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Osmantha the Indomitable

The head of the Rasmanthus Guild, once known as the Heat-Reaping Demon of Destruction

Lady Osmantha Adoslai (a.k.a. The Dead Lady)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Her physical condition is one of eternal near-perfection - she is toned but lean, and is of a relatively unassuming height. As an undead, her body was frozen in what seemed to be in the peak of her prime - her body is feminine but powerful, though pale and blue from some kind of deadly frostbite. She is supernaturally flexible, and is capable of bringing her feet up around behind her back and placing them beside her head on her shoulder - in an incredible display of bodily control and limberness. Her legs and feet especially, owing to both her own incredible power and her nature as a Jiang-Shi, are incredibly powerful - she is capable of leaping to heights in excess of 80 to 100ft with ease, and can pulverize solid Adamantine with a single crushing step, to say nothing of flesh and bone when she merely steps on others or landing on them with massive bodily force as Jiang-Shi, known as "Hopping Zombies", are wont to do.   For all her power, there is a setback - due to her nature as a Jiang-Shi, in her normal frigid 'base form' her joints are incredibly stiff and frozen, which, while they do not render her immobile outside of hopping like normal Jiang-Shi, does force her to frequently pop, crack, and stretch her joints to stay limber and keep from going completely stiff - which can seem odd to others, especially considering the reported loudness of the popping and crackling her joints emit as she constantly stretches and cracks them to keep them from freezing stiff.   However, as a Jiang-Shi, she is also capable of entering an "Awakened State" after consuming enough bodily warmth...though due to her unique nature thanks to the Seal of Eomandyx(See the "Wealth" section of this page for more details), she seems to not only have a much more powerful body overall, with skin as tough and unyielding as Adamantine and strength in equal of the gods themselves, but is infused with Hellfire and can seemingly switch between her 'base form' and 'awakened form' at will.   In her awakened form, her body takes on a more normal coloration and her otherwise stiff joints free themselves up and allow for much quicker and more acrobatic and nimble movement.

Body Features

Her body is of an unassuming size but is incredibly powerful - her skin tone, hair, and eye color in her base form are all blue reminiscent of a frostbite victim, with eyes like sapphires. Her legs and feet are especially powerful and muscular thanks to her nature as a Jiang-Shi, though her body is unmistakable feminine - however, because she tends to wear clothes that cover her skin save for her face, these things are seldom seen by others.   Additionally, though if rumors are to be believed, her body is capable of much more impressive feats - her true size is rumored to be on par with the likes of Eldragi and Dai-Yukai...though none have actually seen her grow to such heights, the rumors nonetheless spread.

Facial Features

Her face is beautiful and serene, frozen in time thanks to the curse of undeath - it carries a harsh and imposing gaze with eyes akin to beautiful sparkling sapphires, her eyes harsh and judgemental in contrast to her more relaxed nature. Her hair is short and sky blue, though she sometimes dyes it blonde in her 'Awakened State'.   As well, her face and ears are tastefully adorned with small gold chains and gemstones set in her ears and face, though not so much as to be gaudy.

Identifying Characteristics

Suprisingly, she has few features that can easily identify her aside from her blue coloration in her normal form - she prefers to remain unnoticable and out of the way, unlike others like Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, who can likely be seen from a mile away from the shine on his golden attire alone. She, in contrast, is really only noticable if one looks especially for her - and if she enters her 'Awakened Form' and takes on a more normal bodily coloration it becomes rather hard to point her out.

