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Dahmunara Worldthrone

The legendary archmage turned Demon Queen who nearly brought men everywhere to their knees

Demon Queen Dahmunara Worldthrone (a.k.a. The Dread Sovereign)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though she would later ascend into an undead/demon hybrid, Dahmunara would eternally stand at the very peak of the human condition - she was beautiful beyond measure such that men were said to go mad at the sight of her, possessed a body in perfect physical shape and had physical power and endurance far in excess of the norm; She took her fitness incredibly seriously despite her status as an arcane caster and vigorously honed her body so as to not be considered 'inferior' to anyone - meaning that while her transformations later in life certainly helped boost her physical condition, they merely built upon a terrifyingly impressive foundation which she labored incredibly hard to achieve and maintain.

Body Features

Her body was a thing in the prime of its eternal unlife - her body was supple but belied a terrifying strength she honed herself over centuries of physical exercise and training, though her feminine aspects were never allowed to wither or fade away either - she kept herself beautiful and strong in most every sense of the word.   Because of her transformation into an undead/demon hybrid later in life, she gained several features to represent this - her skin became pale and she was believed to have become semi-transparent akin to a ghost, while the massive wings, horns, and tail she sprouted pointed to her demonic infusions...and are part of what gave her the mistake title of "Queen of Succubi", despite not actually being one herself. Her wings were massive and leathery and capable of supporting her in flight, her horns sharp and bony, and her tail unique in that it was capable of not only wrapping around and manipulating objects and people, but expanding to quite literally devour them whole.   All in all, her best bodily feature was her beauty and appearance - honed over centuries of incredibly hard work then augmented with supernatural demonic and undead beauty.

Facial Features

Her face was often described as "Angular and evil" - her simple resting glare was enough to be considered hostile by many, and she is spoke and written of as appearing to constantly belittle those she looks at with gaze alone, as if the mere existence of other, less perfect creatures offended her sensibilities in some small way. Aside from her natural look of contempt and hostility, she had a face of unmatched beauty - despite her resting appearance of contempt and disdain, it did little to mask her overwhelming beauty which was widely considered to be the fairest and most purely gorgeous in all the land.

Identifying Characteristics

Her ghostly undead and succubi-esque demonic appearance qualities were perhaps some of her more identifying features, as they were what got her several of her titles such as "Demon Queen" and "Queen of Succubi" - though most of all, her overwhelming beauty and unbelievably gorgeous voice are her two most identifying features, as both were said to be so overwhelming that a mere glance at her physical form or to merely hear her voice was enough to inspire not only merely arousal or lust, but also a vast array of emotions ranging from awe, respect, obedience, and others...such that it is only partially believed to be hyperbole when she is described in surviving records as being "beautiful and enchanting enough to steal the thoughts from the heads of men as they gaze upon her".

Physical quirks

Most obvious of her physical quirks were her undead and demonic traits - her ethereal, ghostly form and life-draining power as proof of her undead wraith-esque transformation and her demon, succubi-seeming tail, wings, and horns proof of her demonic transformation.   Aside from these elements, however, her body's perfection and beauty are her other most noticable quirks - unlike many, she was by no means born with such intense beauty nor was she cursed or blessed with it by the gods or demons; instead, she worked for centuries to hone her once frail and sickly body to the pinnacle of the human condition out of a mixture of pride and determination to not be considered 'lesser' to anyone.

Special abilities

Her special abilities were many and numerous - not only was she perhaps the ONLY mage in living Zheng-Kitaran history to master all levels of Arcane Casting and reach the ninth level of spellcasting and beyond, but she also modified her own body and gained a host of undead and demonic abilities; With her ghostly undead wraith transformation, she gained all manner of chilling auras, energy-draining abilities to use at a touch, the ability to resurrect slain foes as undead bound to her will, and countless more that doubtless went undocumented in history.   As part of her demonic transformation, she gained the ability to fly with leathery wings, horns, and a tail that could not only do fine manipulation but could expand many times over to devour large objects and even people. Her body was said to constantly emit not only bone chilling cold as a result of her undead transformation but mind-melting pheremones that were so unfathomably potent that, if not surpressed, rendered other beings into little more than mindless, fascinated husks. In addition, she was granted otherworldly durability, longevity, and superhuman defensive and regenerative qualities from both these transformations - allowing her to not only reach immortality, but achieve a level of power that meant almost none could defeat her.

