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Jilixia Worldthrone

The sole daughter of Lynnila, sadistic bully, torturer, and breaker of men's spirits

Lady Jilixia Worldthrone (a.k.a. The Fleshmelting Sadist)

WARNING: The Rasmanthus Guild has issued a continent-wide S-Class bounty for the death of Jilixia Worldthrone and declared her Public Enemy #1 for all Zheng-Kitarans. Proof of her death, delivered to the headquarters of the guild in the city-state of Axiom, shall net whosoever achieves the deed a sum total of 500,000 Gold Pieces and a single request or wish granted personally by Osmantha the Indomitable.   Alternatively, proof of the death of any of her children shall net a smaller reward for 50,000 Gold Pieces per head(or other proof of death) delivered to the guild headquarters in Axiom.

Lesser Idol

Jilixia Worldthrone is classified as a Lesser Idol, and is capable of granting powers as a patron to witches, warlocks, as well as perhaps clerics and the like who venerate the infamous Combustion Queen, last surviving daughter of Dahmunara Worldthrone and unmatched master of Kinetic Magic. Consult your GM if you are interested in following or recieving power from Jilixia Worldthrone as described here.
  Obedience: Spend an hour inflicting suffering onto another creature, with fire if possible. If this is not feasible, spend the hour crafting collars to place about the necks of your defeated foes while devising new and more efficient means of bringing agony and suffering to those who have wronged you or those you care about.   Effect: If it was not already, your gender immediately changes to female for as long as you continue to perform this obedience. Stopping this obedience permanently in any way besides mutual agreement to go seperate ways(Not simply missing a day) might run the risk of it being made permanent(GM Discretion). Your body becomes white hot in a pale imitiation of Jilixia herself, such that you exude a tangible aura of unbelievable heat - you deal 1d6 points of Godfire damage to any creature(Ignoring fire resistance and immunity) to any creature that has you grappled or is grappled by you. Creatures that hit you with a natural attack or unarmed strike take half of this damage. Creatures within 5ft of you take minimum damage on all dice as Godfire Damage automatically. The damage increases by one additional dice at 4HD and every 4HD you possess afterwards.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jilixia's physical condition is nothing less than eternal perfection - she somehow attained immortality through a secret method known only to the Worldthrone Bloodline, stopping her aging in the prime of her life. She is the pinnacle of beauty, has known no illness nor sickness, and is both incredibly fit, agile, and powerful. More importantly, her body is well-known for its legendary heat - her body and clothes run with the same heat she wields as part of her Fire-based Kinetic Magic, and are hot enough to melt through flesh and bone in seconds.

Body Features

Her body is not overly tall, but is curvy and fit - carrying muscle that only barely emerges from beneath her supple layer of fat, Jilixia does not clearly resemble the powerhouse she is in reality - capable of lifting grown men and incinerating at a touch. She is unmistakably feminine, though her beauty is marred somewhat by the eternal derision and scorn that decorates her face. Her skin is a pale white and marble-smooth, and is akin to gorgeous moonlight.   Most notable of her bodily features is her extreme body heat - byproduct of her mastery over Fire-based Kinetic Magic, her body and clothing are hot enough to melt through iron, steel, flesh, and bone alike in a matter of seconds...and anywhere from the soles of her feet to her chest, legs, or even her hair and face are hot enough to accomplish this, though certain places carry more intense heat than others.

Facial Features

Her face, while aesthetically beatiful, is almost constantly one of mockery, scorn, and disgust - or, at the very least, resting distate. Her eyes are the baleful yellow of a demonic lantern, and her silvery-platinum hair falls in long tresses behind her that are said to reach so far down as to touch the ground at times, while at others is reported as not going down past her shoulders.

Identifying Characteristics

From her overwhelming body heat that permeates her clothing and equipment, her look of disgust and scorn she wear always, her constant hostility or annoyance, to even the servant boy she keeps at her side crawling on all fours at all times, Jilixia has no shortage of identifying features for others to mark her with.

Physical quirks

Her massive, overwhelming bodily heat enough that the simple act of resting her foot atop the head or body of others is enough to melt such a surface into liquid and steam is her main physical quirk - though her constant perspiration and strange, acrid odor that permeates the air around her are other, more secondary traits that others have not conclusively identified as being either simple hygiene or clues as to a more sinister biological ability.

Special abilities

Most notable is her overwhelming and perfect mastery of Kinetic Magic, particularly over Fire-based Kinetic Magic - her ability to produce and manipulate flame into different abilities and forms is the stuff of legend, and one she has used on such massive scales to incinerate entire towns and plunge entire countrysides into a fire-dominated hellscape where the air itself is so fuming hot as to sear and char the lungs with each breath.   However, secondarily, she is extremely well-versed in Water and Gravity based Kinetic Magic - all of which she has combined to create horrific Kinetic combinations that resemble Orcish Blackwater mixed with gravitic enhancements, crushing and sticking and burning to her targets with unstoppable certainty. Additionally, this penultimate technique which utilizes Kinetic Magic of three different types is said to burn the souls of those it sticks to, eventually snuffing out the lives and returning the souls of those it kills to Jilixia's sadistic grip.   With this mastery of Kinetic Magic, the mere act of physical contact or even being in her presence is enough to cause burn damage on one's insides and exterior bodies - and when one considers she has true and total mastery over Godfire as a gift seemingly from Huofeng themself, she easily reaches into the realm of existence reserved for the divine.

Apparel & Accessories

Jilixia is often found in a sleeveless dress befitting a noblewoman, with long arm gloves and long stockings that come up to her upper thigh - these are made of Devilskin and are typically a soft purple color. In her more casual attire, she forgoes this dress in favort of a simple sleeveless garb latched up by zipper, with a furred jacket overtop and simple slacks and footwear to adorn her lower half.   She is almost never seen wearing jewelry or other shiny adornments, as doing so would likely result in molten metal dripping down her hand or body inside of a minute.