Physical quirks

She is unnaturally flexible - capable of feats of nimble dextrousness the likes of which only others at the peak of the human condition could hope to match, capable of bending her legs and feet all the way behind her body and over her shoulders, moving her arms in unnatural and odd angles, disjointing her fingers and joints, and much more. So flexible is she, that many claim she can slip through cracks like a slime could.   Otherwise, her undead body is a quirk of hers - her nature as a Jiang-Shi means her legs and lower body is extremely powerful especially, though overall she is believed to be powerful to enough such that, in the peak of her career as the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon", she killed Kazusada the Elite himself...so strong that, if she is not careful, a simple handshake or accidentally stepping on an unprepared hand or creature can crush them into powder.   Because of her nature as a Jiang-Shi, she is constantly freezing cold and seeking warmth - though this is alleviated somewhat by the fact her body is infused with Hellfire, she nonetheless is fairly well known to be somewhat 'clingy' to those she sees as friends(And often, her own employees that have little choice but to accept such things for unnatural fear of her, though she herself might not intend to intimidate them), often pressing herself against them for extended periods, even if only a hand or an arm instead of her whole body, to sap some of their warmth and slake her unnatural Jiang-Shi urge for warmth. In this way her employees liken her to a 'sunbathing cat', though definitely not anywhere nearby where she could hear them say this - none are foolish enough to believe she would not punish one for saying such things with an appropriate punishment, such as serving as a personal heat battery for a week...a duty which sounds nice at first glance, being constantly touched and kept close to their(Admittedly) attractive boss, but becomes truly agonizing over time when one is frozen down to their very soul, unable to move or do anything but shiver for hours or days at a time.

Special abilities

Her special abilities are far too numerous to count - as a Jiang-Shi, she has a host of terrifying abilities that give her hyper-flexibility, the ability to steal bodily heat and warmth at the slightest touch, and to pulverize flesh and bone underfoot between jumps and leaps as well as overall outstanding acrobatic prowess. However, unlike all other Jiang-Shi, she is not only extraordinarily physically powerful, but possesses abilities unique to only her thanks to her acquisition of the Seal of Eomandyx(See the "Wealth" section of this page for more details) such as an infusion of hellfire, infinitely more terrifying legs and feet such that a mere kick is enough to cave in the chests of adult Guīmogoa, and the ability to enter her awakened state and return to her normal state seemingly at will.   So powerful is her ability to drain warmth and devour it as sustenance that she can even raise her frozen victims as undead creatures loyal to her fanatically - and, if the rumors are to be believed, should she reveal her true powerful she would give off such freezing cold in such a large radius that living creatures within a mile of her would rapidly freeze to death...though this might be simple exaggeration. Finally, she is said to be one of the very few people on Zheng-Kitar who possess the knowledge of how to create Jiang-Shi - a fact which she occasionally has used in the past to make her victims into undead servants that more fit her style and aesthetic tastes.   She likely has many more abilities that she has not revealed yet, as well - these abilities are mostly gathered from accounts of her exploits as the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon", and have not been seen often in the modern day, except to occasionally silence a political enemy or flattens someone who angers her sufficiently beneath a well-timed stomp.

Apparel & Accessories

She tends to dress fashionably, but not gaudily - wearing simple but tasteful and fancy jewelry and chains, simple long-sleeved white blouses or silken white dress shirts with simple ties are preferred, while she tends to dress in long dress slacks and dress shoes...dressing much more like a male noble than a female one. She tends to adorn her face, ears, wrists, and hands with simple jewelry.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Her history is a thing mostly shrouded in mystery - as one of the oldest mortal beings not of divine stock or sainthood on the continent, her history is murky at best due to her tendency to avoid the spotlight ever since her redemption at the hands of Radoslav the Redeemed some six hundred years prior to the modern day. Even after that, she mostly drops off the radar until around 300 years ago, when she founded The Rasmanthus Guild and became a part of the City-State of Axiom, the legendary city of politics spoken of as "The City of the Great Game", where she rapidly ascended to become one of the city's most powerful faction leaders in charge of one of the city's most reputable and powerful factions, The Rasmanthus Guild.   Before she was redeemed, she was well-known as the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon" - a demoness of calamity that roamed with such unstoppable power that, though her existence was well-known, records on the specifics of her rampages are mostly nonexistent due to the sheer mind-numbing violence left in her wake such that almost no one was left to record such destruction. As such, though she destroyed dozens of towns, entire countries, and killed untold thousands or even millions of creatures, all the accounts of most of her history as this demoness are second-hand, sometimes years after the fact as others simply stumbled upon the barren ground where a town once stood, the destruction there so complete that the ground was rendered infertile, frozen into tundra where nothing could grow.

