The hopping, frozen undead who constantly chase and steal the warmth of others

Base Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers: (+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence) Jiang-Shi are incredibly dexterous despite their stiff limbs, and though their years of unlife and the knowledge contained within their talismans makes them wise, it also dulls their minds.   Size: Jiang-Shi are the size they were in life, but by default they are medium-sized creatures and have no penalties or bonuses because of their size. Discuss with your GM if you wish to explore being a differently-sized Jiang-Shi.   Type: Jiang-Shi are Undead creatures with the subtype corresponding to the race they were in life. As Undead beings, they do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe.   Base Speed: Jiang-Shi have a 20ft base land speed due to their stiff limbs that requires them to hop, but as a result they are not hindered by difficult terrain and cannot be tripped.   Vision: Jiang-Shi have the senses they had in life, plus Lifesense out to 15ft.   Languages: Jiang-Shi begin play speaking Necril and the Regional Language(See Languages of Zheng-Kitar) they spoke in life. A Jiang-Shi with high INT can choose from any non-secret language as bonus languages.   Freezing Body: A Jiang-Shi is eternally cursed to chase the warmth its undead form can never have, and have bodies so cold that they can freeze flesh on contact, with pale, light blue skin as if constantly frostbitten. They gain Cold Resistance 20, and deal 1d6 points of cold damage each round they maintain a grapple, a grapple is maintained on them, or a creature successfully strikes them with a melee attack.   Drain Warmth: Constantly seeking warmth, Jiang-Shi slake their desire for warmth and life on the warmth and chi of other creatures - when a Jiang-Shi hits a single creature with both claw attacks OR two or more melee attacks in 1 round, they deal an amount of additional damage equal to a claw attack + 1.5x DEXMOD/STRMOD(Higher) of untyped damage(this functions as the Rend Universal Monster Rule). Additionally, whenever a Jiang-Shi maintains or establishes a grapple, their target must succeed a fortitude save(DC 10 + 1/2 HD + WISMOD) or take 1d6 points of untyped damage plus an additional dice per 3HD the Jiang-Shi possesses, taking half as much on a success.   Awakened State: When a Jiang-Shi hits a single creature with both claw attacks OR two or more melee attacks in 1 round, they gain 1 round they may spend to enter an 'awakened state' as a swift action. During this state, they become more limber as their bodies warm and return to semi-normal coloration(Though often still pale), and gain Fire Resist 10, a +2 on acrobatics and escape artist checks, a +2 dodge bonus to AC that stacks with existing dodge bonuses, the compression Universal Monster Rule, and their movement speed increases by 10ft. At 5HD and every 5HD after, these bonuses all increases by (+2 skill checks, +1 Dodge Bonus, +5ft speed). While in this form, their skin returns to normal coloration and they become indistinguishable from the race they were in life. The rounds 'generated' this way can be saved throughout the day and activated once they have been accumulated, but they drop by half at the start of each day. The first time each combat they successfully maintain or establish a grapple on a target, they gain 1d4+1 rounds they may use for their awakened state. These rounds last for 1 hour out of combat, but only 1 round in combat.   Brutal Claws: A Jiang-Shi's nails are brutally sharp and can extend and retract at will. A Jiang-Shi gains two primary claw attacks that begin at 1d8 damage for a medium creature, and have a 19-20 critical range. They have the 'Grab' Universal Monster Rule with these claw attacks. A Jiang-Shi may also gain this enhanced critical threat range and grab ability with its unarmed attacks.   Hopping Masters: Thanks to their stiff limbs that require them to hop, Jiang-Shi are unexpectedly acrobatic - they gain a +10 on all acrobatics checks made to jump, treat acrobatics as a class skill, do not take penalties on acrobatics for their low base land speed, and treat high jump DCs the same as long jump DCs. They also gain stealth as a class skill and gain a +2 to it.   The Unforgotten Dead: Jiang-Shi are unique in that they are the only true Undead that retain a connection to the Six Elements - and thus a part of who they were. Jiang-Shi gain +2 to their natural armor, and lose the normal Undead Immunities to Mind-Affecting spells/effects as well as against effects that require a Fortitude save because of it. Against spells that would control or manipulate Undead or Humanoids(Such as Control Undead, Charm Person, and others, GM Discretion), they gain a +5 to all saves vs such spells and effects if they have their Onmyo Talisman on(See 'Onmyo Talisman' Ability), but a -5 to them if it has been destroyed or is for any reason removed and not attached to them. They can choose which type to return for detect spells targeting their type.   Unstoppable Advance: Jiang-Shi have powerful, incredibly dangerous leg muscles that can pulverize stone and bone alike when they advance - any hostile creature their size or smaller in their path when they advance through their square(s) takes an amount of damage equal to their 1d8 + 1.5x DEXMOD/STRMOD(Higher), dealing an additional dice of damage for every 5 HD they possess. Targets can attempt to make a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + DEXMOD/STRMOD(Higher)) to halve this damage, or can instead make an Attack of Opportunity against the Jiang-Shi for the movement - though if they make the AoO, they are not entitled to the save. This lets Jiang-Shi move through enemy squares, but they must have enough speed to pass through them, and cannot end their turn on an enemy.   Onmyo Talisman: Serving an identical purpose to the Reaperseal mask of the Soshigeist, each Jiang-Shi is created and bound to a singular talisman, stuck to its forehead and inscribed with powerful sealing magics. These Talismans cannot be removed by any but the Jiang-Shi themselves and cannot be stolen, and grants the Jiang-Shi Spell Resistance equal to 13 + their HD. However, it can be targeted for a sunder maneuver - and for these purposes, is treated as having Hardness 5 and 5HP per HD of the Jiang-Shi. The Jiang-Shi loses its SR if the talisman is destroyed, but can make another with parchment, writing instruments, and ten mintues of uninterrupted work. Additionally, so long as their Talisman remains intact, a Jiang-Shi cannot be permanently destroyed - if slain while their talisman remains intact(This should go beyond simple sundering; though sundering may be a first step followed by potentially dispelling or total atomization. GM Discretion), they will reform from dust one hour later at the point they were slain. A wooden weapon carved from a cherry blossom tree slays them regardless of this.