Apparel & Accessories

She was always seen in the same outfit - she wore a beautiful and form-fitting corset on her chest that covered her chest and parts of her stomach, wore a masterful cape around her shoulders made out of the finest magic-conducting materials, a choker to better help the flow of magic through her body, and leggings made of the sheer black wondermaterial invented at her own hands that covered her from the waist down, wrapping around the arches of her feet as the material was known to greatly increase the material of magic into and out of the body.

Specialized Equipment

She wore a host of magical equipment she crafted at her own hands - every single item that bedecked her gorgeous body was something on the level of the highest archmagi, while some bordered on the level of godly artifact.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The history of Dahmunara is a thing that many have done their best to vilify and scrub from most records - but thankfully, enough unbiased sources remain(mostly from the woman herself) that a fragmented history of her life can be pieced together.   She was believed to have been born either on the streets or to a destitute family on the cobblestone streets of the Shaoshu Empire early during the Age of Conquest - raised in this turbulent time and growing up in an era where women were seen as little more than objects that should be kept in the home and thus denied most every right afforded to men except the most fundemental basic rights of life, she was believed to have developed her enormously soured view on men during this time, desperately struggling to survive by putting in thirty times the effort to achieve what men at the time could get for free by virtue of their gender.   Though it is unclear how, she soon left that life behind when she reached her teenage years - many believe it to have been the Umberlight Society who took her in and trained her in the laws of magecraft, while others claim she was taken in by a traveling wizard whom she later returned to reward for his service by inviting him to Worldthrone Castle to make his final days one of absolute comfort and pleasure beyond mortal imagination. Regardless, she was given a break as someone recognized her talent for arcane magic - and for the next decades of her life, she is believed to have studied and honed her craft beneath various teachers and tutors, and anyone who would give a woman the time of day, as female magicians were heavily discriminated against at the time.   As she reached her late twenties, she is recorded as returning to the Shaoshu Empire as an outspoken activist against the abuse of male power in society - these records speak of her as giving riveting speeches outside the Parliament Buildings of the empire, motivating masses of young men and women about the injustices of the time and compelling them to action; However, these same records also tell a tragic tale of repeated jail time, imprisonment, and increasingly drastic physical punishment that is believed to have bordered on torture on several occasions after she caused several small to medium scale riots in cities across the empire. Regardless, these years of her life were ones of desperate attempts to spur her homeland into action - the homeland she is believed to have cared about above all else, and tried desperately for the better part of a decade or more to enact real and potent change in the lives of women across the empire.   However, what changes she managed to bring about were paltry, and token - it was so monumentally difficult at the time to budge the all-male governmental systems that she later likened it to "trying to reason with a sack of rabid weasels". So, with her patience exhausted and the War of Boiling Skies on the horizon(See The Dûlhralian Accords for more info), she decided that if the world would not listen to her, she would make it listen to her - and show the men who had denied her the power of the women they so heavily repressed. The rest is, as they say, history - comissioning and overseeing the construction and development of Worldthrone Castle in secret while The War of Boiling Skies raged on, she achieved immortality by becoming an Undead and then later part Demon, spending centuries honing and perfecting the ritual that would, when activated, empower all womenkind to rise up and overthrow the men who ruled over them so strictly.   Though her ritual, The Nüyang Ritual, did see completion and several years of activation, it was ultimately stopped by the brave and valiant efforts of The Rasmanthus Guild and the armies of the world at the time who, constantly facing defeat against her armies after years of war, formed an elite strike force of S-Ranked Adventurers that managed to pierce deep into Worldthrone Castle, arriving before her battered and beaten after barely managing to get past her Four Divine Generals, four most powerful women who supported her cause and stood as her commanders. However, faced with the impending defeat she might soon know at the hands of the Adventurers who stood before her, Dahmunara chose to seal herself away, stalling The Nüyang Ritual in the process as she vanished from the world rather than allow herself be slain by the men she hated so much. After her sealing and the sealing of The Nüyang Ritual, her daughters and allies were hunted down and exterminated in shockingly brutal fashion that, in the modern day, has been classified as actions bordering on warcrimes - even her daughters as young as their teens were brutally executed and impaled, and none were spared regardless of their reasons for joining The Demon Queen.   However, good did come out of her actions, even after her death and/or sealing - faced with the knowledge that this years long war against a Demon Queen happened because of the oppression of women, the death of Dahmunara sparked many civil rights movements across Zheng-Kitar that have continued even into the modern day, and have thankfully seen women gaining more and more of a place in modern society. Ever since that day however, her castle has sat abandoned but intact, a terrible reminder of The Demon Queen who once terrorized the world...