Gender Identity



Unknown. She does not publicize such things and dislikes being pestered about it.


She is currently employed as the head of The Rasmanthus Guild - though, true to her rather deadpan sense of humor, she rather cheekily refers to her work history before her redemption at the hands of Radoslav the Redeemed and the subsequent founding of The Rasmanthus Guild as "Self-Employed"...which, while not technically inaccurate, does twist the facts somewhat to hide the fact such 'self-employement' was achieved on the corpses of millions.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though many would not consider them accomplishments, she wrought such untold devastation centuries ago that she fought multiple Elemental Saints and even managed to kill one - the legendary Saint Kazusada the Elite, whose undead body she still has as part of her "Frozen Horde"(See the sidebar for more details). She murdered countless creatures and destroyed countless towns, and even after being redeemed founded The Rasmanthus Guild, which has gone on to do large amounts of good across the continent of Zheng-Kitar. Even now, she is a savvy politician and high-ranking faction leader in the city-state of Axiom, where she lives and runs The Rasmanthus Guild out of.

Failures & Embarrassments

Despite her insistence on how she does not deserve happiness, she does not consider herself a failure - in fact, she still sees her life as the "Heat-Reaping Demon" as something of a runaway success, seeing as she never lost a true battle even until the point she was redeemed and was so powerfully successful that she not only fought multiple Elemental Saints such as Sunder the Raucous and Kazusada the Elite, but even managed to slay one - Kazusada the Elite, whose body she keeps as a part of her "Frozen Horde".   Though she will freely admit that her past is tragic and stained in blood, making no attempts to excuse her actions, she rather stubbornly refuses to deem her past a 'failure' or an 'embarrassment' - she accepts it for it was and simply claims she has moved on from such things, though she also will rarely offer apologies for what she did, instead simply preferring to help those affected by her past rampages in more material ways which she views as preferable to 'empty placation'. This rather cocky attitude of refusing to see her past as a failure or embarrassment is somewhat frustrating to others, who would prefer she admit to what they percieve as faults - however, her supporters and employees often call such people out regularly, claiming that such people would not be satisfied with anything less than knowing that Osmantha is constantly crushed by her past, unable and unwilling to achieve any happiness - the fact that she is trying to move on and move past what she did aggravates them, they say, and shows THEM as the ones who cannot let go of the past.

Mental Trauma

It is actually unknown if she is traumatized or haunted by her past or not - she freely admits her wrongdoing and the tragedy of what she did, but she does not seem too traumatized by it - instead, she simply holds deep regrets for it and simply does not value herself much at all, believing herself unworthy of happiness or wealth, both of which she attempts to give back to others when she herself recieves them.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is quiet, unassuming, and relaxed - approaching all her problems with the same relaxed swagger of a mafioso, dealing out threats of violence and praise in equal measure. She does not generally get heated or raise her voice - her business is done professionally, and she prefers to keep things 'normal' in this way, talking face to face as she believes respectable people should while also placing a large emphasis on respect, family, and the like.   She enjoys helping others and giving them the benefit of the doubt, but rarely understands just how much she terrifies others - often mistaking their terror for obedience and agreement when in reality, they go along for fear of death or assault. She is overall a hard person to read, or understand - her reactions are slight and hard to notice, and she is likewise extremely skilled at politics as a result thanks to her hard-to-read nature and her innate ability to read others extremely well and throw them off their game, often exposing them to make mistakes in talks or otherwise let their nervousness or fear of her unsettle them.   However, in contrast to this easygoing, generally kind and redeemed nature of hers as a reformed woman, elements remain of who she once was - of the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon" that once terrorized the entire continent. For her, signs of this aspect of her personality can be seen occasionally in her casual conversation when she feels inclined to threats or violence - during such times, she begins slipping threats of horrifying violence and brutal intimidation into her speech with the same complete relaxed attitude with which she carries herself otherwise, giving no more emphasis or thought to promising to slowly grind someone's body into frozen, pulverized powder beneath her feet or slowly plucking their teeth out with her fingers if she thinks it warranted.   This ability to bear her fangs and switch between her normal, calm, relaxed demeanor and a more dangerous, casually threatning mafioso promising horrific violence or making ominous threats without the slightest bit of hesitation combined with the seemingly complete inability to empathize with others means that, though she seems to be quite the redeemed woman who is genuinely dedicated to turning over a new life, she should be no means be underestimated, lest she reveal her fangs that have been sharpened on the blood of millions.

