Day of Remembrance

The day before the Winter Solstice, when the old year is in its final day, is an important holy day for many people. This is the Day of Remembrance, a day where people can remember their deceased loved ones and do nice things and activities in their memory. It's a highly personal day, and despite it being the main holy day of the deity Belinda it's personal if one celebrates it or not, as well as how it's celebrated.

Usually the day is used to remember the loved ones who might have died during the last year, but as all general traditions on a day like this it's up to personal preference. Some families might observe this day by remembering a long-dead relative year after year, though this is rarely seen if the remembered person wasn't greatly loved.

Ways to Observe the Day of Remembrance

There are several ways to observe this day, and it varies quite a lot, not only from country to country but from house to house. Some elements do seem to be used more often than others, and is seen in a large part of how people observe this day. Some of these elements are listed here.

Remembering fond memories: A great way to observe the day is to go through fond memories of the deceased person. This can be done alone or together with others, depending on personal preference.

Doing activities related to the deceased: This might include eating the favorite food of the person, or playing a game or doing an activity the person loved. Usually when this is done, the observer will choose an activity they as well love, and possibly did together with the deceased.

Visiting a grave or memorial: Probably one of the most seen traditions on this day, except in Inmalenor where there isn't any real tradition of graves or memorials. A visit can include lighting candles, leaving decorations like flowers or cakes, or just having a conversation with the deceased.

Date 28th day of Hearth's Call Type of Event Deity-specific holy day Related Deity Belinda Relevant To Those who have lost someone
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