Example Character: Xael, the Theurg

There is always a cost to power. Always.
— Xael, Theurg.
    Xael will not speak of the things that drove him to carve the jagged symbols into his flesh or saw him set out into the world. The only clue he has ever offered his friends are that not all of his scars were made by his own hand. The quiet, unassuming man is a powerful theurg searching for a way forward.        


      Whatever past that haunts him have made Xael a quiet, careful man. He is slow to act and slow to speak, always taking the time to consider the situation. When Xael does speak, it is because he feels it is important to do so and expects others to listen. Being ignored rankles him and it is a quick way to get on his bad side. He trusts few and in particular almost no one who talks too much.   Xael is well aware of the consequences of power, wearing the marks of thaumaturgy on his body. He is suspicious of any who flaunts their powers, no matter its source, and one thing that can reliably stir him to action is the powerful abusing the powerless. The magic he commands has given perspective to more than a few local bullies and thugs, but this habit has gotten him in trouble more than a few times. Unless there is need, he has learned to use other tools than his Thaumaturgy.   Behind his quiet confidence, there is a nagging sense of inevitability. Every time he draws the reality-warping ichor through the brands on his body, he can feel the strain on his flesh and his mind. He is already showing signs of the first mutations from his Thaumaturgy and fears, deep inside, that he is destined for complete degeneration.        


      Xael is a lanky man of medium height with a normal, unassuming build. He keeps his black hair short, though often neglects to really groom his scruff except when it becomes long enough to annoy him. He prefers simple and practical clothing, with no jewelry. He is never without a weapon, typically a short stabbing blade, and never without a satchel that contains a single, ancient page from pressed hattick. No matter his outfit, he always wears an iron vial around his neck on a string.   Xael's body bears the scars of all theurgs. Arcane symbols carved into his flesh, they allow him to pierce the veil of worlds and channel magic through his own body. On occasion, these scars excrete a black goop and he sometimes complains that they ache when it is very cold. Not all of his scars are ritualistic, with the poorly healed marks of a scourge visible across his back.        

Skills & Abilities

      Before anything else, Xael is a theurg. He has the ability to use Thaumaturgy and his focus is primarily on using stone, though his frequent visits to the Drowning City has made him pick up the trick to manipulating water as well. The art of Pyromancy and Shroomomancy completely elude his grasp, however.   He is decent with his blade and while he is no match for a Kaia⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣, his long travels have taught him how to survive in the wild tunnels of Araea well enough.   Xael has a secret weapon. The vial around his neck contains the poison of a fearsome Far Deep predator, strong enough to require the occasional replacement of the container. When times are truly dire, Xael uses his mastery of water manipulation on the liquid venom to terrifying effect.

Tome of the Black Stars cover
by François Launet
Current Location
Dūbavum - the Drowning City
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Theurg or Magus
Aligned Organization
The Seekers
There's no worse poison than just a drop of power over others.
— Xael


  Magic in Araea is called Thaumaturgy and it is an art practiced by few. It requires an iron will and a willingness to sacrifice your own flesh for the sake of power that few possess. Its practitioners are called Theurgs or Magi, and they are greatly feared by all who know of them.   Read more about Thaumaturgy⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣    
He's a pain in the ass, he can't hold his liquor and you can barely get more than three words out of him in any given conversation. But there's no one I'd rather have watching my back besides another Ranger.
— Cerrone, Drowning City Ranger.


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