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End of the Semester Feast

Just before you think you're going a bit crazy from all those students panicking about their finals, trying to get you to give them the questions they will get on the exams, some even trying to break into faculty offices to get a sneak peek of what they should read up on...

Suddenly it's all over. The students leave, and the hallways are finally silent once again. And most of us in faculty know it's time to party.

Aimar Lyari
Arcane librarian

After a long school year, with numerous dramatic and less dramatic episodes with the students, the faculty of the Lenthir branch of the Academy of the Arcane get together to celebrate that they survived yet another year. The feast is well known in all of Lenthir, mostly because some of the faculty drink a bit too much and decide to go on epic, alcohol-induced quests around the city.


It all started one summer when three teachers came together to get completely hammered on ale straight after the semester. Word caught on, and by every following year more members of faculty joined in on the party.

The Arch Mage realized it could be a good and social thing, and played with the idea of making it an official happening. The rest of the faculty wasn't opposed of the idea, mainly because they knew that official celebrations would mean that the Academy would fund food and drink, and thus the End of the Semester Feast was a reality.


No proper Academy celebration can be held without games, a feast and a party.

The Games

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Before anything else the faculty members compete in a friendly round of games. The doors are opened to the Arcane Arena, a dimensional hall specifically created for these games. The ground is covered in different kinds of obstacles, and the faculty is divided into two teams. The goal is to get to the opponents' side, grab their banner, and get to the other side without letting the banner owners reclaim their banner. At the same time the team should protect their own banner from being snatched.

The Feast

After some fun and games it's time for food. As every other feast arranged by the Academy it's a grand occasion with an abundance of different dishes and drinks, enough to last the whole night and leave leftovers. It's expected that at least some of the faculty members hold speeches, though this is generally not a problem since some of them just love to talk and would grab any occasion they can to hold speeches. This is the reason why speeches are limited to a maximum of fifteen minutes per speech, as there was this one year where there wasn't just one person who loved to hold a speech, but four - and they each had 45 minutes to 1.5 hours speeches.

The Party

Now that the food is eaten, the speeches are held and people are itching to stretch their legs a little, it's time for the party. A bard or two is usually hired in for the occasion, and the bar opens. These festivities run through the night, or until everyone have left or fallen asleep.

The next morning the Arch Mage has made sure that he's hired a couple of overly positive people to make sure everyone who fell asleep in the Tower of Lenthos are fed leftovers and annoyed enough by the positive attitude of the servers to go home already so the hired cleaning crew can get rid of the mess after the party.

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