Morality & Philosophy

As best as can be told, she seems truly redeemed - her only mission in life seems to be repaying the suffering she wrought on the world with happiness and protection, both through her own efforts and through those of The Rasmanthus Guild. As for her morality, none can say for sure - she seems genuinely dedicated to the simple morality of ensuring that others are given happiness and kept safe, and that the wealth she herself experiences both emotionally and materially is given back to the people around her as recompense...as she herself thinks that she is unworthy of both of those things, and sees her new life as atoning for potentially eons of inflicting agony and suffering.   However, as her relaxed, chill nature can often disguise her terrifying demeanor and complete lack of empathy with which she makes casual, soft-spoken promises of extreme violence and brutality when she feels the need arises, it becomes clear that she is not as she seems - that while she might be truly redeemed, she still holds no qualms and sees no issues with using all her considerable power to great effect should her family, friends, or employees be in danger or should she find herself in a situation that otherwise demands such things.

Personality Characteristics


To protect The Rasmanthus Guild and further its cause.   To see the people of the city-state of Axiom happy and provided for.   To give others the happiness she sees herself as unworthy of.   ???

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at politics, financial matters, management, butchery(of animals and animal meats), butchery(of people), gymnastics, acrobatics, being flexible, necromancy, threatening others, casual violence, resisting her urges as an undead   Inept at Restraining Herself, Not being intimidating, Bonsai, Handling Children, Realizing when she's terrifying others, Allowing herself happiness, Understanding what it means to 'care' for life or feel 'sorry' for one's actions

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Being warm, Being unknown/Anonymous, Looking Good, Tight spaces, The sound of a metronome, politics, her 'Frozen Horde'(See Sidebar for more details), Bonsai, Violence, The sound of a breaking bone, Making others cold, Walking through a city at night, The Dead, Undead, The Rasmanthus Guild, Daogui, Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I   Dislikes: The cold, being pestered, being judged, old men, standing out, the color red, being bored, how bad she is at Bonsai, Kyra Aenai, Unkempt People(Messy Hair in particular), Vhiilan Reiko

Virtues & Personality perks

She is an excellent leader in her own way - her redemption has made her very genuine and down to earth, and has given her a unique perspective on her life and the lives of others. She genuinely believes herself unworthy of the happiness she now has - and believes ardently in giving the happiness she does come across back out to others in turn. This makes her very approachable, unlike other powerful figures that tend to be larger than life such as Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I or even Kyra Aenai - both of whom come off to those who meet them as 'overbearing' and 'awe-inspiring'. She, on the other hand, tends to be approachable and genuine - which does her many favors to her employees who think volumes of her, though she thinks very little of herself, in contrast.

Vices & Personality flaws

She truly lacks empathy and understanding for others - despite her redemption she is shockingly at ease with violence and threats and brutality, and often mixes them into her conversation with startling ease. She is described as "The Laid Back Gangster" for good reason, and despite her good intentions she can and often does slip back into calm, relaxed brutality with startling ease, thinking little of accidentally crushing others underfoot or making others terrified or inflicting suffering.   Additionally, despite her good intentions and genuine redemption, she does still find some sort of pleasure in the things she once enjoyed - such as the sounds of breaking bones, watching her freezing cold body sap the warmth from others, and even simple violence...all are, on some level, still enjoyable to her. A fact which, to her, only proves she is yet unworthy of the happiness she has found.   Finally, possibly as a side-effect of her horrible villainy before her redemption, she holds herself in almost no regard - she does not believe herself worthy of happiness and has a very hard time accepting that she is worthy of the things she now has.