Gender Identity



Unknown. Her dislike of men has led many to assume her to prefer the touch of women to men, but the fact she had many children throws a wrench in that theory - unless, as many claim, she used magic to somehow create them by ignoring common laws of reproduction.


She was given no education, growing up impoverished on the streets of the Shaoshu Empire - only later in life, studying beneath the tutelage of arcane teachers, was she afforded anything close to an education.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The creation and activation of The Nüyang Ritual, designed to empower all womenkind and devolve and weaken all mankind.   The creation of countless magical spells, items, and inventions to help with day to day life for those who joined her banner.   The invention of the special mana-absorbent material known as "Devilskin" that, when worn, assists in the gathering and utilization of magic power.

Failures & Embarrassments

The constant humiliation and discrimination she faced during her formative years is one of the lowest points of her entire life, and one of the most degrading - she failed and was refused time and time again on all manner of things and topics, and even later in her life when she returned an adult and an arcane caster to boot she was still refused, imprisoned, beaten, and tortured for daring to hold public rallies against the male-dominated government and society.   Later, once she had become the Demon Queen, her only failure was her final one - of being 'too weak' to finish the activation of The Nüyang Ritual and completely see societies across the continent overthrown at the hands of women. Faced with this failure, she chose to seal herself away rather than allow herself to be killed at the hands of men...perhaps in the hope that she might be released one day.

Mental Trauma

Though never explained nor written down, it is assumed that she was burdened with severe trauma because of the life she lived in her formative years, struggling on the streets of the Shaoshu Empire in a society where females were little more than objects or trophies refused almost all of the same rights as men(Though they were by no means slaves).

Intellectual Characteristics

As an adult, Dahmunara was an egotistical, confident woman that was highly intelligent and supremely driven - and on top of that, was incredibly manipulative and secretive. She was incredibly charismatic and was so well versed in public speaking that men from all across the world flocked alongside countless more women to join her banner despite her end goal of seeing them made subordinate to females - she was so charismatic many likened it to a curse or some kind of sorcery, and on top of that she was a brilliant leader and tactician who was easily winning the war she was fighting against the world once The Nüyang Ritual was revealed, in the end only losing thanks to a bold assault by a highly trained team of adventurers of The Rasmanthus Guild.

Morality & Philosophy

Though history has written of her as a sadistic Demon Queen who would do anything to see men in chains at the feet of women everywhere and her followers paint her as a benevolent goddess trying to bring peace and salvation to the world, the truth is likely somewhere between the two - the very few scholars who study Dahmunara in an unbiased light have postulated that her dislike of men likely didn't quite reach into the realm of sadism; Instead, according to the few quotes that survive from her, her morality might well have been much less hostile than many have assumed - born out of frustration of a system that consistently refused to hear her pleas or accept her attempts to enact real and lawful change through means available to her, she likely saw herself as doing what was best for who she saw as her family - that is to say, all womenkind.   So, while she may very well have seen her efforts to empower women everywhere as helping her people in their time of need to achieve the freedom to follow their desires and passions, she likely did harbor some extreme resentment towards men - which manifested in her universal desire to see men torn from their positions of power and replaced with women, even if those women were of lesser skill than they. She saw women as innately better than men on a fundamental level, seeing even the best example of a man as comparable only to an average female - and while she likely didn't wish to see men in chains or even killed, she is believed to have wished to see them made second-class citizens and possibly even pets - though so long as they would obey and accept this role, she would ensure they never came to harm, did not want as women had wanted, and were afforded most every luxury she could reasonably give to them.   All in all, her morality and philosophical principles are a thing of great mystery to modern scholars, as she is a perfect example of a figure whose motives have been smothered beneath the weight of incredibly biased historians and witch hunts that sought to expunge her from the historical record; meaning that the truth of her beliefs is something that may never be known.

