Dec. 2018: WorldEmber and Going Live

We don't want to set the world on fire, we just want to start a flame in your heart

Written by Ademal

Hello! This is the first of (hopefully many) Developer Journals charting the ongoing development of Ethnis and the many projects within! We'll be aiming for a journal each month, or every other month, which we will use to keep you up to date with the goings on within Ethnis and our lives.
Without further ado, let's dive into it!   There are several topics to cover this month! It is our first journal, and a fairly big update, so if there is something you really want to read about click the link to the right jump to it!

Going Live

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As of December we are going to actively be promoting Ethnis on social media! While this Codex is far from done, we are at a point that we feel confident putting it out to the wider world to start garnering more attention, feedback, and (hopefully) support! We will be engaging on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitch, so look out for updates on your favorite platform.   The promotion of Ethnis, of course, is not a business process, but an organic one. Worlds like ours hinge on followers and fans telling eachother about them! We appreciate and notice when people follow us and help promote our stuff, and we like to do the same in kind.


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We had two developers, four-hundred-and-forty-three articles, four weeks of time, a lot of caffeine, and a whole galaxy of Banners, species, conditions, organizations... and also a slew of Tales of Ethnis, an RPG, a narrative universe, a murmuring of a video game and two dozen other projects.   Not that we needed all that for WorldEmber, but once you get locked into a serious writing collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

What is WorldEmber?

It's a big honking contest put on by WorldAnvil, is what. The full page on it is here. You can see the progress of the competition up top and the conditions of it below.   The short of it is that it's a massive challenge-slash-compeition. The primary challenge is to write 10,000 words by the end of the year to get a shiny badge and be eligible for prizes, but beyond that there are brackets for higher word counts and categories for winning other prizes or being eligible for other prize pools.     Big stuff, exciting stuff!

    Our Goals

    As members of the World Anvil team, we are ineligible to win many of the categories of WorldEmber. Of course this won't stop us from fighting our way to the top of the leaderboards purely for the bragging rights. Hopefully we'll see you up there! We can win some of the other categories such as the most liked articles per category, so you'd better expect that we'll be aiming high in those regards!

Giving back!

  There are a couple ways we want to give back to the World Anvil and Ethnis Community this month. The first is that we're sponsoring two of the prizes, and the other is a pledge for mutual love!  

    Contest Hosts

    As Deities of World Anvil, we have accepted the opportunity to judge two of the categories of WorldEmber! What this means is that we will both be given a list of the top entries (ordered by likes) and choosing our favorite from there!   Each of us will be giving a prize to our winner!
    Ademal, judging Conditions
    I'm judging Conditions articles! Show me something which really immerses me in your world and shows me the plights and dreams of your people!
    — Ademal

    Prize yet to be determined!
    Barron, judging Traditions
    I'll be judging the Traditions articles! Give me your best in making some believable and immersive. I want to feast upon the whys, hows, and whats.
    — Barron

    Prize yet to be determined!

    Mutual Love

      In the spirit of community and mutualism, we will be reaching out to those who themselves act in the spirit of community! It is our pledge to you to give a friendly comment in kind when you give us one, and to give you constructive comments when you leave constructive comments on our articles! This will always be true, too, not just for WorldEmber, but overall! We like helping friendly faces and good community spirit.
  We hope to see you participating in WorldEmber, either in writing your own worlds or in cheerleading your friends who are undertaking this momentous occaision themselves!

Upcoming Plans

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Our main focus is going to be on WorldEmber! We will also be moving many of our articles to private, as originally intended, for the sake of keeping the Ethnis core approachable to newbies; all other content will be locked to Aspirants of Adept level or higher, so if you're invested in Ethnis please consider supporting its development to unlock that content!   Beyond that, you can also support us as we begin to post our stuff to social media! Expect to see all those social media links posted to the sidebar soon!

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