Personality Quirks

Rather unusually, though having dozens of undead under her command that act as servants and workers of all kinds, is the nature by which they tend to follow her around akin to loyal puppies, going so far as to form staircases and platforms with their own bodies for her convenience - letting her walk up or down their bodies in an unsettling display of loyalty that she, for her part, ignores and treats as completely normal...though occasional bouts of irritation at this behavior are noticable when she's having a particularly rough day.


As a part of the ruling elite of the city-state of Axiom, her appearance is rather important to her - she dresses nicely and keeps a hygenic enough appearance, though as an undead she does not sweat nor accumulate bodily waste, so doing so is quite easy. She is, however, rumored to be quite picky about her appearance each morning.


Contacts & Relations

As the head of The Rasmanthus Guild and one of the leaders of one of the major factions in the city of Axiom, Osmantha has a vast network of contacts that range all across the continent of Zheng-Kitar and even to far off lands such as the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu. There are few people that she can not get ahold of, and fewer people she can not find and 'persuade' one way or another, either with monetary or intimidation means.   Though, uniquely, despite her life now as an upstanding businesswoman, a vast majority of her contacts are from her time as the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon" - and are thus made up of those who remain objectively terrified by her and stay in contact out of fear of her response should they drop out of contact with her...not quite able to accept the fact that she has turned over a new leaf, in favor of thinking of her redemption as a complicated scheme of some kind. For her part, she cares little to dissuade this.   Notably, she is known to be good friends with Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, and has been such long before she was redeemed - though the specifics of their relationship is unknown, she has recieved the legendary ruler of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu on one occasion in the city of Axiom. Similarly, she has a strange but familiar relationship with the terrifying father of Necromancy, Sharkûl-Ishi - the two are unusually close from the way they speak of each other, though again their relationship is unclear.   Finally, though the identity of the group is unknown, she has been seen on multiple occasions in company of strange figures in ornate white and gold robes and ceremonial masks that have been charitably described as 'ominous' - the identity of this group is unknown, but they are clearly either under her command or on good terms with her, as several of their number are drained of warmth at her hands in semi-regular intervals...though, not lethally so(usually). For the rare few who have noticed these strange figures, they usually assume that is some strange way or arrangement to allow her to avoid having to indulge in her undead obsessions to drain warmth from the living or prey on others, and instead do so on these strange white and gold robed figures who seemingly are okay with it. Their behavior, while unusual, is rather similar to her "frozen horde"(See the sidebar for more details) - going so far in their unsettlingly zealous devotion to as to form staircases out of their bodies, bring her things, carry her belongings, run errands, and such similar but equally frivolous tasks.

Family Ties

Any family she once had is long dead - though many claim she keeps her family around as a part of her 'frozen horde'(See the sidebar for more info) as soulless but loving dolls.   Now, she considers The Rasmanthus Guild her family, as well as her 'Frozen Horde' - despite the horrific means by which she came across them, she is rather attached to them for one reason or another and dislikes the notion of giving them up, even if her magic has warped their minds to make them creepily loyal and zealous followers of hers.

Religious Views

Her religious views are mostly unknown - though she is an avid patron of the faith of Radoslav the Redeemed, whom is spoken of as being the being that redeemed her from her ways of destruction. Her personal beliefs are mostly unknown, however - though many assume she worships Radoslav the Redeemed as thanks for showing her redemption.

Social Aptitude

Her social aptitude is suprisingly "normal" - despite what many may think of the woman that was once the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon", she is suprisingly normal when it comes to social interactions. She is moderately charismatic and is often described as 'genuine' and 'matter-of-fact' - she is not inclined to grandiose speeches nor quiet solitude or reclusivity, and instead is moderately outgoing and passable social, enjoying speaking to others and quietly doing paperwork in her office in equal measure. Altogether, she is known as a soft-spoken and mild-mannered woman sometimes described as flirty and in possession of a great sense of deadpan humor - descriptors which put her at extreme odds with her past persona of evil and destruction.   Contrasting this, however, is her reputation for 'sudden and casual violence' - a facet of her personality which pokes through on occasion as a reminder of her wanton and complete lack of regard for life in general and her history as a woman who cause untold death and suffering across the continent for centuries. She thinks almost nothing of the deaths or suffering of others, and will oftentimes switch extremely rapidly into threats and promises of violence - and on top of that, will almost never raise or change her voice when doing so, instead simply speaking her threats and then surprising others when she follows them through with deadly efficiency when others thought them merely jokes due to her deadpan and casual delivery.   However, she is also described as somewhat out of touch(Sometimes funnily so) with a wide variety of topics ranging from social cues to even the durability of people and physical objects in relation to herself - often having to scale and hold herself back to accomodate for the fragility of life compared to her own immense power. Though, she has gotten much better at restraining herself in recent years - making these 'slips' all the rarer but all the more awkwardly adorable.


