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Sylnara Worldthrone

The second eldest daughter of Dahmunara, unkillable and sealed away forever

Princess Sylnara Worldthrone (a.k.a. The Whitetail Wraith)

As of today, all Guild operations here at the underground shrine, prison of Sylnara Worldthrone, will cease - effective immediately.   It is considered lost with all hands. Every guildmember lost will be awarded the highest honors, and their next of kin compensated appropriately.   The Sundown Contingency is now in full effect. All records will be expunged.   The Seal holds.
— The famed adventurer 'Orichalchos', Sole Survivor of the Sundown Incident and Amanuensis of The Whitewind Wraith

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

True to her nature as one of the fabled Worldthrone family and secondborn daughter of the legendary Dahmunara Worldthrone, Sylnara's body is in the absolute peak of her physical prime, despite her poor hygiene as a result of her lengthy imprisonment - her body, forged into that befitting a true Worldthrone demigoddess through ancient and profane rites known only to the Worldthrone family. Her body is powerful and strong, and virtually immune to disease and sickness - able to conduct Atlen and the energies of Life dozens of times easier than the bodies of other creatures, she, like the rest of the DIRECT children of Dahmunara Worldthrone, is even rumored to have recieved profane rites that even the likes of her niece Jilixia Worldthrone did not recieve - bathing her body in the primal energies of the Lifestream in which all the souls of Zheng-Kitar flow about eternally through The Soul's Journey.

Body Features

Sylnara's body, even moreso than that of her Niece Jilixia, is one sculpted from alabaster perfection - undeniably feminine but powerful and muscular in subtle but distinct ways, blending powerful physicality with an elegence of design that almost makes it impossible to not question whether the Worldthrone family engineered their own bodies to bestow upon themselves a perfection that is almost unnatural. Her body, while flawlessly sculpted and elegantly designed, evokes some sort of primal 'uncanny valley' in those who observe it - unsettling them with an unplacable feeling that her appearance is "wrong" or "off" if she couldn't possibly be real.

Facial Features

Sylnara's face is angular but elegant - an almost hauntingly beautiful face that carries some kind of bewitching, demonic beauty to it, with eyes as deep crimson as a blood ocean that seem almost capable of sucking one's body and soul deep inside of them...infinite wells of blood from which there is no return. Her hair, snow white and ephemeral, is almost as striking in contrast with her alabaster skin and deep crimson eyes - creating a face that is as unsettling as it is alluring.

Identifying Characteristics

Sylnara's eyes are her most identifying feature - infinite, boundless seas of blood that have witnessed and caused the death of thousands. Spoken of as almost alluring or hypnotic, her eyes are almost described as capable of dragging in those who stare into them for too long, wells into some otherworldly energy or unfathomable "essence" that lies at the core of Sylnara's being...or beyond it. Formerly described as Purple, they have turned a deep crimson after her time spent as a prisoner for reasons unknown.

Physical quirks

Aside from her terrible state of hygiene and bodily disrepair brought on by her centuries of imprisonment, her physical quirks otherwise include her tails - which mostly go unseen as a result of the methods and tightness of the seal which imprisons her, which seems to prevent her from manifesting them. However, as written by the adventurer Orichalchos who has penned much of the information in this report, many of those who have died to her within her prison have supposedly seen ghostly tails numbering between seven to ten(And in one case, twenty, though that number is likely just a hallucination brought on by impending death), speaking of them rapturously even as their bodies convulse and die.

Special abilities

Most of her special abilities are unknown, as she refuses to elaborate on her capabilities - but as a master of the most esoteric, occult magicks before her imprisonment as well as a verified master of hand-to-hand combat and other martial forces of defense, Sylnara can be assumed to be a terrifying force to be reckoned with, with abilities that exceed imagination. Her voice and eyes, alluring and hypnotic things whose mere sound or sight can drive others insane and cause them to debase themselves around or on her body until their death, and her tails which, which invisible, haunt the minds of her victims right up until the final moments of her death - unfortunately, many of her abilities will likely only ever be known if or when she ever breaks free.

