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Tragicus Byron

Work in progress!
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Made for the Hero Challenge 2021.

Tragicus Polonius Konstantinus Byron (a.k.a. T.P.K.)

Life has never been easy for Tragicus Byron. Simple daily tasks no one would even talk about can turn into a nightmare for him. Luckily he gets out of everything mostly unharmed, except for a damaged ego. He is stumbling into things way too big for him, but luck, a supporting hand, or pure coincidence always let him appear as a successful hero.  
"How did I get into this... or rather: how did I get out again?" --Tragicus Byron

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Already at a young age, he has been challenged by life. Some kids envious of his family wealth lured him into a fight with a way bigger and stronger kid. Tragicus won the fight, everyone was surprised... him the most. What actually happened: he accidentally knocked over a stack of boards that were leaning against a wall and hit the bully.   2853
Tragicus uses an airship of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia to visit Queenshaven. Seconds before the airship lands he falls out, knocking a robber unconscious who was just trying to get away with money and jewellery stolen from the rich people waiting for the airship.   2855
Stumbling drunk out of a tavern and colliding with a speeding waggon right outside, he accidentally knocks a barrel down that rolls downhill and incapacitates a group of irate brutes that were chasing the waggon.   2856
During a reception at Perelline Castle, he deflects a crossbow bolt aimed at Lady Aurora by grabbing an apple from a bowl of fruit. The arrow hits the apple and goes off course.  
Tragicus by Artbreeder
Currently, Tragicus is in the harbour city Land's End because when he entered a ship in Perelline to ask for a delivery for his father, he accidentally boarded the wrong ship which just left for Land's End. He also cannot leave the city now, as it is under quarantine because of a yet to be identified disease.  


While being in Perelline, Tragicus is doing errands for his father, apart from that he is not doing anything of importance.

Mental Trauma

Tragicus Byron by HeroForge
Tragicus is 27 years old and in fear for his life. He likes to visit fortune-tellers at every occasion and got told by the first one that he will die a horrible death at the age of 49. At first, he laughed about it. But soon this became a reoccurring thing. He is now torn between joy and horror: joy because he knows he can do whatever he likes without dying, but also horror because he will die, horribly, in the year 2883 PB.


Contacts & Relations

Tragicus and Geertruud Smallbottom met several times in Perelline, and one of their encounters was quite embarrassing for both of them. He saved her life by a mishap that was embarrassing for him in a way that was embarrassing for her.

Family Ties

Hobbies & Pets

Salty by HeroForge
Tragicus is accompanied by a meerkat named Peppers and his pony goes by the name Salty, but the latter one is more often not reacting to the name than it does. Peppers showed up one day during Tragicus' travels and never left again, despite Tragicus' attempts to get rid of that animal. He also owns a mimic, but he doesn't know that. Yet.


Tragicus stutters, a lot.

Wealth & Financial state

Tragicus Byron by HeroForge
Lords Byron and his family are wealthy aristocrats, so Tragicus never had to think about money. He owns a house in Perelline that is way too big for him. It contains many things he has never seen, as they just got placed by servants who accepted the rewards for Tragicus' heroic moments at the door or were brought over from his father's estate.
A world full of wonders.
chaotic good
Current Location
2834 PB 2883 PB 49 years old
Circumstances of Birth
"Things" already happened at his birthday, making his parents name him Tragicus. Details about that day have been forgotten or are kept a secret until today.
Circumstances of Death
According to every fortune-teller, they will be horrible.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
slightly tanned
160 lbs
Character Prototype
Tragicus is the typical "accidental hero", performing acts of heroism unplanned and unwillingly by his mishaps having those kinds of positive side effects. Somehow he must be related to Geertruud Smallbottom.

Cover image: Tragicus by Artbreeder
Character Portrait image: Tragicus Byron by HeroForge


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Ha! Love it!

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He owns a mimic but doesn't know it yet? Go on... I love this article. It made me laugh as I was reading it. Poor poor Tragicus.

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Haha! Love the hilarious stuff and the accidental tones hit the soft spot! :D   Also, I was waiting for the moment he reaches 50 and finds out that the fortune teller just ripped him for a lot of cash. :P

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