Her mannerisms are often described as 'lax', 'laid-back', and 'casual' - she is often soft-spoken and relaxed, even when making deadly threats of obscenely graphic violence, and is often likened to "a laid-back gangster" in her mannerisms and way of speaking. Little is capable of fazing her, and she often remains rather nonplussed and calm in even the most stressful or unusual situations.

Hobbies & Pets

She has no pets, at least by usual definition - many liken the behavior of her "Frozen Horde"(See Sidebar for more information) to pets, as they follow her around akin to lost puppies, often forming staircases out of their bodies out of a creepily zealous desire to be useful, allowing her to walk on their backs or sometimes faces and chests for the express purpose of being useful. While unusual, this does lend to her a certain powerful gravitas, as she pays such acts no mind and treats them as normal - acting as a graceful empress for whom such things are completely natural.   As for her hobbies, she is well-known to enjoy bonsai as well as Butchery(Specifically in reference to slaughtering animals, dressing their flesh, selling their meat, or any combination of these three tasks), both of which she considers to be fun pasttimes for various reasons...though she has learned that describing 'butchery' as a hobby is perhaps a terrible idea when making good first impressions is important.


Osmantha the Indomitable

Bride(?) (Vital)

Towards Sharkûl-Ishi




Spouse(?) (Vital)

Towards Osmantha the Indomitable




In an extremely strange twist of fate, the woman once known as "The Heat-Reaping Demon" has, on extremely rare occasions, alluded to the ancient and ineffable father of Necromancy, Sharkûl-Ishi - but rather than fear or awe, she seems to speak of the ancient being with respect and admiration, combined with a strange, weird affection.   Whether this means that Sharkûl-Ishi was responsible for her transformation into a Jiang-Shi long ago or they are somehow otherwise acquainted, is unknown - as is the source of one of Osmantha's most unique nicknames: "The Deadwood's Bride". Regardless, she has been known to visit Sharkûl-Ishi's Deathly Glade on occasion, though the being itself has not been recorded as speaking of her to others...leaving their relationship a mystery.

Osmantha the Indomitable

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I



Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Osmantha the Indomitable




In a relationship none could possibly have forseen and few even still actually believe it, the rather plain and normal Osmantha(As she is seen as now) is known to be incredibly close friends with the ruler of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu, Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I.   Their relationship's specifics as well as how exactly they both became acquainted is unknown, as the two are as close to polar opposites as one can find in the world - but even moreso than the relationship between Kyra Aenai and Amenmeses, the two are incredibly close, and make frequent journies to each others' homelands at least once every couple or few months. They have been observed hugging, ribbing each other in good-natured ways, and seem familiar from a time even back when Osmantha was an evil demoness of destruction.

Osmantha the Indomitable

Student (Vital)

Towards Radoslav the Redeemed



Radoslav the Redeemed

Mentor (Vital)