Basic Information


A Jiang-Shi's anatomy is identical to the species it was in life, though because it is now an undead its biological functions have all but ceased - their muscles are additionally locked stiff and their joints are frozen over, forcing them to hop with stiff movements that has given them their nickname 'Hopping Zombies'.

Biological Traits

A Jiang-Shi has the biological traits it had in life.

Genetics and Reproduction

Jiang-Shi cannot reproduce, being undead - their bodies do not work and cannot bear offspring, though they can force others to become a Jiang-Shi themselves by forcibly performing the secret ritual that will transform one into a Jiang-Shi on them, either while they live or fresh after death...though doing so is often considered blasphemous and evil, as it involves binding their soul to a signature Onmyo Talisman and locking them into a perpetual state of warmth-chasing, breath-stealing undeath and eternal torment.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Jiang-Shi has no growth stages - it is undead, and will remains as it is forevermore.

Ecology and Habitats

A Jiang-Shi can be found most anywhere, though they are least commonly found in extremely hot or arid climates.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Jiang-Shi technically has no need to eat, though they delight in 'eating warmth' and draining breath, both of which they lack themselves and are cursed with a nigh-irresistable compunction to seek out and consume - seeking warmth because of their own frigid bodies and breath to fill their otherwise empty lungs, chasing trappings of life they are now denied in undeath.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

A Jiang-Shi's signature Talisman is an extremely valuable magical item if one can slay them and take it - though their regenerating nature means one has little time to study it.

Facial characteristics

Their faces can vary wildly depending on the race their were in life, though they are now decorated by a paper Onmyo Talisman that how hangs from their forehead.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Jiang-Shi can be found anywhere, as with a secretive ritual unknown to most all(And a bit of luck or unluck, perhaps) one can somewhat simply become a Jiang-Shi - however, they are least commonly found in extremely hot environments.