Specialized Equipment

Jilixia has almost no specialized equipment - her mastery over Fire-based Kinetic Magic is the only tool she particularly needs or wants, meaning she travels light.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For more specific information on her history, refer to the link below to an in-depth timeline recording her events through her initial escape of Worldthrone Castle to the present. Usually, the histories of such figures are not recorded in such detail, but she has, at several points in her life, arrogantly boasted at length about her life, hiding nothing about what she has done and often even mockingly taunting others to try and stop her - as if she actually wants to meet someone brave enough to fight and defeat her regardless of collateral damage that would come with engaging her...who is legendary for her ability to incinerate entire towns in battles.   As such, a vast wealth and a near complete record has been collated on her history and actions - which can be read through below.   Jilixia Worldthrone's Historical Timeline

Gender Identity





Raised by her Mother in Worldthrone Castle, Jilixia was afforded every possibly luxury from birth - she was raised and taught everything from mathematics to engineering, and is an incredibly learned woman.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Survived the fall of her grandmother Dahmunara Worldthrone and the butchering of her family in Worldthrone Castle.   Brought about the destruction and collapse of the Shaoshu Empire, largest empire of the Age of Conquest and largest supporter of The Rasmanthus Guild.   Obliterated 99.99% of The Rasmanthus Guild in a decade of brutal crusading that saw tens and hundreds of thousands of adventurers killed, crippled, burned, enslaved, and tortured before her.   Fought Osmantha the Indomitable to a standstill and lived to tell the tale.   Conquered and ruled the Ustanan city of Rhocenza for nearly two centuries as its queen - and still holds sway over it to the present day.   Incinerated and humiliated an entire squadron and joint team of The Gāngtao Migrant Fleet and The Rasmanthus Guild sent to capture and kill her.   Burned her way through the lands of Ustana, the Great Gyatsoshin Desert, and the city-state of Sakhrad.   Humiliated, tortured, and melted the first ruler of The Kabbalah Trading Company and of the city-state of Sakhrad with nothing more than the sole of her right foot, leaving his burned body in the city center and forcing its residents to give up a majority of their belongings to avoid being butchered.   Found refuge in the Kingdom of Seoghar, whereupon she distilled the perfect bloodline to match her own after 8 husbands and gave birth to the 'perfect' daughter. Later defeated the hero sent to kill her and possibly had a child with him.   Found refuge in the Kassau Matriarchy, which she helps and assists to this day.

Failures & Embarrassments

Her humiliating retreat from Worldthrone Castle was her greatest failure - a sign of weakness she worked for centuries to correct.   Her failure to kill Osmantha the Indomitable is a stain upon her legacy which she has not forgotten, and wishes to correct in time.

Mental Trauma

Deeply traumatized at the hands of The Rasmanthus Guild and the world at large, having witnessed the brutal, sadistic butchering of her entire family and all her friends first-hand when she was young.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is brutal, direct, and sadistic - she is not above making plans and schemes, but will never wait nor bide her time. She forces the world to react to her and her plans, no matter how lopsided her odds might be, and dares others to stop her by refusing to hide what she does or where she does it, instead brazenly operating out in the open(though not shouting her plans from the rooftops) in such a way as to make others come to her. She is confrontational and extremely willing and able to use violence to achieve her objectives, and is not above even the smallest acts of violence and humiliation if she finds it amusing or that it suits her needs - a sadist through and through, she enjoys plans and living her life in such a way as to cause as much pain and agony to others as possible, ranging from mocking verbal humiliation to brutal torture and genocide done with her own two hands.   Once she is wronged, however, she is nearly Ezdhûlian in her obsession with repaying her grudges and slights done upon her tenfold - as an immortal woman, no time is too long to take if it means butchering, torturing, outplaying, and killing those who wronged her...making her an incredibly dangerous woman, as nothing offends or scares her more than letting the target of a grudge die of old age or other causes before she can kill them herself.

Morality & Philosophy

Her only morality is her own entertainment - she lives according to her own selfish desires and whims, and little else.


None. She will do anything no matter how twisted, no matter how off-limits, and no matter how unethical if it means not only winning but simply amusing herself.

Personality Characteristics


For much of her life she was motivated solely by a burning, all-consuming desire to wreak brutal and sadistic vengeance on those responsible for butchering her grandmother Dahmunara Worldthrone as well as her family and friends during the siege of her home Worldthrone Castle. However, after single-handedly causing the downfall of the mighty Shaoshu Empire, finding the heroes who lead the attack and torturing and eventually killing them in the most vile and cruel of ways, butchering The Rasmanthus Guild to a shadow of its former self and fighting its leader Osmantha the Indomitable to a standstill, she can be said to have achieved her revenge in spades.   Now, she lives her life for herself and herself alone - while many would assume she yearns to continue the legacy of her grandmother Dahmunara Worldthrone, this is not entirely accurate. Jilixia, while motivated to do so, fully recognizes and admits to her own inability to do so, as her own biases and hatreds as well as her brutal sadism means she cannot and does not truly want to make an 'equal' society like that of her grandmother. Instead, she lives for herself and has unbound herself from most of the beliefs of her grandmother - now that she has achieved her revenge for her family and lineage, she lives for herself and her own enjoyment alone, though she holds many of the same notions of female supremacy.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at inflicting pain, inspiring fear, commanding respect, entertaining/dealing with children, manipulating and fooling others, surviving in the wilderness, mass-destruction, beauty work(Cutting hair, styling hair, doing nails etc), increasing efficiency, predicting the actions of others, insulting/humiliating others, martial arts/self defense, dancing, medicine/medical care/biology   Bad at playing instruments, taking indirect routes or making roundabout plans, not being direct, holding her tongue, acting, lying, hiding her emotions, waiting

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Torture, Fire/Arson, Anything that causes suffering in others, Screams of pain and agony, Winning/Getting her way, Efficiency, Bluntness/Being direct, Those who stand up to her, Extremely Burnt Food, Fine Wine/Liquor, Material Pleasures, Seeing others grovel or crawl, Girly Things(The Color Pink, Fluffy Things, Doing Nails, Etc)   Dislikes: False Bravado, People knowing/learning she likes girly things, Those who boast or brag or act tough without the power to back it up, men, having her subjects or belongings messed with, selflessness, snow, adventurers, sailing, The Rasmanthus Guild, The Children of the Crushing Chains