Apparel & Accessories

Sylnara, imprisoned as she is, is allowed nothing to grant her modesty - imprisoned and sealed at the bottom of a very deep underground passage, in a shrine which recieves no visitors, she bears only dozens and hundreds of Omamori and other Talismans on her body, placed there by The Rasmanthus Guild to seal away her power and render her helpless - though, in some small pittance these talismans stuck to her body also grant her what little modesty she is allowed. Otherwise, she bears no apparel or accessories.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sylnara was in many ways the true "first" of her mother's children, despite only being the second eldest - because her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone's first child Irrina-Arrana was born back when her mother was a struggling woman desperately struggling to bring about change as a normal, mortal woman back on the streets of the Shaoshu Empire, she in many ways grew up wholly differently than Sylnara and the other children of their mother - and by Sylnara's own account, did not well get along with her sisters...especially her elder sister Irrina-Arrana, with whom she reportedly had an especially sour relationship for much of her life.   Instead, Sylnara, born to her mother either just before or just after the completion of Worldthrone Castle, grew up never personally experiencing the hardship her mother and her elder sister Irrina-Arrana grew up knowing - raised in the lap of absolute luxury as the crown princess of the Worldthrone family(As her elder sister had no interest in the title), Sylnara was raised as the first of Dahmunara Worldthrone's children who never truly comprehended their mother's ideals or goals in regards to the world and men at large. Sylnara tried and yearned to understand her mother, eagerly asking her questions at all hours of the day about her motivations, but could never truly fathom why it was that her mother strove so diligently to get others to accept her ideals, rather than simply impress them upon others like the tyrant she appeared to be. Believing others aside from her mother were all but incapable of acting out of anything but self-interest, Sylnara lived her life recieving everything she could ever want - excelling as the prodigy of the family beyond all expectations and mastering everything that was placed in front of her...until the fateful day when the forces of the world rallied behind The Rasmanthus Guild to assault Worldthrone Castle and destroy her mother and the Worldthrone family.   On that day, Sylnara was never able to participate in the final battle against the invaders - for all her mastery and power, she and much of Dahmunara Worldthrone's children were assassinated by a seperate squad sent by The Rasmanthus Guild - or would have been, had Lysotha, one of Dahmunara Worldthrone's four generals, not sacrificed herself to save the lives of Sylnara and Jilixia Worldthrone - the only two children she could get to in time to save. Protected from death by Lysotha's magic, Sylnara was unable to escape capture while her niece Jilixia Worldthrone heartlessly left her behind to allow her to escape out into the world at large.   Captured by the forces who had come to destroy her family, Sylnara was initially imprisoned in Worldthrone Castle, but was eventually moved to a more secure prison where she currently resides somewhere beneath the Tianzhao Peaks after Jilixia Worldthrone brought about the downfall of the Shaoshu Empire and caused it to splinter into fragments and warring sub-nations out of fear she would return to Worldthrone Castle and free her aunt.

Gender Identity

Sylnara is undeniably feminine, and identifies as such to all she meets.


Sylnara holds absolutely no qualms wielding her sexuality as a weapon - especially imprisoned as she is, where it likely remains as the only weapon available to her alongside her powerful words and eyes, as well as what little power she can draw upon beneath the seal placed upon her.


Brought up personally by her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone, Sylnara had one of the greatest educations the world has ever and likely will ever see - taught by one of the greatest masters of arcane magic ever to exist, she likely holds knowledge of all topics of knowledge and most all nine levels of spellcasting, among countless other bits of knowledge and information taught to her by the finest scholars and tutors across the lands.

Accomplishments & Achievements


Failures & Embarrassments

Proved unable to come to her mother's or her family's defense in the downfall of the Worldthrone family, and was captured and imprisoned despite her surrogate mother Lysotha, the Nine Tailed Kitsune, sacrificing her life to give her a chance to endure assassination.   Never truly grasped the greatness of her mother, understood people or the world until she was imprisoned.

Mental Trauma

Unknown. Sylnara refuses to discuss her traumas within her prison - especially to those who may have given them to her in the first place.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sylnara is a layered, plotting schemer through and through, almost identical to her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone - and in some ways, exceeds her mother by leaps and bounds as an intellectual. She is guarded and carefully spoken, but refuses to hide her disdain for those she considers her intellectual lessers, openly and subtly manipulating others in countless ways that they may only realize part of, wielding others and her massive ego and intellect as her foremost weapons...especially now that she lies imprisoned with only her words, beauty, and the like as her weapons.

Morality & Philosophy

Unknown - she refuses to elaborate on this even in her prison, even to the famed adventurer Orichalchos who now sits as her personal Amanuensis, as she clearly enjoys leaving others in the dark in this regard.



