Fire Melons

Phew! A bite of that'll wake you up!  
— Chandra, Awakened Hunter.
  Fire Melons belong to the Elemelon family and share the general shape of the water melon, but thrives in sand and heat. The hotter it is, the better for the Fire Melon. For those who live or travel the desert, the humble melon provides a vital source of both food and water.    


  The Fire Melon has the form of a melon, with orange through red shades on its skin with blazing yellow to white lines. Its flesh is deep scarlet but lightens towards the edges, with bright red seeds. The flesh is juicy and filled with water, but the taste of both fruit and water is sharp and very spicy. The size of a fire melon range from no larger than a head to the size of a torso, depending on where it grows. It grows from dark hued vines that dig into sand and soil, with no leaves. When the shell of the fire melon starts to form budding protrusions, it has matured enough to harvest or eat.    
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  Unlike most plants, Fire Melons thrive in heat. It grows in arid, hot lands and deserts in particular. Heat makes the Fire Melon grow in proportion and taste, becoming increasingly spicier in hotter climates. They grow in clusters dotted here and there in the deserts, often forming small islands of life with other plants growing near or on them while wild animals frequent those areas to eat or drink.  
Even the shell of the Fire Melon has its use. Once dried, the shell ignites easy and is often used to as a fire starter.
  In some places, the Fire Melons are actively farmed but these tend to grow smaller and less vibrant: too many melons in the same place reduce taste and size. Even so, orchards of Fire Melons are common sights in and around any settlement in the desert. The fruits handle cold very poorly and will shrivel up in a matter of hours or days, depending on the cold. Such fire melons are not edible.    

Story and Narratives

  The most common story of the Fire Melon is that of bounty in unexpected places and subverting the norm. Themes of fire, heat, spice and deserts are integral to the Fire Melon's narrative.   Other common narratives are   Succor in the sands for travelers lost deep in the deserts or arid plains.   Unexpected comedy when an unwary or unknowing person takes a bite of the spicy-packed Fire Melon and reacts accordingly.


  The Elemelons are a family of fruit in Quentriandal that consist of the water melon, the earth melon, the fire melon, the air melon and the wood melon. They are found across Quentriandal and each have their own elemental theme and taste.  
Earth Melon
Species | Feb 10, 2019

Earth Melons are one of the Elemelons, with a delicious pudding-like flesh shielded by a hard stone shell. Totally worth the work!

Air Melon
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Part of the Elemelon family, the Air Melon grow from clouds and in the cold, with almost translucent flesh with a sweet flavor.

Wood Melon
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Wood Melons are one of the Elemelons, and are ferociously fecund.



  The seeds of the Fire Melon can be harvested, dried and ground into a bright red powder with a taste similar to that of the flesh of the melon: sweet and spicy. The spice is traded far and wide across Quentriandal, being particularly popular in colder climate where the fruit itself fares poorly.     Death By Spice   'The hotter, the better' is only true to a point. Fire Melons that grow in the hottest desert like the Ember Dunes can grow so spicy that grown men and women are reducing to weeping and babbling for such is the sensation.   This, of course, has made eating them one of the traditional ways of proving courage, toughness and poor decision making.    


  There are whispers that the Fire Melon is not something conjured by the Dreaming World, but a plant made by one of the Awakened. The most common name attached to its creation is that of Sunlit Rose, though she has not been seen or heard from for decades.


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5 Dec, 2018 19:55

Nice with something less dark ;) Is it worth more as spice or as a fire starter? Do animals eat it too and does it affect them the same way?

5 Dec, 2018 20:08

That's the nice part; you can eat the spicy-bit, then burn the shell! :D   Yeah, they do! Though animals tend to be a lot smarter than people so they avoid the Carolina-Reaper/Ghost-Pepper level fire melons. ;D

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5 Dec, 2018 21:42

Was it initially called a fire melon because of its colour, how it grows, its spiciness or easily igniting? Are there some beliefs about it growing from the realm of fiery creatures beneath the sands or something like that?   Also, do I get it correctly that if you are in a desert with no water and you eat a fire melon... you don't actually get much better? I mean, yes, you've got your food and water, but now you need to drink more because of all the spiciness, and you only got other fire melons nearby xD   And is it forbidden in some wooden-based settlements to import fire melons because of its igniting capabilities, out of fear of starting a fire? Spies with fire melon shells sneaking in to burn down your town, stuff like that. Or fear that it is dangerous and unhealthy and "literally burns you from the inside", or the spiciness is demons trying to burn you inside; or, as I mentioned in the beginning, the fiery creatures from the realm beyond? For example, those creatures are trying to escape their realms through fire melons, and those who eat them are "infested with spirits/fiery creatures" and mistrusted, every unusual move seen as the doing of said creatures?

8 Dec, 2018 15:38

It's name probably come from a combination of factors of where it grows, what it looks like and what it tastes like.   I'll add something about how most people might want to filter the water they get from a Fire Melon. :D That should help!   And no more forbidden than bringing coal or dry wood into a settlement :)   And while those are some excellent and entertaining thoughts, for the most part, Fire Melons and spiciness is a known quantity. They're less unknown magical plant and more viewed as.. Melons, that's spicy. And grow in sand.   While there are no dimensions beyond this one in Quentriandal, now y ou've given me the idea of a Fire Melon-centric spirit, which I will definitely have to do :D   Thanks for the comment! <3

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Reading this made me think of when I bit into a dried chili mango slice for lunch. This fruit sounds super satisfying to me! Also it feels like it belongs in a video game. xD I would love to hear what dishes would be made with this.

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I'll try to think of some dishes to add! That would make a great addition! :D

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Loved the fire melons, though I'm really curious how...water melons of the elemelon families are. I love these so much haha. Two questions though, it isn't stated that the fruit is sweet but the seeds are. I was wondering if the taste is sharp and spice of sweet and spicy or all three lol my second question is are there any alchemical properties or is it just good fire starting fires and eating?

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10 Dec, 2018 21:46

The flesh's similar in taste: sharp, spicy and sweet. The hotter climate is where they grow, the more spice it has, as a general rule. And no, they're mostly just good eatin' :D