Towards Osmantha the Indomitable




Though how they met has been lost to time, it is well known that around six-hundred years ago, Osmantha encountered Radoslav the Redeemed back when they were both horrifically evil engines of destruction - Osmantha as the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon" and Radoslav as "The Mad Monk" who wielded Blacksong to damn the souls of thousands to eternal torment.   However, in the end, this relationship of terror was not to last - Radoslav the Redeemed was eventually redeemed at the hands of a cleric of Shen the Meek, and afterwards the two were said to come to blows in a confrontation that shattered the legendary Cross of Tsepsha - the personal artifact of Radoslav the Redeemed and symbol of his holy purity. The legendary cross carved of solid marble and inlaid with ivory was smashed in the legendary battle the two engaged in, which was said to level mountains and flatten entire sections of terrain into grasslands...though in the end, Radoslav the Redeemed proved mightier and bested his former partner in crime.   Rather than kill her, however, he used the techniques that had redeemed him on Osmantha herself, teaching her the values of kindness as, unlike as with himself, no magic or alchemy could magically extract the evil from her - instead, he simply bound her and spoke to her at length...about what, none can say. But it bore fruit, and over their long conversations the legendary redeemer soon taught Osmantha that, perhaps, another path was yet open to her - one of atonement.   And though Radoslav would go on to die tragically at the hands of the Danzou Theocracy which he tried so hard to redeem, his body beheaded and nailed to the front wall of the castle, his teachings not only lived on in his faithful followers, but in Osmantha herself, who saw how selflessly her savior had given his powerful, radiant life for the lives of so many creatures she saw as weak, selfish, and beyond redemption...and found hope.

Jilixia Worldthrone


Towards Osmantha the Indomitable


Osmantha the Indomitable


Towards Jilixia Worldthrone



As two women who very nearly killed each other shortly following the Age of Conquest, Jilixia and Osmantha are akin to Oil and Water - Jilixia, seeing Osmantha as a weak-willed woman who abandoned a life of cruelty and strength, despises her while Osmantha sees Jilixia as a girl that reminds her of her own self in her younger days as "The Heat-Reaping Demon", despising Jilixia's villainous attitude and disregard for suffering and life.

Shou Ozawa

Hated Enemy (Vital)

Towards Osmantha the Indomitable



Osmantha the Indomitable

Beloved Enemy (Vital)

Towards Shou Ozawa




As two of the most bitter rivals, Shou and Osmantha have come close to engaging each other countless times over the millennia - Shou desperately yearns to force the legendary Heat-Reaping demon onto the battlefield that he might finally determine her worth and possibly even meet his death.   Osmantha, for her part, avoids the Demon of Yakujima with a fervent passion - she has no desire to engage his lust for butchery that will inevitably lead to casualties and collateral damage. As such, she avoids him - most recently by taking up residence in Axiom, city of the Great Game, under the protection of the Daogui whom even the legendary Fatal Blade is reluctant to provoke for reasons unknown.

Wealth & Financial state

Though perhaps much to the dismay of her victims, her wealth amassed from centuries marauding, slaughtering, and reigning as a Demoness of Destruction is still very much in her possession - not to mention all the wealth she's amassed as the head of The Rasmanthus Guild. She is extremely wealthy, though one would not be able to guess her extreme wealth just from looks alone - she tends to dress fancifully, but practically, wearing outfits considered high-end while not entering the realm of overly complex or fanciful, instead preferring beautiful but not gaudy jewelery and accessories to compliment her well-made but comparably modest outfits custom tailored with expensive fabrics. She is, in a word, 'tasteful' with her wealth - though most of it can trace its origins back to those who met their end frozen down to their very souls at her hands.   Most notably, she is also in possession of an item of legendary power - the Seal of Eomandyx, an artifact of unfathomable power that once slumbered in The Temple of Nox Erebhûl, holy ground to the Spirit King Xu-Jie. This seal, said to have been placed there in times long past by a Saint of the Lord of the Void himself after it was reclaimed from its creator, the Dread Lich of unbelievable power known as Eomandyx, was sealed away in the temple as the source of his immense power. Though the lich himself is long dead, his phylactery shattered and cast across the stars, the legendary Seal created in a bid to lead him into an apotheosis that would ascend him into the pinnacle of all Undead-Kind was taken by Osmantha during her centuries spent slaughtering and rampaging as she pleased...and in a herculean feat of willpower, stole and overpowered the semi-sentient seal which had formerly killed all who had tried to bond with it, claiming its power as her own and becoming something far greater than a mere Jiang-Shi...something far, far more powerful undead scholars have no name for, infused with the power of hellfire and dread energies the likes of which have only been seen once in an eon.
Water(Primary), Light(Secondary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dead Lady, The Heat-Reaping Demon, Miss Mint, The Guildmistress, The Saintslayer, Our Fair Lady, The Corpseraiser, The Laid-Back Gangster, The Deadwood Bride
Unknown. Widely known as the oldest mortal creature on Zheng-Kitar, likely older than the oldest elf.
Date of Birth
Unknown. The date of her redemption serves a similar purpose to her, and is the 20th day of the Month of Kaema.
Circumstances of Birth
She is an ancient being - so old none can remember or speak to the circumstances of her birth.
Circumstances of Death
How she died and became a Jiang-Shi, as well what race she was, is unknown. Her horns suggest demonic or devilish heritage, possibly giant in origin as well if legends about her true size are believed.
Current Residence
Axiom, the city-state known as "The City of the Great Game".
Short, pale-blue. In her awakened form, she sometimes dyes it blonde.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale-Blue normally. In awakened form, her skin returns to a more normal coloration.
Around 5'11(1.80m). In legends, supposedly huge.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Trust me when I say this - there's always hope. If I can find the happiness I never deserved, you can find the happiness you do deserve.
Aligned Organization

