WorldEmber 2018 Report

Phew, what a ride this has been! And what a fantastic way to round off the old year. I joined World Anvil back in December 2017, in the middle of last year's WorldEmber. I saw it was a thing, but due to being exhausted after NaNoWriMo and in the middle of an extra horrible exam period I decided to not participate. I had no idea the community was so amazing back then, and hadn't found my way to the Discord yet, so if I had tried, I'd probably give up in the middle of my second article.

This year I knew about the awesome community. This year I felt a bit prepared, although I ended up not writing half the articles I planned due to new concepts being developed as I wrote articles. This year I had no exams. And everything went better than I feared it would. Although the Ninja Start did scare me a bit, since I wasn't ready at all to start - but it all worked out in the end.

I want to thank everyone in the #worldember-2018 channel on the World Anvil Discord for cheering, reading, posting, liking, inspiring and generally just making an extra awesome community this month. You guys are amazing, and I don't know if I would've managed it without you. You rock! <3

An extra huge thanks goes to everyone who streamed during this event, talking about the stats and giving out great tips for getting through the month. You inspired us all! <3

Now, without any further ado, here comes my progress for this crazy, yet amazing month.


Not counting this progress report I wrote a total of 25 434 words during WorldEmber 2018. Being exhausted by NaNoWriMo in November I never imagined I'd manage to push out so many words. But I did, and that makes me feel pretty proud of myself.

CW: Mentions death of close family
Especially since my grandpa died on Christmas Eve this year, which certainly put a damper on my productivity. Yet here I am, having completed my goal, and in some ways it helped me get through this strange week of overwhelming feelings.


I wrote more articles during WorldEmber than I thought I would, and developed several concepts in my world that I only had a vague idea about. This in itself is a success. A total of 39 new articles were written during this challenge, where at least half of them were only loose concepts in my mind at the beginning of the month, if even an idea at all. Here you have them all, for your reading pleasure.

Articles That Will Need A Bit More Love


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