Virtues & Personality perks

Though many would think themselves hard-pressed to find a single virtue within Jilixia's black, twisted soul, she does possess a few traits that are classified as 'virtues'. Firstly, for all her sadism and cruelty, there is no surer feeling of safety nor a more secure place than beneath her as a subject or at her feet as a belonging - for all the butchery the world wreaked on her family and her grandmother Dahmunara Worldthrone, the noble spirit born and burned into her soul from the time she was born has not fully left her body; She feels and displays an obligation to provide for and care for those who swear themselves to her service, and does carry herself according to a sparse but intact code of ethics...meaning that despite her cruelty she is not impossible to deal with. Additionally, she seems to carry the noble virtue of debt-repayment - she dislikes owing another creature anything, and has never been recorded as not repaying a debt or ignoring a favor being asked of her as repayment for such a debt.   Once one has sworn themselves to her service or been forced into it, she is loathe to betray such vows and will go to extreme lengths to see to the safety and prosperity of those beneath her...and while not AS virtuous to those she keeps as pets or slaves, the pain she inflicts upon such people comes with the promise of security, care, and true, albeit twisted and sadistic love the likes of which many have trouble understanding. Though she has been known to discard these 'toys' once she has grown bored of them, a fact which many point out as a flaw, few realize the lengths she goes to so as to ensure such discarded toys do not want and are provided for once they are released from her service. These odd virtues are partially why many who fall under her service come to, for lack of a better phrase, 'relish the lash' - for it becomes patently clear to such that, despite her twisted and sadistic treatment of them, an odd form of 'love' or 'affection' does stand as the source of such things that is, in some ways, more genuine that that displayed by other more virtuous rulers.   In truth, while her flaws far outnumber her virtues, it would be wholly inaccurate to call her devoid of them - one merely needs dig past the surface and finds the few virtues that shine through her twisted personality.

Vices & Personality flaws

Jilixia, at her core, is a deeply flawed woman twisted by events and peoples that shall not be enumerated upon here - suffice to say, her flaws and vices are many.   First and most obviously, Jilixia, true to her titles, is a cruel hearted sadist to the very core of her being - there is nothing more she enjoys in her life than causing and watching the suffering of others both physically and psychologically, and all the moreso when she inflicts it herself(Especially with flame). She enjoys degrading and humiliating others, and watching the pained expression on their faces as she slowly breaks them down in both body, mind, and soul - and, in time, watching them crawl and grovel about her feet like animals for her to use as footrests, armrests, furniture, servants, slaves, and more. To her, 'love' is something she expresses through torture and agony and pain - the only things she has likely ever known.   In addition to such things, she often displays a callous disregard for life and morality, and indulges in several pleasure of the flesh with casual regularity - most commonly fine wines, liquor, and fine food, though more darker pleasures such as practicing her martial techniques on living creatures and even lighter or more 'casual' drugs(Mostly sense-enhancing drugs). In the same vein, her penchant for cruel experimentation on others is a flaw most heinous - she has been recorded on multiple occasions as subjecting her slaves and 'pets' to brutal and cruel experiments designed to twist or change their bodies, alter their biology, or to simply get them addicted on a substance or possibly even cause them fleeting pain in some way.

Personality Quirks

Her most unusual quirk is her preferred methods for dealing with those she decides to use force against - unless confronted by truly legendary existences such as Osmantha the Indomitable that she deems as worth bringing out her true power against, she will invariably prefer to bring death to others in the most painful and humiliating ways possible.   To this end, thanks to her immense and overpowering mastery of Fire-based Kinetic Magic, her body rests at a temperature hotter than even the hottest of Eldragi, her bare skin and clothing so unfathomably hot as to melt through flesh at the lightest touch.   This ability means that one will most often see her execute or kill those she tires of with gestures as simple as stepping atop their heads, letting the sole of her foot, even wrapped in clothing or an outfit, burn clean through their bodies in the clearest display of overwhelming power as is possible for her. In other situations, she will simply grab others and let her hands, legs, head, shoulders, chest, or any other part of her body melt through her victim...in short, any way in which she communicates how little of a chance they stood in the first place.   Secondarily, she has a strange obsession with being looked in the eye or others standing at full height around her without her approval to do so - both of which she seems to take as personal challenges. As well, she is known to usually keep at least one slave or 'toy' around her at all times to carry out whatever menial tasks she might require - from resting her legs to sitting down to even holding something or opening doors...meaning she has a presence that is hard to miss.


Despite her overwhelming beauty, she is frequently described as 'lightly perspiring, as if overheating', or some very similar description. This, combined with an acrid and strange smell that hangs about her and has even caused damage to others when inhaled in large enough quantities, leads many to assume she either has poor hygiene habits and/or has strange biological quirks related to her mastery of Fire-based Kinetic Magic...or, perhaps, to a strange ancestry of which constant perspiration is a sign of such as water, fire, or steam elementals or other elemental beings.


Contacts & Relations

As a woman who brought The Rasmanthus Guild to its knees and nearly exterminated it for good, who collapsed the mighty Shaoshu Empire and brought about the age of conquest, and who terrorized cities across the continent as a one-woman force of nature, Jilixia can be said to be acquainted with most of the known world - if only as the legendary Fleshmelting Sadist said to be an unstoppable engine of Kinetic Obliteration with her masterful control over the element of fire.   However, in addition to her reputation, she has made deals with people in positions of power all across Zheng-Kitar - and more often than not, subjected them to extreme physical or psychological torture and torment or outright abducted them to abuse and render into broken animals. Most familiar is she with the Jade Emperors of the Kingdom of Seoghar, whom have made it a particularly wise(if not cowardly) point to maintain extremely cordial and aggreeable(if not somewhat submissive) relations with her, preferring to give into her occasional, mostly reasonable demands rather than put thousands or potentially millions of lives at risk fighting her.   Finally, she is closely related with the city of Rhocenza in the lands of Ustana, which she ruled for centuries as its queen after the city was overtaken by a wave of zealous fervor - a cult dedicated to appeasing her unholy name springing up there and handing her the city itself as an offering to her supposed 'glory'. Though she has since left the city behind, it continues its ritualistic sacrifices and rule in her name - meaning she has massive amounts of influence there and with the Ustanan people in general, who fear her immensely.