Personality Characteristics


Sylnara's motivations are admittedly a subject of mystery even to the one charged with dictating the contents of this report, the famed adventurer Orichalchos - by her own words, her motivations are to escape and attain her freedom, though her actions seem contradictory to this: even while imprisoned, she has allowed the seal to stand and has never once made a bid to break her bindings, even during the Sundown Incident, calling her supposed 'motivations' into question as she seems in many ways to enjoy her sedantary lifestyle.   In other respects though, she has an avaricious yearning for information on the outside world, and longs for the luxuries she no longer has access to within her prison - she constantly laments her imprisoned state while at the same time commenting on her safety within her prison from the likes of those who would hunt her down to feast on her to supposedly gain the power of the Worldthrone family.   As such, her motivations remain solidly a mystery - as her own words on the subject can be scarcely trusted.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

An excellent calligrapher, public speaker, lover, master of esoteric magicks, hand-to-hand combatant, empath, leader, epicure, ???   Unlike her talents(which were noted by Orichalchos after observing her and listening to her within her prison), her ineptitudes are taken directly from Sylnara herself.   Inept at Understanding Others Motivations(Formerly), Appreciating what she had and has, Getting along with her sisters and family members, Doing things herself

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Herself, Being fawned over, Being Adored or Obsessed over, Dahmunara Worldthrone, Misandry, People who put belief in an ideal above their own self-interest, Calligraphy and Crafting Omamori(Talismans), Fine Food and Drink, Studying and Learning about the Occult and the Esoteric, Her family, ???   Dislikes: The Rasmanthus Guild, Being Imprisoned, Those who cannot match her intellectually, The world of Men, Needless Death or Suffering, People who fear what they don't understand, Slights or ill-will against her family, Not being given the respect she is owed, Being considered/ treated as an equal, Leaders whose causes or kingdoms cannot survive without them, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Sylnara is at her core an enormously patient woman - she has endured through over five centuries of hapless imprisonment without so much as a mental break, meltdown, or any mental issues of any kind, enduring effortlessly across ages of isolation and inability to even move within the confines of her prison while still retaining her personality and drive, unchanged, while even in many ways improving as a person through reflection over the course of her imprisonment - a feat few can claim.   On top of this legendary patience, Sylnara seems to be compliant and is either unwilling or unable to buck the bounds of her seal in overt or noticable ways - seemingly content to wait out her imprisonment, she has, to the surprise of her captors in The Rasmanthus Guild not attempted to escape or caused an incident once. Even the legendary Sundown Incident, terrible as it was, was merely a result of a security breach caused by intruders in her prison who had come to attempt to kill her and feast on her flesh to gain her divine power rather than any efforts on her part.   And finally, in the words of the famed adventurer Orichalchos who has written much of this report on Sylnara Worldthrone from the confines of her prison alongside her ever since that incident, her virtues shine through softly only on repeat exposure to her as he has had, trapped within her seal alongside her: Sylnara is a patient and understanding woman who acts pragmatically, killing those who have wronged her through imprisonment or attempted murder while sparing those who gave her common decency and understanding in the face of the Sundown Incident. Depite her flaws, she is quite kind and magnanimous to those who have not wronged her, and has even seen to it that Orichalchos, prisoner in her seal, is provided for and comforted as best as she can given the circumstances, and is a surprisingly interesting conversationalist and excellent listener.

Vices & Personality flaws

For all her virtues, Sylnara is undeniably flawed - she is arrogant to the extreme, and easily sets her wrath upon those who slight her even in small and minor ways they themselves may not percieve, enacting cruel and hideous punishments upon such people with uncaring abandon and finding it justified. She expects and even demands to be adored and fawned over, and may even in some small way enjoy watching the hideous deaths of those who invade her seal as a result of overexposure to her power, making her ego such a towering thing that the mere act of cohabitating with her or interacting with her demands a certain humility of those who do so, lest she set her wrath upon them even while imprisoned.   She is liable to kill even from minor insults such as being disrespected, and while she dislikes needless death, she has no such qualms with death given as a result of what she percieves as "just causes" and is quick to resort to death or punishments in such cases - even when others simply treat her as an equal, it seems to infuriate her to even merely be treated on the same level as those she interacts with, as she expects and demands to be recognized as a superior existence.   On top of these flaws, she is extremely intelligent and well-versed in philosophy and a wide variety of topics - which while itself may be a virtue, she has the bearing of a scholar of the highest order and dislikes dealing with those who cannot comprehend what she speaks of or who cannot understand her when she speaks of such highbrow topics.


As a prisoner deep within a specially constructed shrine built by The Rasmanthus Guild in an underground location far beneath the Tianzhao Peaks Mountain range for well over 500 years, Sylnara's hygiene has suffered immensely - as she is bodily imprisoned and sealed away, existing physically but unable to move in any significant capacity, her hygiene has deteriorated quite severely such that her pheremones have all but filled the shrine in which she is imprisoned, making it that much more difficult for those who stand before her to resist being swayed by her hypnotic allure.