Personality Characteristics


Though frequently argued about, her true motivations are unknown as she was and has been extremely vilified before and in the centuries since her 'death' or 'sealing' - all that can be surmised about her motivations is that which is easily drawn from what she was trying to achieve; that is to say, activating The Nüyang Ritual and empowering all Womenkind to throw off the yokes of male oppression, overthrow the patriarchal societies she saw as "a disease", and build new societies built beneath the rule of women.   From this, it can be inferred she wished to see men torn down and humiliated and degraded, while conversely wishing women to be elevated and placed above them, but conflicting reports make this hard to say for sure - some who were close to her or who joined beneath her banner speak of her in much kinder lights, almost as one would speak of a beloved goddess that one has absolutely unquestioning faith in.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

An excellent arcane caster, diplomat, public speaker, leader, strategist, torturer, inflicter of pain, trainer of men, ???   Inept at feeling sympathy, feeling remorse, caring for the lives of men, showing pity or remorse, accepting she's wrong, admitting defeat or failure, ???

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Women in positions of power, Seeing Men in positions of power humiliated, Reasonable/Obedient Men, Those willing to give up personal freedoms for security, Peace and Stability, Seeing others able to pursue their own dreams and choices, Helping those in need, Tearing down the privileged or those unworthy, Devouring and killing those she deems as useless or who stand in the way of that ideal, Those who can set aside their biases and beliefs in pursuit of a goal, ???   Dislikes: Men in positions of power, Seeing women forced to act a certain way or avoid certain things to please men, Being told what to do, Being Wrong or challenged, Wanton Slavery or Genocide, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Unfortunately, very little positive information about her was ever collected - the history books written of her since her defeat centuries ago, as they were written at the hands of male historians that lived through the times or who had firsthand accounts of the terror she inflicted upon the world, severely vilified her and seem to have gone far out of their way to make her look as evil as possible - meaning that any good virtues she might have had have been lost to time, as only extremely biased records of her remain.   The only record of something resembling a 'virtue' or positive trait that remains is her seemingly willingness to accept anyone who wished to join her banner - whether they be monstrous, female, or even male they joined her and were accepted all the same; Her simple demands of peace and obedience beneath her new order while promising food, shelter, security, and prosperity to any who knelt meant that creatures and people from all across the continent flocked to her and were readily accepted into the folds of her armies and new burgeoning faction based in and around Worldthrone Castle. Even men were accepted so long as they willingly knelt and accepted the rule of herself and womenkind - and in exchange, they were promised peace, security, three square meals a day, and a life devoid of suffering and tragedy - though even now, such things seem too good to have been true.

Vices & Personality flaws

Though it could also be called a perk or virtue, she was extremely self-assured, far past the point of arrogance - she was so self-assured and confident of herself and her own perfection and supremacy that she named herself 'Dahmu', placing herself an equal of The Old Gods by Zheng-Kitaran beliefs. She was infinitely egotistical and confident, and at times was so much so that nothing could dissuade her from her task or course of action - to say nothing of those who disagreed or refuted her in ways that weren't carefully trying not to infuriate her. She disliked being contradicted or told she was wrong, and while not prone to wanton violence, was not above brutally humiliating and verbally abusing those who dared to question or contradict her - especially men.   Though not believed to be a sadist per se, she harbored an extreme, obsessive dislike for men in general - and while nothing so intense as for her to wish to see them all in chains, she obsessed over tearing men out of their position as the 'ruling gender' in societies across the continent as she saw them as ape-like barbarians that had proven countless times over that they were wholly incapable of sound and peaceful rule. She genuinely believed in the superiority of womenkind, and sought to create a better, less turbulent world by forcing all men to kneel and accept the rule of the fairer sex - which she believed would lead to a more peaceful, more communicative and more quiet world.