Family Ties

As the sole surving child of Dahmunara Worldthrone, her family line is utterly exterminated - none of her surviving sisters or aunts endured the Fall of Worldthrone Castle which saw The Rasmanthus Guild and the armies of the world at the time team up to defeat the Demon Queen Dahmunara Worldthrone, Jilixia's grandmother, and exterminate her entire family tree in incredibly brutal fashion. Only Jilixia herself endured and lived on - all her siblings were murdered in this attack in the year 4000 ASK.   However, centuries after her escape, she eventually gave birth to a son and two daughters as she settled in the lands of the Kingdom of Seoghar - though she is believed to have cruelly gone through 8 husbands in the process of distilling the perfect bloodline with which to mate with as her husband in the hopes of producing the most pure and genetically perfect offspring, as mighty or moreso than Jilixia herself. These three children stay with her constantly, and her two daughters, though young, are already proving themselves as highly capable and dangerous women - while her son has the unfortunate lot in life of serving as his mother's personal testing bed for torture techniques, experiments, and serving her every whim.   Her Eldest daughter is Orielle, an unfathomably beautiful Human girl that is the result of her mother's centuries of perfect research into birthing the perfect child who attained immortality through means known only to Jilixia herself(And likely was a secret of sorts among her bloodline). She more than proved her dominance and power by single-handedly defeating one of the most reputable Monk Temples in the Kingdom of Seoghar along with every single one of its students in nothing but her casual wear...though many of the monks died, she crippled many more, and she took many more as her first servants.   Her younger daughter, a cute but beautiful Half-Elf girl named Zellvienne who is believed to have been the offspring between her mother Jilixia and the hero who came to defeat her and drove her out of the Kingdom of Seoghar...whom her mother defeated thanks to help from her daughter Orielle. Regardless, she has yet to prove herself but is rapidly growing in power in recent years.

Religious Views

Her religious views are as straightforward and brutal as the woman herself - she has been quoted on record many times on her religious views:  
Who the hell cares? They're the ones who need us. If they get in my way they'll burn like all the rest - otherwise, let the moronic masses have their bread and circus. Faith didn't save my grandmother, my mother, or anyone else - all faith is good for is motivation. And I have that in spades.

Social Aptitude

True to her lineage as a granddaughter of Dahmunara Worldthrone, her social aptitude is immense and something entering the realm of the supernatural - however, unlike her mother, grandmother, and siblings, she is rarely observed as simply 'persuading' others. Instead, she uses this immense charisma in combination with her sadistic terror-tactics to both convince entire populations of her beliefs while at the same time sending bone-chilling terror shooting into their bodies and souls such that she does not merely convince others, but inspires in them such terrified hopelessness while simultaneously implanting the notion of safety and security beneath her rule(And in obedience) that she has had astounding success controlling entire populations and fooling whole kingdoms.   Because of this, she is more skilled than any in the art of terror, and riding the line between ruling through fear and acting as an inspiration for those beneath her - oftentimes working a masterful combination of both such that even those completely in disagreement with her beliefs or actions are frequently persuaded to obey or do as she says because, despite the terror she inspires, she is masterfully adept at the art of convincing others that obeying her and serving her is the best available option to them, and the 'path of least resistance'. In time, as others accept this charismatic reasoning and obey her, they are soon made to accept the truth and veracity of her actions - she has on many occasions displayed a freakish ability to get even those she subjects to horrible tortures and brutal pain to get used to such suffering and follow her even still...and even getting them to come to enjoy such agony she inflicts in suprisingly short order.


It can be said with literal exaggeration that there has been almost no points in Jilixia's life where she has not worn an expression of disgust and sadistic fury - either at herself, the world, or someone or something within it. She carries herself with unbreakable confidence and looks upon others with derision regardless of their origin or mannerisms, and is frequently described as 'on the razors edge of violence' always; Only through obedience and the promise of servitude do her mannerisms relax somewhat, and to those who work beneath her she can even appear to be a relatively normal if somewhat temperamental ruler.   She is often described as self-assured and confident to the point of obnoxiousness, such that those who speak with her feel as though she never fully takes them seriously - an air of partial boredom and annoyance hangs about her while interacting with others constantly, though this may be little more than a facade to throw others off their game. Adding onto this, she almost never brings her full strength to bear against those who earn her personal touch of violence - she will almost invariable take the path of least resistance to defeating a foe, which typically ends up as the most humiliating option for her foe whom she defeats accompanied by mocking taunts and expressions of annoyance.   All in all, it is difficult to feel 'on her level' - every aspect of her mannerisms and how she acts and carries herself reminds others of her supposed 'superiority' and how little she thinks of them; Though many have a hard time accepting it, the best to deal with her is often to show deference or at the least to present ones self as non-confrontationally as possible unless one is sure they have the strength to back up an attitude of stubbornness or of confronting her, as she will often resort to violance at the drop of a pin should others attempt to brag, boast, or push back with as much vigor as she does to 'test' them. And while she might respect those who can at least hold their own and back up their cocky, boastful, or confrontational attitudes, she holds nothing but contempt for those who do so and cannot withstand her assaults...often resorting to torturing and even killing such people.

Hobbies & Pets

She keeps a vast array of pets, though most are humanoid in nature - her sadistic nature and penchant for torture means one need only look at the broken faces of those reduced to serving as her personal workers, slaves, and pets to be reminded of her cruelty and violence.   As for hobbies, aside from the obvious answer of 'Torture', 'Inflicting Suffering', and other macabre hobbies, she seems to have a suprisingly girly hobby in that she loves nothing more than spending time with peers doing things normally reserved for the likes of young girls such as clothes shopping, doing nails, and the like - as if the childhood she was denied by the brutal butchering of her family, though it warped her personality and beliefs, has not stifled her desire to experience the things she missed out on as a young girl.


Jilixia Worldthrone


Towards Osmantha the Indomitable


Osmantha the Indomitable


Towards Jilixia Worldthrone



As two women who very nearly killed each other shortly following the Age of Conquest, Jilixia and Osmantha are akin to Oil and Water - Jilixia, seeing Osmantha as a weak-willed woman who abandoned a life of cruelty and strength, despises her while Osmantha sees Jilixia as a girl that reminds her of her own self in her younger days as "The Heat-Reaping Demon", despising Jilixia's villainous attitude and disregard for suffering and life.

Rasmus Elias Oström Olander XV

Sworn Enemy (Vital)

Towards Jilixia Worldthrone



Jilixia Worldthrone

Sworn Enemy (Vital)

Towards Rasmus Elias Oström Olander XV




As two beings that came inscrutably close to murdering each other, Rasmus and Jilixia have been notorious rivals ever since their cataclysmic duel outside the Olander city of Andalstrand which saw Rasmus fighting Jilixia like a man possessed as the ground and air around him melted and boiled - and in the end, becoming the first man in living memory to successfully stand up to and defeat Jilixia herself, sending her howling in pain back across the Olander border after claiming her lower jaw and right hand in battle.   Now, the two burn with hatred for one another - Rasmus for Jilixia's cold-hearted sadism that he yearns to put down like the animal he sees her as, and Jilixia for the simple furious reason that she cannot stand the existence of the only man to have given her such grievious wounds in her entire life - let alone a man who humbly claims he could only have done so out of love for his people.   Many see a rematch as all but inevitable - merely a question of when these two behemoths meet once more to decide which one will meet their end.

