Earth Melon

Don't be fooled by the looks. If we can crack it open, we're in for a treat.  
— Chandra, Awakened Hunter
  Earth Melons are part of the Elemelon family of fruits. It is covered by a hard, rock-like shell with a pudding-like flesh. Earth Melons are popular and frequently enjoyed meals, though getting to the gooey interior can be more work than some are willing to put in.    


  Earth Melons are covered by a stone-like shell that come in different shades of grey with darker stripes along the rough surface. The squat melons grow from granite-grey stems without leaves, but finger-long thorns. The flesh of the Earth Melon is a muddy brown and has the consistency of pudding. A single, acorn-like seed is at the center of the melon.   The shell is just about has hard as it looks and special chisels known as melon-crackers are used to open them up.  
It's worth it. Trust me.  
— Chandra


  The shell of the Earth Melon help keep the flesh within from spoiling and protects it from cold, heat or damp environments. They last for a long time and are ideal for long-term storage, even if their heavy weight makes them impractical as part of a traveler's kitchen. The flesh can also be dried out and reduced to a light brown, flakey clump. These are much easier to take along for travel and can be restored to their pudding-like form by adding water, or grated to use as a sweet flavoring on other foods. Eaten fresh, the pudding-like Earth Melon has a nutty taste with hints of sweetness.    
    The Earth Melons grow on any fertile soil as well as on hard rock. The composition of rock and minerals they grow on changes both the appearance of their shell and the flavor of the flesh. Marble whitens the shell while making the flesh sweeter, while granite gives it a richer and deeper flavor.  
I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...
— Chandra

Story & Narratives

  Earth Melons are the story of unexpected deliciousness and a lesson to not judge a rock by its shell. Much like Fire Melons, they subvert the norm but do not carry the same tales of succor from unexpected places. Themes of stone, minerals, metals and hard work for delicious rewards are common for patches of Earth Melons.   Other common narratives include:   Festivities that won't possibly be complete unless a particularly large or flavorful Earth Melon can be located and cracked open.    
I'm talking about food a lot? Am I? Well... Maybe..  
— Chandra


  The Elemelons are a family of fruit in Quentriandal that consist of the water melon, the earth melon, fire melon, air melon and wood melon. They are found across Quentriandal and each have their own elemental theme and taste.  
Fire Melons
Species | Feb 26, 2020

Though very similar to their green-skinned cousins, Fire Melons grow in sand and heat; the hotter, the better.

Air Melon
Species | Feb 10, 2019

Part of the Elemelon family, the Air Melon grow from clouds and in the cold, with almost translucent flesh with a sweet flavor.

Wood Melon
Species | Feb 10, 2019

Wood Melons are one of the Elemelons, and are ferociously fecund.



  A popular way of eating the Earth Melons is the so-called Mud-Pot-Stew. Fresh Earth Melon flesh is made into a simmering stew before vegetables, nuts and berries are added. The daring (or the prankster) might add some Fire Melon to that, should they have access to it, for an unexpected kick.    

Earth Melons in the Wild

  With their hard shell and thorn-covered stems, Earth Melons are not common meals for wild beasts. When Earth Melons are found opened in the wild, one can almost be sure that there is a narrative of an Unexpected Beast lurking nearby.


Some say that the Earth Melon is not something natural, but a plant made by one of the Awakened. Credit is usually given to an Awakened by the name of Sunlit Rose, though she has not been seen or heard from for decades.


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