The strange black material invented by an ancient Demon Queen to promote bodily health and ease of mana absorption

Devilskin is a material used almost exclusively by women. However, it is more of a cultural stigma than an actual property of the material - men wearing Devilskin are just viewed as either into strange fashions or outright crossdressers.

Mechanical Benefits

HP/Inch: As steel   Hardness: As steel   Special: Devilskin is a rare material - it is only found commonly in the Coalition of Nine - anywhere else outside of it, the knowledge of how to create it is extremely uncommon.   For Clothing Clothing made out of Devilskin(Most commonly coverings worn from the waist down, around the legs and feet, as gloves, or similar garments) imbues its wearer with supernatural vigor and health - they gain +1hp PER HD and gain a +2 on saves made to resist poisons and diseases. Additionally, the fabric greatly assists in the conducting of magic, and when worn by a person capable of casting spells, spell-like abilities, or any other ability requiring the gathering and use of Atlen(Mana, GM discretion), Devilskin grants the wielder the Spell Penetration Feat and grants a +2 bonus on all checks made to cast defensively. There is a 5% chance each time you fail to cast defensively you do not lose the spell's use for the day, though you still fail to cast it.


Clothing(Mundane, no special qualities): 100gp   Clothing(Bonus to health and poison/disease): 2,000gp   Clothing(All special qualities): 4,000gp


Material Characteristics

Devilskin is a smooth, sheer fabric that is incredibly breathable and highly conductive of mana - it is highly absorbent and super smooth, making it an excellent material for clothing and the like.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is a relatively neutral material, capable of both catching aflame and being frozen as normal.

History & Usage


Created by the legendary and much feared demon queen Dahmunara Worldthrone in her quest for a world governed by females as a way for her outfits to assist her in the development and casting of her spells, Devilskin survived the collapse of its creator and endured in the hands of female mages across Zheng-Kitar, though its stigma means that many who see it often have unfounded fears about it and those who wear it.


Devilskin was discovered and created by the Demon Queen Dahmunara Worldthrone in her quest to create a material to be both comfortable and breathable and stylish, but also usable in her magical pursuits.

Everyday use

Devilskin is commonly used by female mages as both a stylish and breathable material for them to wear, which also has an added benefit of assisting in their bodily health and spellcasting.

Manufacturing & Products

The manufacturing of Devilskin is a secret known only to a select few who managed to discover its production methods before all information on it was expunged by those who wished to destroy Dahmunara Worldthrone and every aspect of her legacy.   It is a secret somewhat closely guarded by those who know it, because of its stigma and useful abilities.


Though many claim that it has the ability to steal the souls of its wearer or those nearby or possibly even the souls of men, these are mostly unfounded fears and superstitions based on the fact that its creator was the Demon Queen Dahmunara Worldthrone.

Reusability & Recycling

It is simply a textile material - it wears out with time and must be replaced as normal, though with care and attention it can last for many many years and decades.


Trade & Market

Because Devilskin was invented by and closely associated with the terrifying Demon Queen known as Dahmunara Worldthrone, it is not commonly sold nor made outside of the Coalition of Nine, who have little qualms carrying on her legacy in this regard.   Outside of the Coalition of Nine, it is only found being sold by the magically capable, and even then only females - who typically sell it on the side as an enjoyable way to make money.


Despite its fearsome origins, it is merely a fabric - so it requires no special storage beyond cloth bolts.

Law & Regulation

Though there are no laws regulating its use for the most part, though many believe that it somehow steals the souls of its wearer, the souls of men, or other similar superstitious nonsense. The only laws around it exist in the Coalition of Nine where its use is restricted to higher ranking females members of the Umberlight Society.
Moderately Expensive
Rare outside of the Coalition of Nine
None/Sweat(When worn)
None/Sweat(When worn)
Typically dark black or light white
Relatively light
Common State
Related Locations


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