Shou Ozawa

Enemy (Important)

Towards Jilixia Worldthrone



Jilixia Worldthrone

Enemy (Important)

Towards Shou Ozawa




As two beings that many might assume would get along out of their shared love of cruelty, Shou and Jilixia could not be further from allies - instead, they are the most bitter of rivals.   Shou, for his part, despises Jilixia as one who lives without conviction or purpose beyond base desires - while Jilixia secretely fears Shou as a being she fears might become her executioner, and a beast the likes of which even her mother might not have been able to stop.

Sylnara Worldthrone

Hated Aunt (Important)

Towards Jilixia Worldthrone



Jilixia Worldthrone

Uppity Niece (Trivial)

Towards Sylnara Worldthrone




In a strange and unfortunate twist of fate for Sylnara, her only surviving family member seems to dislike her mere existence - and by her own words, Sylnara has claimed within her prison that the two of them had always shared a rivalry as similar "Prodigal Children" of the Worldthrone Family, with Sylnara herself being the Prodigy of the first generation of children with Jilixia being the prodigy of the second generation.   Having vied for the attention of their mother over the course of their lives, Jilixia seems to have fostered a much deeper sense of resentment towards Sylnara than Sylnara did towards her Niece - viewing her Aunt as an entitled princess to whom imprisonment is a fitting punishment. Sylnara, to her credit, holds no such opinions beyond mild annoyance towards her Niece.

Nicknames & Petnames

Jilixia, notably, refuses to call Sylnara by her actual name or title - typically using profanity when referring to her Aunt.

Wealth & Financial state

Jilixia's wealth is not overly ludicrous - as she was forced to flee her original home Worldthrone Castle without being able to bring her own nor the wealth of her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone with her, she has lived most of her life by what she could acquire from others - meaning she that while she has accumulated a nice trove of wealth, it is by no means exhaustive as she tends to spend it quick enough so as to not ever have too much at any given time.   However, she has on multiple occasions humiliated entire townships and delivered unto them threat of mutilation, incineration, and unending torture unless offered substantial amounts of tribute to placate her - as she did with the city-state of Sakhrad after utterly humiliating the then-head of The Kabbalah Trading Company by casually melting through his head with her foot during her Journey through Sakhrad. As such, while not insanely wealthy, she keeps herself well-stocked through wealth flagrantly stolen from those she tramples over and whose lives she ruins - and those who offer her tribute so that she feels less inclined to do such to them.
The goals of my grandmother died alongside her - I think you will find my goals much more....visceral. Whereas my grandmother might have been satisfied with your loyalty, I shall not be until I hear you screaming in pure and potent agony.
— Jilixia Worldthrone, spoken to the Jade Emperor of the Kingdom of Seoghar
Earth(Primary) , Void(Secondary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Fleshmelting Sadist, The Combustion Queen, The Burner of Blumwagen, Ashfall, Lady of the Wailing Haze, Blacksnow, The Despoiler, The Guildburner, The Walking Altar, Ol' Lady Sadie
Year of Birth
3875 ASK 688 Years old
Sylnara Worldthrone (Hated Aunt)
Current Residence
Baleful Yellow
Varies in length, colored bone white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Marble White
5'10 (1.77m)
152lbs (68.9kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
Do not buck your leash unless you possess the strength to endure the whiplash.
Azaliah the Purifier
Character | Nov 13, 2022

The invincible commander of the armies of the Celestial Host, fallen and trapped forever within the City of a Thousand Smiths.

Myth | May 12, 2024

The Husk of Light and one of the legendary engines of destruction.

Cao Lu
Character | Jan 6, 2024

The infamous tyrant who once conquered all of Zheng-Kitar beneath his banner of oppression and suffering.

Character | Jan 23, 2023

The Horseman of Death and Master of the realm of Gehenna, lord of the five rivers and survivor of the Cosmic Gloam.

Character | Jan 5, 2023

The mysterious machine god entombed in the moon of Yethema far above the surface of Ea, relic of a time long past and herald of a dead people.

Character | Dec 8, 2021

The mysterious figure that rules over the city of Axiom.

Father Ferrolis
Character | May 3, 2021

The screaming spirit of the greatest ship to sail the seas of Zheng-Kitar.

Myth | May 3, 2021

The Husk of Air, and one of the legendary Engines of Destruction.

Jilixia Worldthrone
Character | Sep 20, 2023

Granddaughter of the Demon Queen and sadistic bully, torturer, and public enemy of all Zheng-Kitar.

Myth | Aug 26, 2022

The Husk of Earth, and one of the legendary engines of Destruction.

Kyra Aenai
Character | Apr 19, 2023

The towering god-queen of the High Lamia, last of her line.

Lesser Idols, A Primer
Generic article | Nov 13, 2022

The semi-divine beings who inhabit the material, capable of granting power to those who need or ask for it.

Character | May 3, 2021

The ancient, ineffable being from whom the rot of reanimation spreads, and from whom the first undead were born.

The Enenra
Myth | Mar 1, 2023

The demon of choking flame that steals the breath of children and slays all in its path.

The Judazhai
Myth | Mar 1, 2023

The titanic dragon-snake that slumbers eternal, bringer of the end when it wakes.

The Wanderer
Character | May 3, 2021

The lumbering titan that roams the furthest reaches of the Shenchuan Tundra.

The Worldthrone Family Tree

  • 3875 ASK

    Jilixia is born
    Life, Birth

    Jilixia worldthrone is born to her mother Lynilla, youngest of the descendents of Dahmunara Worldthrone. She shows great and immense promise from a very young age, far in excess of even her siblings or aunts. However, as she grows she displays a penchant for wanton sadism and discovers enjoyment in the suffering of others, torturing and killing servants and slaves around the castle she grew up in.

  • 4000 ASK

    Fall of Worldthrone Castle
    Military action

    Worldthrone Castle, home of Dahmunara Worldthrone and her daughters, is sieged and conquered by the Rasmanthus Guild. All of Dahmunara's daughters are killed, her generals lay slain or fleeing, and Dahmunara herself lies sealed away and her ritual stopped. Only Jilixia, her granddaughter, survives the destruction thanks to the sacrifice of Lysotha, nine-tailed kitsune general of Dahmunara and second mother to her children.