Despite her status as Princess, Sylnara never held an actual reign - born to the legendary Dahmunara Worldthrone during the earliest days of her rise to power after her elder sister Irrina-Arrana who was born long before their mother became anyone of note, Sylnara was raised in the lap of absolute luxury in the newly(At the time) constructed Worldthrone Castle - though she only lived in the castle for three centuries or so before its assault and subsequent destruction at the hands of the united world's armies led by The Rasmanthus Guild.

Contacts & Relations

Almost all of Sylnara's family and relations lie long dead - her mother is dead or sealed away beneath countless layers of magic that no mortal holds a hope of breaking, her sisters and family are nearly all dead, and perhaps most importantly her surrogate mother and dearest friend was killed in the downfall of the Worldthrone family - her tutor and mentor Lysotha, feared Nine-Tail Kitsune who served as one of her mother's feared "Four Generals of Destructions". For all of her overwhelming arcane and magical power, Lysotha sacrificed herself in the final moments of the assault on Worldthrone Castle to weave a powerful protective incantation over Sylnara and the other surviving children of Dahmunara - protecting Sylnara from the killing blows of the murderous adventurers of the united world's armies and of The Rasmanthus Guild.   With the rest of her mother's armies and allies either dead or scattered, Sylnara has no one left to call an ally - especially not after being sealed away in the deepest underground reaches of the Tianzhao Peaks in a magical shrine designed to serve as a prison...and her living grave.

Family Ties

As one of the last of the legendary Worldthrone family who attained unparalleled heights of power and knowledge thanks to the efforts of the family founder and matriarch Dahmunara Worldthrone, Sylnara sits as the last living monument to a legacy of ultimate magical power, near-total cataclysmic destruction of the world's societies, and the attainment of true and ultimate power such that each and every one of the Worldthrone family was said to learn the secrets to immortality and demigodhood.   Now however, sealed away far beneath the earth beneath the Tianzhao Peaks Mountain Range, she is the last of her family - well, almost the last, as her Niece Jilixia Worldthrone remains active and alive in the modern day, though she seems to have little to no interest or even awareness of Sylnara or her plight. As such, while she once had prodigious family ties with one of the greatest families to ever walk Zheng-Kitar, she now has all but none - alone and unwanted, an object to be hunted and killed by many who seek to kill her out of almost religious beliefs around the power that dwells within the bodies of a Worldthrone, for to drink the blood or feast on the flesh of one is rumored to grant demigodhood.

Religious Views

Sylnara's religious views, by her own dictations within her prison, are currently in flux - locked away and sealed within the shrine constructed by The Rasmanthus Guild somewhere deep beneath the Tianzhao Peaks, she has seemingly had a crisis of faith during the course of her imprisonment which she has yet to resolve, grappling with the terrible events that led to her family's destruction and her mother's own beliefs of female superiority.

Social Aptitude

Sylnara's social aptitude is said to have been almost directly inherited from her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone, such that even sealed away as securely as she is within the specially constructed shrine that serves as her prison and living grave her social aptitude is so abnormally astronomical that The Rasmanthus Guild was forced to enact the mysterious Sundown Contingency to prevent her bewitching words from taking hold in the minds of the wardens of her prison - a fact which by her own admission afterwards amuses her greatly.   Said to rival her mother's propensity for public speaking and natural persuasiveness that borders on freakish mind-control or zealotry, the dangers of Sylnara's social aptitude cannot be overstated - even sealed and tightly bound within her prison, she has reportedly proven able to bewitch the minds of those who approach her such that they willingly begin to debase themselves and eventually die, driven mad by her enchanting words.


Bound as she is within her shrine prison, Sylnara's mannerisms are a bit restricted as she does not have full control over her body - so her normal gestures or ways of speaking or behaving remain a mystery.

Hobbies & Pets

Though she did not possess any pets before she was imprisoned, Sylnara has recently taken the famed adventurer Orichalchos as something akin to a pet - sparing him and him alone in the legendary Sundown Incident so that he could become a prisoner within her shrine just as she is, serving as her personal Amanuensis to dictate much of the information used to construct this very report on her.   As for hobbies, only one is known - her love of designing, creating, and seeing unique eastern talismans(Better known as Omamori), which she once did as a decorative hobby but which has now been turned against her to serve as the basis for her imprisonment.


Sylnara's speech is said to be impossible alluring, especially in person - the adventurer known as Orichalchos writes extensively that the mere act of listening to her voice is like anesthetics for the mind or an insidious form of aural drugs, dulling the senses and giving one a feeling of "floating" - a state of mind that seemingly allows Sylnara to effortlessly manipulate others into the horrendous acts of debasement, carnality, and eventual death even so trapped as she is within her prison.


