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Kaia-Tene, the Light-Bearer

Banish the Dark

There's really something special about that feeling you get when the last torch you packed goes out.  
— Sodai, Kaia-Tene
  Kaia-Tene are Kaia tasked with providing light for their teams. They are responsible for the logistics before and the responsible rationing of supplies during an expedition. A good Kaia-Tene are what stand between light and darkness for the Kaia.      


  To be a good Kaia-Tene, the Kaia must know how many supplies to bring on their expeditions, how much they can expect to scrounge during it and how best to use what they have either way. Everything from Ahi Bugs to flint and steel must be accounted for, packed and its use tracked as the Kaia venture through the dark. They might complain when no torch is lit and the Kaia are forced to make their way by the light of luminescent fungi, but all Kaia know the dangers of running out of light when you most need it.   Light can also be a weapon, one the Kaia-Tene excel at wielding. Predators or bandits with eyes accustomed to total darkness can be blinded by sudden illumination or drawn to a light left behind as bait for a trap. The reverse is also true. Kaia who become used to the dark and gloom can find themselves blinded, and it is the Kaia-Tene who know how to avoid or treat such hazards.   To accomplish their task, the Kaia-Tene use prudent management and everything from glowing fungi to torches to Ahi Bugs. To be lost in unmapped caves, far from civilization and with no light to guide them home is every Kaia's nightmare.    
Too bad a bright smile can't light up a cave, or I'd be all set!  
— Sodai, Kaia-Tene
Explorers of the Deep   Kaia are explorers and adventurers, daring to go where others fear to tread. Even with all the time that humanity have spent in the caverns, most of Araea is still shrouded in mystery in darkness. The Kaia-Tene help bring light to those unknown places.   Read more about the Kaia - The Explorers of the Deep

Example Kaia: Harahna

  Harahna's journey from drunken vagabond to honorable Kaia have not been an easy one. She wears the marks still, from a crooked nose broken one too many times and a rough demeanor. While not a Kaia-Tene, she is an example of what a Kaia is like in the world of Araea.   Read more about Haranha, the Kaia    

Ahi Bugs

  Domesticated wasp-like insects with glowing abdomen, Ahi Bugs are one of the most commonly ranched bugs in the deeps and used in every city-state for illumination. Some Kaia-Tene bring them on expedition in hooded lanterns and small cages as an organic alternative to a torch.   Read more about the Ahi Bugs

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Dec 19, 2018 17:19 by Dejers Garth

Ooh, light-bearers, keepers of torches, those who "Banish the Dark"! I always love this type of concept and think that you've done a great job with this one.   However, your initial quote gives a mixed feeling I'm not sure is intended. Perhaps there could be an addition of "...goes out as we return to the light of civilization." Or "goes out and casts the group into darkness." Mayhaps "goes out and the flicker of the ahi bugs takes hold."   All suggestions that I think would help solidify the thought of the rank! Especially considering that they are supposed to know how much to bring, so, having too little or having that sense of uncertainty in the beginning feels out of place with the following information.   Thanks for sharing this cool article! :)

Dec 19, 2018 18:17

Thanks for reading it. :)   The opening quote is meant to be more humorous than serious. I'll see about tighten it up a bit, though. :D It's definitely meant to be a certain element of risk to everything the Kaia do: packing light becomes very important when there's no sun or moon to pick up the slack if you forgot... :D

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Dec 19, 2018 19:42 by Evi

Hey Q, really interesting concept to have a member mainly responsible for light in such a dark world, it seems to fit the world perfectly.   I would like to know more about the actual possibilities they have for creating light in such a place, like a list maybe "The Tene's Manual" written in blind writing. Are you going to be doing an article on Sodai or are they just an example? Are the Tene responsible for all supply management or just light? what is the general formation of exploring groups like, how many people do they usually need to provide for? Maybe another good read more could be a prose about an expedition which features a Kaia-Tene. Also, are there any famous Kaia-Tene? (for epic failures or successes or a peculiar choice of lighting methods maybe, or maybe one that developed a specific method of keeping the path lit)

Feb 11, 2019 20:07

Hey Evi, thanks for the comment :D   They're only responsible for light supplies. Some example equipment, expeditions or epic failures could be interesting, so I'll keep that in mind! :) Thanks!

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Dec 19, 2018 22:50 by R3negade X

Very nice. Shorter than most articles, but it still manages to create a nice atmosphere and establish the importance of this task! Is light-bearing a magic skill that they can wield, or is it all about carrying torches and packing other light sources?

Feb 11, 2019 20:01

No magic here. Just logistics.

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