  • 4001 ASK


    The Guild in Retreat
    Military action

    Jilixia Worldthrone, now alone in the wilds of Hyeojiin Island after escaping Worldthrone Castle, refuses to hide and viciously assaults the camps of the forces of The Rasmanthus Guild in brazen frontal assaults that raze their camps to the ground.   Though the attacks are brutal and crippling, the leading Oldsoul hero remains alive and escapes Jilixia's wrath, surviving to lead the forces of the guild as they are thrown on the defensive and forced to speed up their retreat from the Island, quickly pressed back to their final camp in Xiaori Village along the Island's east coast in the process.

  • 4001 ASK


    Battle at Xiaori Village
    Military action

    Led by the Oldsoul Hero, last survivor of the assault on Worldthrone Castle itself, leads the last of The Rasmanthus Guild's surviving forces in a retreat from Hyeojiin Island.   However, Jilixia Worldthrone, using intel gathered from captured and tortured adventurers taken from her previous assaults on their camps, discovers their elaborate retreat plan and springs a deadly trap on the retreating guild forces - using her mastery over fire she sends the fleet of the guild up in flames as they sail out of the village.   The forces of the guild burn to ash inside their own escape ships - only the Oldsoul Hero survives the encounter and lives to report back to The Rasmanthus Guild, much to Jilixia's fury.

  • 4001 ASK


    Arrival at Shakogawa
    Life, Relocation

    With the forces of the guild dealt with, Jilixia secures passage off Hyeojiin Island on a female-crewed ship and lands in the town of Shakogawa along the coastline of modern-day Narixia. She is welcomed by the lord of the city, who recognized her upon her arrival and extends an offer of asylum in exchange for performing tasks in return.

  • 4001 ASK

    4011 ASK


    A new life
    Life, Organisation Association

    Jilixia spends a decade working under the radar for the Lord of Shakogawa, who agrees to hide her and gives her resources in exchange for eliminating his political enemies and a host of other unsavory tasks. Jilixia, driven solely by a need to learn more about the world before she enacts her plans at revenge, complies long enough to acquire all the information she needs about the world outside of Hyeojiin Island and Worldthrone Castle.   While she spends her time studying in the lord's libraries, she casually keeps herself entertained by abducting men off the streets and sadistically torturing, burning, and breaking them, and eventually killing them once she grows bored of them, forcing the Lord of Shakogawa to cover up her actions to preserve their deal.

  • 4011 ASK


    The Fall of Shakogawa

    The Lord of Shakogawa, who had been covering up her atrocities out of a misguided belief that he could redeem her or eventually turn her in, is callously discarded once Jilixia decided she had gotten all she needed from him and his family. She quickly reduces the lord and his family into masochistic torture-slaves and wrestles control of the city from him, where she quickly enacts a number of short but sadistic policies designed to test her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone's theories and her own ideas on governance and rule in the small scale.   She quickly turns Shakogawa into a hellscape, where men are enslaved and leashed at the feet of women, tortured and burned in the streets without remose while the women and men who would not comply with her policies were either killed or forced into compliance.

  • 4012 ASK

    4041 ASK

    The Reign of Terror
    Life, Organisation Association

    Jalixia would go on to spend decades as the Lady of Shakogawa, openly brutalizing its men and declaring them animals, and creatures to be owned(and brutally beaten if they disobeyed) - enacting countless sadistic experiments on the populace and putting down any rebellion with brutal and overwhelming force using her masterful control over fire and Kinetic Magic.   Her presence was not truly discovered until nearly thirty years had passed with her rule of Shakogawa - her experiments were permitted by the Emperor of Asagawa because the city had remained increasingly profitable, while most of Jilixia's true atrocities were kept quiet.

  • 4042 ASK

    Revenge of the Guild
    Military action

    Finally learning of the atrocities she had been committing in Shakogawa, the The Rasmanthus Guild dispatched an elite strike force to slay the last living heir of Dahmunara Worldthrone.   However, due to a variety of factors the least of which was a gross underestimation of how strong Jilixia had become after four decades with her immortal body gifted to her by her mother, the attack force was brutally burned and mutilated. Afterwards, she fled the city after executing every single one of its residents in retaliation for the attack.

  • 4043 ASK

    4190 ASK

    Criminal at Large
    Criminal Activity

    Jilixia would spend the next 150-odd years repeating the cycle displayed at Shakogawa - settling down in new towns as she ventured ever further east and/or south, moving into the Shaoshu Empire and finding new small towns and villages to take refuge in, after which she would quickly depose its leaders and begin a reign of brutality as its new Lord until The Rasmanthus Guild found her new location and chased her out while trying to prevent her from burning the city or village down in her escape.   With each subsequent population center she took control of and was pushed out of, she honed her cruel policies into an artform until, by the end of the 150-odd year period she would turn the population centers she reigned over into sadistically efficient territories where men served as pets, women ruled society, and her control over the populace was masterfully excecuted through more than just fear, each time honing her policies and figuring out where it had gone wrong in the previous attempt. The towns she chose were seemingly random, though all were small-scale and out of the way locations in the Shaoshu Empire.

  • 4190 ASK


    The Plan Unfolds
    Life, Organisation Association

    Finally stopping her cycle of attacking and conquering small towns and villages, Jilixia re-entered the public eye as a woman of significant power and renown that openly ruled over her house, her husband little more than a trained dog and puppet at her feet. This, for her, was by far the most high-profile and powerful role she had placed herself in by far, as she usually preferred smaller and more out of the way population centers.   Though she was discovered in this role early on by the Rasmanthus Guild, they decided it would lead to unacceptable loss of life if they were to openly attack her, for fear of her killing countless innocents in the conflict that would ensue - as she had previously adopted a 'scorched earth' policy of destroying her 'playthings' each time the guild found her, slaughtering tens of thousands each time.

  • 4195 ASK

    The Plan Continues
    Political event

    Continuing her mysterious plan, Jilixia was free to continue advancing her goals as The Rasmanthus Guild sat paralyzed by indecision over how to deal with her - and unfortunately for them, they did not discover her plan until it was far too late, which allowed her to make pets out of most every major noble in the Shaoshu Empire and eventually, even the Shaoshu Regent himself.