Personality Quirks

She made quite literally zero exceptions about men, the object of her eternal dislike and disdain - no matter their skill nor disposition they were made to kneel and abdicate their positions to a female whether they be ideal for the role or not, as she believed even an unskilled female was far preferable to a skilled man. She treated them much like beloved pets or animals rather than actual people.   Additionally, as she modified her body later on in life with many augmentations both undead and demonic in nature, she was often mistaken for a succubus of some variety - though she was, at her core, little more than a supremely powerful Human who achieved immortality by modifying her body and essence.


As she became an undead/demon hybrid creature later in life, she stopped needing to worry about her hygiene - but before that, such habits of hers were unknown.


Contacts & Relations

Though she in time would become the much-feared demon queen who quite nearly upset the entire balance of power across the continent, she was not always such - for centuries, she amassed power and wealth in secret as she dwelled in her base in Worldthrone Castle...and though exact details might never be known nor found, she is believed to have had connections ranging all over Zheng-Kitar, from the Shaoshu Empire to the Coalition of Nine, whose ruling Umberlight Society she was believed to have been on relatively good terms with for most of her unlife, until her schemes were revealed in earnest.   And surprisingly to many, though she quickly gained the Moniker "The Demon Queen", her contacts did not stop there - many creatures both monstrous and not flocked to her banner even after she activated The Nüyang Ritual that would in time empower women to ludicrous heights while doing the opposite to men, to the surprise of many; Her divine charisma and what can only assumed to be mind control caused countless creatures ranging from entire Dwarf clans, monster packs, and people from all walks of life that came beneath her banner believing promises of a better life(Even for men, whom she promised a life of security and peace in exchange for absolute obedience)...giving her a surprisingly vast network of contacts all across the continent and beyond.   Not to mention, she is believed to have gotten almost every female on Zheng-Kitar on her side, even if only spiritually, thanks to her efforts in creating and activating The Nüyang Ritual to empower all womenkind - and though such sentiment has lessened in the centuries since, it is not too much of an exaggeration to call her "The Ally of all Womenkind"...most women, even now, look to her for inspiration and confidence in standing up for themselves and fighting against patriarchal oppression.

Family Ties

Her family ties are not plentiful - she grew up absent a family as best historians can tell, so her family is that which she gave birth to and/or created after she established herself as the Archmage in charge of Worldthrone Castle. The daughters she had there in the time before she revealed are believed to be the only family she ever had, though most of them ended up dying in the final hours of her reign, with only a handful escaping the fate of their mother to live on and escape being killed or sealed away.

Religious Views

Her exact religious views are unknown - she was so arrogant and self-assured of her own power and perfection, she changed her name and replaced a majority of her first name with the "Dahmu" title, which is akin to nothing less than putting herself on par with The Old Gods themselves. This incredible act of heresyh earned her the title of "The Blasphemer" and enraged much of the continent at her - though still, her own personal religious views are unknown to this day.

Social Aptitude

As best as can be determined, her charisma can best be described as something bordering on mind-control or magic - not only does she possess sufficient charisma and confidence to easily lead armies and command nations, but she was known to be so self-assured, confident, and charismatic that it is best likened to a curse or outright magic. It was no longer a matter of popularity or skill, but something bordering on the divine - her towering ego, unabashed self-confidence, and extreme arrogance that motivated her to consider herself on par with The Old Gods could motivate anyone to do almost anything...so while it was never strictly proven that she used mind-control instead of just raw charisma, the mere fact that so many people, both men, women, and monsters and more joined her side despite her end goals being to completely tear down the societies that had established patriarchies and replacing them with matriarchies is proof enough for many that she was no mere persuader, but a vicious manipulator and mindbender.   Suffice it to say, her social aptitude was extremely high - regardless of whether one believes it was backed by genuine charisma or some more insidious means, she had a natural magnetism so extreme that despite her goals of having women supplant men as the dominant gender on the continent beings of all genders, races, walks of life, and more till joined her cause to help her goals in the hopes of helping her see her dreams through...whatever they might have been.