Sylnara Worldthrone

Hated Aunt (Important)

Towards Jilixia Worldthrone



Jilixia Worldthrone

Uppity Niece (Trivial)

Towards Sylnara Worldthrone




In a strange and unfortunate twist of fate for Sylnara, her only surviving family member seems to dislike her mere existence - and by her own words, Sylnara has claimed within her prison that the two of them had always shared a rivalry as similar "Prodigal Children" of the Worldthrone Family, with Sylnara herself being the Prodigy of the first generation of children with Jilixia being the prodigy of the second generation.   Having vied for the attention of their mother over the course of their lives, Jilixia seems to have fostered a much deeper sense of resentment towards Sylnara than Sylnara did towards her Niece - viewing her Aunt as an entitled princess to whom imprisonment is a fitting punishment. Sylnara, to her credit, holds no such opinions beyond mild annoyance towards her Niece.

Nicknames & Petnames

Jilixia, notably, refuses to call Sylnara by her actual name or title - typically using profanity when referring to her Aunt.

Orichalchos of Ímarsira

Jailer (Vital)

Towards Sylnara Worldthrone



Sylnara Worldthrone

Prisoner (Vital)

Towards Orichalchos of Ímarsira




While originally transferred to the Prison of The Whitetail Wraith some years before the implementation of The Sundown Contingency, Orichalchos served dutifully as the warden of the shrine-prison for The Whitetail Wraith for years and kept the prison's defenses maintained and its location a secret until recently, when a breach in the prison's defenses by an unknown party(Assumed to be fanatics keen on finding Sylnara Worldthrone and drinking deeply from her blood and body in the hopes of gaining power themselves) caused a catastrophic failure in the shrine-prison's defenses and nearly released Sylnara Worldthrone from her bindings.   Now, having single-handedly prevented the release of Sylnara Worldthrone, Orichalchos now stands as the sole Warden of the prison in the wake of The Sundown Contingency, which, among many other things, calls for a total lockdown of the prison from both in and out - meaning he is likely forevermore doomed to maintain the prison from the the mercy of its occupant.

Nicknames & Petnames

Little is known about the relationship of Orichalchos and Sylnara Worldthrone inside of her prison - but from what little has been told by Orichalchos himself, it seems to be cordial at the very least, as Sylnara herself seems to have taken to calling Orichalchos by the nickname "Ori".

Wealth & Financial state

During her time as Princess of Worldthrone Castle and second eldest daughter of Dahmunara Worldthrone, Sylnara had no personal wealth per se but had access to a truly unimaginable sum of wealth - her mother's vaults were some of the deepest and most rich in all the world, and as second eldest Daughter of the Worldthrone Family she had access to all of the wealth gathered by her mother Dahmunara Worldthrone over the course of her centuries of life, from countless piles of gold and platinum to invaluable magical items, magical incredients, or even invaluable creature parts or spell components and gemstones.
The secrets of the Guild must be dragged into the light, for better or worse.   They have moved the prison of The Whitetail Wraith. She lies somewhere beneath the Tianzhao peaks - so go forth, and hunt.   To the victor goes the spoils - the right to slay a Worldthrone.
— The Asadi Extremist Group 'Seatear'
Fire (Primary), Earth (Secondary)
Current Status
Sealed away in a specially-constructed shrine-prison watched over by The Rasmanthus Guild.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Whitetail Wraith, The Sealed Destroyer, The Mistress of the Mirror, Lady of the Evershrine, Sylnara-Dahmusa, The Unbroken Throne, The Bloodeye Kishin, The Alabaster Highborn
Date of Death
Sealed away in the year 4000 ASK. Moved to her current prison shortly afterwards.
Year of Birth
3704 ASK 859 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Quite famously born beneath the same star on the same day as the Night of White Ice, when the legendary ship The Gunvaldarinn exterminated thousands of Kitsune in the Glacial Drift.
Circumstances of Death
Originally sealed in Worldthrone Castle after proving impossible to kill. Moved to a more secure prison after her niece Jilixia's attacks on the guild.
Place of Death
Jilixia Worldthrone (Uppity Niece)
Current Residence
A specially constructed underground shrine that serves as her prison located somewhere in the Tianzhao Peaks.
Originally described with purple eyes. Post-sealing, she is depicted as having demonic red eyes.
Notably beautiful long, straight, snow-white hair
Around 6'0 (1.82m)
Quotes & Catchphrases
My imprisonment has really made me appreciate cats. Laying about all day, every day for five centuries is way harder than it looks.   Oh, is that not an inspiring enough quote?


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