks and titles to any great degree. There are the apprentice, who are not yet true Nekrobiotek and there are those who are. The master stands above them all, recognized by every Nekrobiotek as an outstanding scholar in the field of Necrology. They are the ones who have blazed a trail into unknown realms of science and wonder, stepping over corpses to do so in the most literal sense.      


  To be considered for the title of Master Nekrobiotek, the necromancer must have made some exceptional discovery or performed some great feat of wizardry. The title is most commonly given by the academy from which the Nekrobiotek came from or is associated with, though in the Abhimaan Monarchy it is the royalty who bestow it. Such honors are granted rarely, even as research into the field continue at breakneck speed.  
Among the Shinomas Magocracy, the rank carries even greater weight. The Master Nekrobiotek there command considerable political power and financial clout.
  There are maybe a hundred or so masters still alive today. Each one has made significant and lasting contributions to Necrology and Necromancy, enough for their names to be well known far beyond their home nation. In more peaceful times, it was a great honor to host such a master and their lectures were crowded affairs. With the Long War, such visits have stopped and the master who remain have turned their considerable prowess towards finding new weapons to win the war.    


One of the youngest and most recently recognized Master Nekrobioteks is Elaine Rae of the Korero-Take Republic, and one of the most controversial. While none argue her skill or power, the exact nature of the contribution that saw the senate elevate her to the rank of Master have been classified and remain secret even to some of the highest officials in the republic.


  The Necromancer-engineers of the Necro-Industrial Complex are called Nekrobiotek. They are part surgeons, part mechanics and part wizards: all required in equal part to reanimate the dead and put them to work. To reach the pinnacle of their craft takes a dedication and will that is frightening.   Read more about theNekrobiotek    
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by Victoria Rockmetalico


  For many decades, it was customary for the title of "Master" to be granted only to those who had written a grimoire: a treaties on necromancy and spells. As time has passed, this requirement has lessened in relevance and other opportunities for recognition have opened up. Warbeasts are the latest innovation and Nekrobioteks race make a name for themselves before anyone else.

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