  • 4200 ASK

    Fall of the Shaoshu Empire

    With most of the Shaoshu Elite now broken and serving her in secret, Jilixia enacts her plan and brings utter ruination to the Shaoshu Empire after catching The Rasmanthus Guild in a cunning trap, tricking them into sending the very same Oldsoul that escaped her decades prior at Xiaori Village at the helm of the last of their elite 'S' Rank Agents to kill her before she could enact what they believed to be her plans.   Killing the S rank agents sent to destroy her and capturing the Oldsoul, Jilixia set the capital ablaze and made her nemesis watch as the country of his birth was brought to ruin - crushing the largest ally The Rasmanthus Guild had on the world stage as the empire burns around her, its nobles enslaved to her sadistic will and unable to stop the empire's collapse into bickering territories.

  • 4201 ASK

    4211 ASK

    Jilixia's Crusade
    Military action

    With the Shaoshu Empire obliterated, Jilixia, now an oldsoul, freely spent the next decade slowly and systematically destroying the Rasmanthus Guild throughout all of central Zheng-Kitar and completing her revenge on those she saw as her mothers' killers - her plan centuries in the making had come to perfect fruition and she proved unstoppable, butchering adventurers in the untold thousands and enslaving just as many more.

  • 4211 ASK


    Duel of Legends
    Military action

    Though she had nearly exterminated the guild across the continent, Jilixia's brazen assault on the Rasmanthus Guild came to an end as she personally dueled Osmantha the Indomitable on the Untamed Plains, fighting her to a standstill as the collateral damage from their battle threatened to obliterate the last fragments of the guild Osmantha was protecting.   Knowing that Jilixia's defeat would cost an astronomical amount of lives while Jilixia knew that Osmantha would likely kill her if pressed, both women decided to back off, leaving the battle with a mutual loss for them both as they retreated, the guild in shambles and Jilixia nearly dead, her crusade halted before its apex.

  • 4241 ASK

    Call of the Fleshmelter Cult

    Falling off the face of the planet for several decades, Jilixia reemerged from her duel with Osmantha the Indomitable decades later in the Ustanan City of Rhocenza as the residents of the city, in a frenzy after years of unpopular rule and poor government, formed a fanatical cult dedicated to the Jilixia, the Fleshmelting Sadist, inviting her to rule them after overthrowing the existing rulership.   The Rasmanthus Guild, still weak from her crusades against them, were too weak and unable to intervene as Jilixia fled to Rhocenza and turned the city into her own personal playhouse.

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  • 4242 ASK

    4386 ASK

    The Ruler of Rhocenza
    Life, Organisation Association

    Gleefully taking the reigns of Rhocenza after it was handed to her on a silver platter by the Fleshmelter cult founded in her name, Jilixia put her centuries of experience ruling townships decades and centuries prior to excellent use as she transformed Rhocenza into her ideal utopia resembling that made by her mother, Dahmunara Worldthrone, centuries ago - a haven for female supremacy, albeit one much more sinister than that her mother had created.

  • 4251 ASK

    The Failed Attack
    Military action

    In the years following her conquest of Rhocenza, The Rasmanthus Guild, after rebuilding their strength, formed a killsquad to take down Jilixia made up of a large number of the guild's remaining high ranking members at the behest of Osmantha the Indomitable.   Unfortunately, the attack would lead to ruin as Jilixia, now an oldsoul, was so astronomically powerful that only legendary beings stood a chance at resisting her power - she easily beat, enslaved, and humiliated the strike force in an act that would earn her the first global bounty issued by The Rasmanthus Guild for her defeat.

  • 4253 ASK

    4355 ASK

    The Isolation of Rhocenza
    Civil action

    Jilixia, so targeted and made a public enemy of the entire world, spent much of the next centuries ruling over Rhocenza as its cruel queen - she would make regular voyages outside the country which went undocumented at the time, but were later discovered at her own taunting boasts to involve the capture and sadistic torture of men in positions of power in foreign countries, whom she would brazenly torment for years at a time only to eventually take them as her own when they had become utterly hopeless and thus would not resist her abducting them. During this time, she is said to have abducted thousands of powerful men from across Zheng-Kitar, while killing, burning, torturing, and maiming others in the streets at night across the continent.   Rhocenza remained a staunch isolationist power for the next century and a half - no word came from within or without its borders, and all word on Jilixia's actions went strangely quiet, which was unusual for her and worried many about her plans.

  • 4255 ASK

    The Return of Lynnila
    Life, Birth

    Jilixia's mother Lynnila, whom she had long thought perished so many centuries ago during the assault on Worldthrone Castle, is discovered and imprisoned by The Rasmanthus Guild, who manages to do so without alerting Jilixia herself.

  • 4265 ASK

    A secret uncovered
    Military action

    Jilixia, learning of her mothers' survival and subsequent capture at the hands of The Rasmanthus Guild, is enraged after being alerted to her mothers' existence and location by a guild insider wracked with guilt at the horrific experiments done on her mother for the sake of killing her child.   Jilixia promptly goes on the warpath and attacks the secret base of The Rasmanthus Guild where her mother is being stored, waging a one-woman war on the guild once more.

  • 4266 ASK

    A mother's death
    Life, Death

    Though she tears through the base of The Rasmanthus Guild with ease, Jilixia is too late to save her mother as the guildmembers leading the operation, fearing for a mother-daughter pairing should Jilixia free her mother, butcher Lynnila Worldthrone and obliterate the body to prevent any hope of resurrection.   Jilixia, forced to watch her mother's death for a second time, is sent into a spiral of rage that would see her seek out every member involved in the experiment save the one who alerted her of its existence and capturing them...and, many say, torturing them daily to this very day, unable to die.

  • 4356 ASK

    The Campagna Report
    Diplomatic action

    A group of a dozen male students from the Ustanan Royal Academy ignore the warnings and forbiddance of their peers and teachers and sail to Rhocenza to prostrate themselves before Jilixia to ask for permission to study her and her city for their final graduating Academic Thesis.   Jilixia, in a rare display of mercy, gives the brave students the right to study her and her city under a few restrictions. This report, once written brings many shocking things to light about Rhocenza and its ruler, from its vast economy to shockingly solid government, and more.   The Students, once done, are shockingly allowed to freely leave Rhocenza to return to the mainland to deliver their report to the Academy.