Average Intelligence

Jiang-Shi are less intelligent on average, as Undeath dulls their intellect somewhat, but they tend to be very wise from years of unlife.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A Jiang-Shi retains the senses it had in life, with the exception of vile lifesight that allows them to detect elements of life itself within a certain radius - an evil gift given to them by their nature as Undead.
Alternate Racial Trait List:   Jiang-Shi Alternate Racial Traits  
Racial Feat List:   Jiang-Shi may take any racial feat they qualify for from the race they were in life. Please consult your GM to discuss this, or to discuss another feasible race to take feats from if your race does not have racial feats.   Jiang-Shi Racial Feats  
Nearly any species and ethnicity can become a Jiang-Shi.
Conservation Status
Jiang-Shi are not commonly found, but are commonly known of, as Zheng-Kitaran folktales speak of them often - especially tales told in Monastaries run by monks and men of the cloth, who speak of them as especially vile demons.
Average Height
Varies wildly depending on the race they were in life. On average, 5.24ft - 6.88ft(1.6m - 2.1m)
Average Weight
Varies wildly depending on the race they were in life. On average, 121 lbs - 198 lbs(55kg - 90kg)
Average Physique
Jiang-Shi, despite their undeath, are often subtly impressive in physicality - dextrous and nimble rather than outright muscular or mighty.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
After their vile transformation into an Undead wholly deprived of warmth, Jiang-Shi have skin that is pale and lightly blue in coloration from the frigid temperatures of their bodies, with hair that often, strangely, darkens to 'heavy' or 'dark' colors such as Black, Purple, or sometimes Dark Blue and similar colors. Only rarely does their hair lighten to white or other light colors - often seen as a sign of a botched transformation ritual.

The Hopping Dead

Long thought to be a more ancient and more powerful variant of the Soshigeist, the Jiang-Shi are perhaps the only truly undead species on Zheng-Kitar that is blessed with enough mental capacity to retain some semblance of sanity and consciousness long after death - long spoken of in countless cultures across the continent and beyond as Vampires, Zombies, and anywhere in-between, Jiang-Shi are creatures that are, in truth, neither and all of what they are ascribed - an Undead with elements that hint at a relation to Vampirism as well as to Undead as a whole such as Zombies, but are wholly unique in their makeup and origin with bodies frozen stiff by Rigor Mortis, locking them into their signature means of locomotion - hopping - as their leg muscles have frozen stiff and their joints have frosted over.   Unlike Soshigeist, it is extremely rare for Jiang-Shi to occur naturally - usually, when they do, it is the result of a monk who died an untimely death after being exiled and engulfed by despair or other negative emotions. More often, however, they are purposeful creations either by those who wish to subvert the laws of death either for themselves or, more commonly, one they cared about who met an untimely end they wish to be with again - however, many are often dissapointed and haunted by the version of those they cared about that are brought back to unlife by the ancient and secret ritual to create and bind a Jiang-Shi, as their personalities are often warped and bent, frequently through a lens of obedience to their masters. Sometimes, when the binding ritual fails to take hold, they appear as free-willed beings and often, in the initial confusion of their awakening, kill or maim their summoners before fleeing, mind and body in chaos.   With bodies as cold and lifeless as the grave, Jiang-Shi constantly chase warmth - though this yearning goes much deeper than simple temperatures, and instead involves the very 'essence' of what makes a creature alive or animate. Stealing the very essence of others, Jiang-Shi constantly chase and steal the essences of others to ease their suffering and return their frozen and stiff bodies to a more normal state for even a short period - a curse which makes it incredibly difficult even for docile or peaceful Jiang-Shis to avoid hurting others for long, as eventually they will inevitably succumb to their cursed urges and lash out, seeking warmth to move and live as they once did. In this way, they are beings to be pitied, but feared - while many know that Jiang-Shi are one of the few breeds of Undead that are not neccesarily to be killed on sight and may be fraternized with, doing so is extremely dangerous, as one can never truly say that they will not one day give into their urges and attack those around them - making them unfortunately lonesome beings much like the Soshigeist, lost and trying to find their purpose and meaning in a cruel world that does not want them.


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