As a woman of unabashed self-confidence and unbelievable arrogance, her mannerisms appeared accordingly - confident, sure, and grand. Her gaze was steel, the way she walked enough to make others move from her path, and her mere presence and attention enough to cow lesser beings in seconds.

Hobbies & Pets

Though unclear whether it was a joke or not, she referred to men in general as 'pets' or 'animals'. For information on that, see her quote section on the side of the page.


Her voice is described in almost every account of it as 'infectious' or as an 'earworm', so beautiful and silky and rich that with voice alone she could bring others to pleasure. This, among some of her other abilities, led to her incorrectly getting mislabeled as a Succubi.

Wealth & Financial state

As one of the strongest arcane casters to ever have existed on Zheng-Kitar in living memory, Dahmunara was an extraordinarily wealthy woman - the vaults she amassed during her centuries of life and unlife ran rich with the belongings of herself, her daughters, and the countless men and women she either killed or converted to her cause. And since her vaults in Worldthrone Castle were believed to have never been cracked by The Rasmanthus Guild, the party sent to finish her off once and for all, nor the extremely brave adventurers that have ventured into the Castle in the centuries since, they are still believed to be packed to burst with all the ludicrous wealth she amassed during her centuries of unlife...
Little more than pets - or children, if you like. Like both, they are things that should be cared for and not mistreated but which would, left to their own devices, hurt themselves or others; Things that, with proper training and care, can provide many years of love and attention.   Yet, one needs to only let them hold office for a mere day to know the folly of such an act.
— Dahmunara, on the topic of men
Though heavily disputed, her elemental alignments were identified as Light and Water.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Demon Queen, The Manbane Witch, The Devourer of Dayuga, The Queen of Queens, The Queen Succubi, The Lady above all, The Manslayer, The Souleater, The Blasphemer
3613 ASK 4000 ASK 387 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born into unknown circumstances in the early days of the Shaoshu Empire. Believed to have suffered immensely beneath the yoke of the Patriarchal Empire and fled at an early age.
Circumstances of Death
Although she faced defeat at the hands of the Rasmanthus Guild and the party of heroes sent to kill her, she sealed herself(or killed herself, unclear) away rather than face defeat and/or death.
An unknown city in the Shaoshu Empire.
Current Residence
Sealed away and/or possibly dead in Worldthrone Castle.
Bright Red Irises
Extremely Long, White-Purple
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White, Almost Translucent
9ft 3in (2.81m)
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

A ritual to empower all womenkind

In all the centuries she spent in isolation, secluded deep in the bowels of Worldthrone Castle before she revealed herself to the world as the continental threat she would turn out to be, Dahmunaru spent untold centuries honing and refining her ultimate magical ritual designed to completely shatter the male-dominated societies she had come from on Zheng-Kitar that were notorious for their horrendous treatment of women - the ritual that would come to be known as The Nüyang Ritual.   Designed to shatter the status quo and finally teach men around the world the lessons they had consistently ignored when she had tried to teach it to them in less hostile ways, The Nüyang Ritual was one of legendary and terrifying proportions - designed to work on no less than a continental scale and possibly even a global scale, the ritual was designed to pump a combination of magical pheremones, alchemical concoctions, and other magical enhancements into the atmosphere to do no less than affect every single living creature on Zheng-Kitar, changing and transforming them at the lowest, biological level and affecting them in such a way that males of all species would undergo a 'de-evolution' of sorts, lowering in power and complexity on a biological level while females of all species would experience the inverse.   This ritual was thus designed to invoke a continental shift of power all across Zheng-Kitar by these biological changes and by feeding 'experience' into women everywhere - effectively trying to force a complete inverting of power in societies across the continent to female-dominant rather than male-domainant. Though this ritual was activated and saw years of activation, it was eventually shut down - though before it was, the terrifying results of its operation were revealed: after a mere two years of operation, teenage peasant girls proved capable of overpowering and outthinking hardened veteran knights in the prime of their lives, to say nothing of trained women versus untrained men. Though the ritual was shut down, the societal ramifications of the years of constant activation the ritual underwent echoed across the continent for decades afterwards - and still echo into the modern day today, as many powerful Archmages and Arcane Scholars believe that while Worldthrone Castle was sealed and the ritual stopped, the ritual itself still has 'spurts' of activation or periods where the seals that bind it continue to decay and break down, occasionally being thought to produce extremely strong women such as Osmantha the Indomitable and other outliers of power...leading many to believe the threat of the ritual has not truly passed, even so many centuries later.