Lady of the Frozen Horde

Though now she leads a more upstanding life as the head of The Rasmanthus Guild, she feared many hundreds of years ago as the legendary "Heat-Reaping Demon" that terrorized much of the mainland areas of Zheng-Kitar as an unstoppable goddess of destruction that roamed, unstoppable, for centuries - if ancient myths are to be believed, in the prime of her unlife as an evil destroyer, she fought with and beat back legendary figures such as Sunder the Raucous, Kazusada the Elite - the fact of which she survived such encounters speaking volumes of her strength. In this old era of her life she frozen entire villages down to their very souls and the marrow in their bones, stealing their warmth in the constant plight of the Jiang-Shi she has endured such time immemorial.   And though she might seem to be reformed thanks to her final encounter as the "Heat-Reaping Demon" which saw her encounter none other than Radoslav the Redeemed and find salvation in his kindness, there is one constant reminder of her time as an evil destroyer that persists, even now - the legions of her victims that met their end frozen in her grasp, crushed beneath her pulverizing leaps, bodies smashed flat beneath her feet, and in all manner of cruel and horrific deaths that she forcefully returned as loyal servants at her side...most often as Jiang-Shi, but in general as undead bound to her will. This 'Frozen Horde' was something that, though she was redeemed, she has refused to disband - instead, in accordance with her new, less combat-oriented and more managerial role her horde has been turned into her faithful and (slavishly) loyal assistants she now uses to carry out all manner of tasks for her in her new role as head of The Rasmanthus Guild.   Though she is redeemed, the fact she has kept her innumerable victims around as her personal workers and helpers(Though she now treats them well enough, and is sometimes even embarassed by their freakish loyalty and puppy-like desire to follow her around and be useful) has angered countless people who despise the idea that such powerful figures as Lia'wath Tu'atha Kuu'ri'saan(One of the most successful Baltairan Generals in history, and Forest Elven Folk Hero), Narix'Ana the Thunderbolt(Second Leader of The Narixian Empire), and the like are now nothing more than obsessive fans or hopeless lovers(A side-effect of the wrathful magic used to return them from the undead) who have an unhealthy fixation and unshakeable loyalty with and to Osmantha Herself...though all of her dozens of powerful 'trophies' pale in comparison to the crown jewel of her horde - the raised, undead corpse of Kazusada the Elite, whom Osmantha herself is said to have slain. Though he long ago ascended and became an Elemental Saint, a shard of his noble spirit is said to yet inhabit the body that now serves Osmantha as a right-hand man...to the humiliation of the many nations that formed out of the fragmenting of the Shaoshu Empire, to say nothing of the faithful of Kazusada the Elite himself.   Admittedly, however, since the horde no longer engages in combat for her(Except on rare situations which require them to act as bouncers or guards in her establishments), they have all become uncannily talented at a number of odd things, such as accounting, massages, and all manner of strange things they have undertaken of their own twisted will in order to become 'more useful' to the object of their eternal focus.


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