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  • 4357 ASK

    The Student Revolt

    Four months after the students return, 4 of the original 12 students that went to Rhocenza to write the Campagna Report commit treason and abduct two professors from the Ustanan Academy, sailing back to Rhocenza under cover of night and giving their professors and themselves to Jilixia - who accepts the students' bid to enter her service and their professors as gifts.   However, when Ustana calls for their return, Jilixia returns the whipped, burned, and beaten professors to Ustana who, while intact, retire not long after their return and name their daughters as successors to their teaching positions, much to the astonishment of the Ustanan people who suspect Jilixia's hand in these matters.   The four students who commited the betrayal are made permanent citizens of Rhocenza, and are later seen serving her as her personal whipping-boys as reward for their actions.

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  • 4357 ASK

    4385 ASK

    The Rhocenza Golden Age
    Era beginning/end

    After the Campagna Report and Student Revolt, Jilixia found herself too busy with governance to leave the city for nearly thirty years - thanks to the report, a suprising number of men and women flocked to Rhocenza to live beneath her heel, sending her city into an unprecedented golden age built on the backs of brazenly stolen technology from rival powers and foreign leaders who Jilixia abducted and beat into slavery, much to the dismay of her many enemies.

  • 4386 ASK


    Life, Milestone

    Jilixia, laying the groundwork for the city of Rhocenza to continue in her absence, grew bored of her city of toys and abandoned them, flippantly leaving a female "High Priest" in charge in her absence to run the city according to her will. She leaves Rhocenza behind of her own will, and secures passage across the ocean to Ustana.

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  • 4386 ASK


    Jilixia Arrested
    Civil action

    On her voyage from Rhocenza to Ustana, Jilixia is stopped and captured by the Southern Migrant Fleet, who hauls her in on cruelty charges and demands her pay reparations to the sailors and families she inflicted so much suffering on. This move is backed by the Rasmanthus Guild, who had already sent adventurers to support this effort.   However, in another display of her power, she brutalizes the fleet of six ships with ease and kills every last member of the crew sent to participate save one, who is spared to spread word of her power and deeds.

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  • 4386 ASK


    Arrival in Ustana
    Population Migration / Travel

    Arriving in Ustana after being stopped by the Gāngtao Migrant Fleet, Jilixia is greeted by the Ustanan Guard, who attempt to arrest her for her crimes but are instead beaten, brutalized, and made to debase and humiliate themselves for her amusement - they are left as burned, tortured husks on the docks in little time. The city has no choice but to stand down and give her passage through the city, which she repays them for by mockingly setting governmental buildings aflame as she passes them.

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  • 4386 ASK

    4400 ASK


    Death and Debauchery
    Population Migration / Travel

    After her arrest and arrival in Ustana, Jilixia vanishes for nearly a decade and a half after leaving Ustana on a journey of unchecked debauchery, destruction, and death with seemingly no rhyme, reason, or purpose that would last for nearly a decade a half, ending only when she finally stumbled into the Kingdom of Seoghar and settled down to start a family.

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  • 4401 ASK

    Arrival in Seoghar
    Population Migration / Travel

    After leaving Sakhrad, Jilixia soon makes her way to the Kingdom of Seoghar, where she stays for several decades. Upon her arrival, the Jade Emperor, well-aware of her reputation after her actions in Sakhrad and beyond the past decade and a half, and wishing to avoid a conflict that would spell death for his people, makes the wise decision to have his daughter approach her and negotitate her safe passage through his lands - and in the process, accomplishes the miraculous task and ends the Fleshmelting Sadist's decade a half spree of debauchery.   Her mind finally clear of the constant haze she had put herself under for well over a decade, Jilixiaeventually demands the right to take a husband from Seoghar's finest stock of men, a manor fit for a queen overlooking a beautiful countryside, and to be made a noble in exchange for his people's safety - a strange but welcome request to Seoghar. The Jade Emperor agreed to this demands, on the condition she spare his people from death and suffering, to which she agrees.

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  • 4402 ASK

    4478 ASK

    A new, married life

    Settling down in the Kingdom of Seoghar after its Jade Emperor gave into her demands in exchange for promises to spare his citizens from death and suffering, Jilixia spends the next decades living a strangely reclusive life in her countryside estate. Going through 7 husbands, she discards them all for various reasons(Keeping them as broken pets afterwards) as if growing bored or finding them lacking.

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  • 4440 ASK

    Seogharan Scandal
    Political event

    Causing a scandal all across the Kingdom of Seoghar, Jilixia either knowingly or otherwise seduces the close and beloved wife of the Jade Emperor, ruler of the Kingdom of Seoghar's son, who flees her husband, smitten with the Fleshmelting Sadist, into her arms as her new betrothed.   Enraged, the Jade Emperor's Son storms off to Jilixia's manor only to fall victim to her sadistic wiles and ends up a mere trophy or pet to the two women, now madly in love. Jilixia, deeming the son worthwhile, has a beautiful daughter with him whom she names Orielle.

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  • 4479 ASK

    Happiness Ruined
    Military action

    Jilixia is confronted by a powerful hero who engages her in combat in her Seogharan estate, fighting her to a standstill and displaying a suprising degree of combat effectiveness.   This mysterious hero shows no hesitation in accepting collateral damage if it means destroying her - however, with the help of her daughter, Jilixia overpowers her assailant and leaves him maimed but alive, fleeing with her daughter to parts unknown and callously discarding her wife and 8 broken husband-pets.

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  • 4482 ASK

    Asylum in Kassau
    Diplomatic action

    Jilixia is granted asylum by the Kassau Matriarchy, who welcomes her happily into the country as an honored guest. This enrages The Rasmanthus Guild, who declares Kassau cut off from the guild's support as Kassau's actions enflame hostility among their neighboring nations.

  • 4484 ASK

    A second daughter
    Life, Birth

    Jilixia gives birth to a second child, whom she names Zellvienne. The father is unknown, but many suspect it to be the powerful assailant she left maimed in her escape from the Kingdom of Seoghar.

  • 4485 ASK - Present
    Advisor of Kassau
    Life, Organisation Association

    Jilixia, working from within the Kassau Matriarchy, raises her daughters and works to further the goals of Kassau, who she serves as an advisor and honored guest. She is believed to be at least partially responsible for their constant outward expansion, if only by implanting the ideas in the head of Kassau's rulers, and has actively supported Kassau efforts by personally wiping out towns and outposts of The Rasmanthus Guild at her whims.   She remains public enemy number one on Zheng-Kitar - one that seems all but unbeatable. However, many speak of the hero who drove her out of the Kingdom of Seoghar, and their eventual return - that Jilixia is running scared of the one who fought her to a standstill...


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