The Four Divine Generals

Though countless creatures and people from all genders and walks of life flocked to her banner, four stood head and shoulders above the rest as Dahmunara's four most trusted generals and right-hand women - The Four Divine Generals, feared far and wide as supremely powerful beings that stood at her side in support of her goals and plans. Each one was a threat capable of taking down a country, and together they were an impossibly strong force - though they were not entirely united nor did they like each other, they were at least unified beneath Dahmunara. Each of the four generals was terrifying in their own way, and while they almost never worked together, they were well-documented in history books, and are described below.   Alranoth, the first of the Divine Generals, was a Jiang-Shi of unbridaled power who prefered to dine exclusively on the warmth of men - she was such an obscenely powerful warrior that she was reported as having once defeated the entire royal guard of one of the Narix'ana of The Narixian Empire single-handedly, effortlessly defeating them all without even entering her awakened form before draining the Warrior-King of Narixia into a frozen, trembling husk underfoot. She was terrifying, and while not believed capable of speech beyond simple words and grunts, was a martial master of such skill that few could hope to defeat her - the legions of loyal undead she commanded that she had drained of all life and warmth were things of slavish loyalty and legendary power. So strong was she that she killed two of the six heroes sent to slay Dahmunara - and escaped before she could be slain. Her final whereabouts are unknown.   Elladrophon, the second of the generals, was a fiendish warrior-woman to the core - a half-demon infused with Balor heritage, she was so skilled with her signature spear Raf'zeton that it bordered on divine, earning her the nickname of the "Hellish Spearsaint" from those she fought. Despite her overwhelming strength and evil parentage, she had a strong sense of martial honor and was well known to, on several occasions, spare foes who provided her a worthy challenge and leaving them with maiming injuries, telling them "return stronger" to challenge her again. However, she despised weakness - and made it a point to exterminate those she judged as not worth her time. She is believed to have been slain in the final moments of the siege of Worldthrone Castle by the heroes that came to slay Dahmunara, of whom she killed one and injured the rest.   Lysotha, the third of the generals, was much feared as a manipulative Kitsune that was one of the only known members of her kind to reach the fabled Ninetailed status, ascending into a state beyond mortal reckoning and wielding sorcery and magic that only her master Dahmunara could outclass. She was a masterful caster, but rarely left Dahmunara's side - she was the tutor of her daughters and akin to a second mother to them, and spent much of her time with Dahmunara's second eldest daughter, Sylnara - whom she raised and infused with such terrifying power that Sylnara was said to have nine tails before she reached her twenties...and possibly gained an unheard tenth tail, though that is mere speculation. She was killed without resistance in the final moments of the siege of Worldthrone Castle protecting the children of Dahmunara while her pupil Sylnara, after proving impossible to kill and too powerful to risk letting go free, was sealed away alongside her mother Dahmunara in the bowels of Worldthrone Castle.   Tel'lagath, fourth of the generals, was a reclusive and strange Sentient Slime that was by little exaggeration called "Queen Slime" - unfathomably titanic and large enough to engulf entire towns, she cared deeply for her ooze-kin, sentient or not, and took great pride in fostering their development and growth. She was loyal to Dahmunara alone, and respected no one else - and despite her immense and overwhelming power, was only rarely deployed in the wars waged against the rest of the world as she was more akin to a nation-destroyed superweapon that a surgical weapon of war. She had no respect for most life in general, and only spared those she spared on orders from Dahmunara herself - otherwise, most of her motivations are unknown. Her ultimate fate is unknown, as she was not even present at the siege of Worldthrone Castle nor for the sealing of her mistress Dahmunara.

The Worldthrone Family Tree



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