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Daphne is a cute gnomish woman with fluffy pink hair and dark brown eyes. Since she has always been interested in urban life, she naturally gravitated towards The Cat House with its lively atmosphere and affluent clientele. She tries her best to make the guests at the inn happy in her role as one of the staff members there. Daphne is always looking for new ways to wow her guests, whether it is through embarrassing games, naughty stories, or massages.  
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Her closest friends at the Cat House are Sendra and Cecily, and they are quite the formidable team. Though unique in their own ways, they all work towards the same end: satisfied and returning customers. When they are not hosting, they are out and about in the city and its environs, seeking out new and exciting experiences.   Daphne is aware that working at the Cat House is not always easy despite the glamorous appearance of the job and the money she earns. She has dealt with her share of challenging customers and high-pressure scenarios, but she always remains calm and collected. A positive attitude and willingness to keep going are constant companions for her because she knows that the success of the business (and her income) depends on happy customers. Daphne's positive outlook and dogged perseverance ensure her success at the Cat House.  
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Daphne by Tillerz using MidJourney
Daphne is set on leaving the Cat House to start a new business elsewhere. She has been saving all of the money she has made from her aristocratic clients. Daphne is so dedicated to her new venture that she uses every waking moment to study the market and develop a strategy. To educate herself, she devours books on business and economics and regularly meets with local business owners for advice.  
What the future brings
  Not long after Sendra's abduction (see there), she returns to the Cat House and informs Daphne of a promising business venture in Kamonson. Joining forces as partners, Aya and Daphne purchase and renovate a run-down mansion, ultimately transforming it into the grandest and most prosperous entertainment establishment in Kamonson. Daphne keeps the establishment running while Aya threatens every ship on the sea as a fierce pirate queen.

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