Orichalchos of Ímarsira

One of the greatest and most decorated adventurers of the modern era, now martyred and forgotten

Ser Orichalchos Ímarsira (a.k.a. Orichalchos the Just)

Either all injustices must be stopped, or none must be. We cannot choose which injustices to stop based on our own values or desire for fame - No one's suffering is lesser or greater than another's simply because stopping it would require less effort or grant us more fame.
— Orichalchos, during his S-Class promotion speech

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Orichalchos has been in perfect physical condition for most all of his adult life - as if some divine figure has blessed him with supernatural health far in excess of the norm. He is tall, healthy, athletic, abnormally fit, and has never had any significant illnesses or afflictions. In many ways, his abnormally perfect physical condition is yet another thing that he feels that he must atone and repay the downtrodden for.

Body Features

Orichalchos is tall, chiseled, and well-built - a body that has been tempered by battle and by violence, but which has clearly never known starvation nor illness nor fatigue or exhaustion.

Facial Features

Orichalchos's face is rugged and unconventionally beautiful, and is often regarded as somewhat flat - like a blacksmith pounded a single piece of metal into a flat slab and attached it to his neck. He has a well-kept beard and mustache as well as sandy-blonde hair that tumbles down his face.

Identifying Characteristics

His resplendent armor, flat face, and twin spears that he uses as weapons are Orichalchos's most identifying features.

Special abilities

Though most of his power comes from his incredible martial prowess and mundane talent, Orichalchos does have an incredible and uncanny talent for understanding, fortifying, and deconstructing all sorts of magical wards, sealing rituals, and barriers - a talent whose unknown source initially gave him the posting from The Rasmanthus Guild to oversee the improvements to the prison of Sylnara Worldthrone.

Apparel & Accessories

Orichalchos dresses practically, as an adventurer often does - meaning he is almost always found in armor with countless magical trinkets and jewelry. When not in combat or in need of armor, he wears simple formal attire to hearken to his noble heritage in a way that is not overly gaudy - displaying his wealth modestly without being excessive.

Specialized Equipment

Orichalchos is most commonly seen with his signature suit of Mithril Full Plate armor that has been by his side for almost all of his adventures - a highly magical and highly protective suit of armor that has withstood hundreds of wounds and just as many battles.   Alongside his armor and countless magical trinkets and wondrous items accrued over the course of his adventures, he wields his twin Greatspears each as long as a Human - the nameless spears that have been by his side through hundreds of battles and whose tips have impaled the hearts of countless monsters and beasts and brigands. These twin spears, covered in a special bronze alloy of unknown composition, are his most prized possessions and his most powerful and specialized equipment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to an extremely wealth noble family in the City-State of Axiom as the luxurious eldest son and heir-apparent to his family's fortune, Orichalchos had an upbringing of absolute safety and luxury - a fact which he is eternally shameful for even now well into his adult life. Bringing his family's wealth to an end once he took the seat of rule of his family's fortune and intelligently investing it and dispersing it into the hands of those who needed it for themselves, Orichalchos took his new name upon leaving his family(Now firmly in the middle-class of Axiom) and abandoned his old name as he joined The Rasmanthus Guild and lived his life on the road, helping those who need it and spreading the tenets of his Saint, Soo-min the Sorrowborn.   Most recently, he was given what was supposed to be an illustrious position overseeing the prison of Sylnara Worldthrone and a suite of improvements to its sealing wards some years before the modern day - though it all came crashing down with the implementation of The Sundown Contingency after the prison was found and breached by a horde of mad hunters hell-bent on releasing Sylnara Worldthrone and drinking deeply from her blood and bones to empower themselves to demigodhood. Though the horde was slain, the Contingency was put into effect and sealed the prison both inside and out - as The Sundown Contingency signals a complete breakdown of a given prison, ward, or similar location but implies the possibility of maintaining the security of the prison's occupant only if extreme and drastic measures are taken immediately - meaning that a successful implementation of the contingency signals a successful re-containment of the prisoner or prisoners at great cost. In accordance with this contingency, Orichalchos sealed the prison from all outside interference and sealed himself inside with the prisoner he had been previously charged with keeping secure for the forseeable future...and possibly for the rest of his life, eternal martyr turned prisoner alongside Sylnara Worldthrone to keep that same woman from getting free.


Orichalchos is believed to be straight, but the specifics of his sexuality were never quite made public.


Orichalchos was given the finest education that his extremely wealth family could afford - meaning he is an extremely well-learned man of high station and high birth that often stands in contrast with the rough and tumble air he cultivates for himself.


Orichalchos has worked for The Rasmanthus Guild for most of his adult life, and as such has predominantly been employed by them - though he is also known to have served time in The Enduring Armada in Axiom, City of the Great Game as well as some time in the militaries of several Narixian Clans in The Narixian Empire.   So notable was his service to The Rasmanthus Guild that he was awarded the extremely prestigious rank of S-Class Adventurer - a rank that marks the most powerful and stalwart defenders of the continent, capable of fighting back the most powerful and vicious threats the land of Zheng-Kitar shall ever face. His loss during the enactment of The Sundown Contingency, thusly, was a keenly felt loss across not only The Rasmanthus Guild but all of Zheng-Kitar.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Slew the Twelve-Headed Hydra in the waters outside Port Kalath.   Stopped The Remnant from assassinating Osmantha the Indomitable.   Uprooted the largest information guild in Axiom's underworld and orchestrated the arrest and detainment of the single largest organized following of Saint Cynebald the Unseen in Zheng-Kitaran History.   Slew The Blood Colossus, former herald of The Yema known as The Bloodthirster, when it formed on the battlefields outside the war-torn city of Solyros.   Stood in defense of Rasmus Elias Oström Olander XV as his personal bodyguard in the aftermath of his battle with Jilixia Worldthrone - and supposedly stopped an attempt by Jilixia Worldthrone to kill Prince Rasmus before he had healed alone.   Re-formed the wards around the mythical "Ironbeast of Dioscine" before it could awaken and carve a path of destruction across the Dharan Alliance.   Kept up a Blackspeech Battle-Cant against a herald of The Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl for 60 seconds until his allies could arrive and slay the herald before it could steal the souls of everyone in the city of Dredge's Rest.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to prevent the breach of Sylnara Worldthrone's prison by a horde of rabid, mad hunters and was thus forced to enact The Sundown Contingency, sealing himself inside the prison alongside Sylnara Worldthrone until the end of time.

Mental Trauma

Unknown - he is likely not enduring being trapped alongside Sylnara Worldthrone without trauma, but as the barrier into the prison is all but impenetrable but to the mightiest beings, no information has been conclusively determined on this front.

Intellectual Characteristics

Orichalchos, despite his great and vast attempts to make himself appear and seem to be a "Rough and Tumble Everyman", is very much a sophisticated aristocrat at heart - his noble birth and upbringing give him a distinctly intellectual quality, though it is beautifully tempered by the practicality and pragmatism inherent to most all who serve in The Rasmanthus Guild. He is a thinker and a sophisticate who easily slips into the role of gritty adventurer when the need arises.

Morality & Philosophy

Orichalchos's morality is best described as "Suffocatingly Incorruptible" - to him, no evil can be ignored, no injustice should be overlooked, and no sleight should go unpaid. He believed ardently in protecting the downtrodden and the weak, and puts the most scrutiny on the wealthy and those in the wealthy elite - believing they who have not experienced hardship nor misery and cannot conduct themselves accordingly to their station should be given misery in turn.   His complicated morality and philosophies stem from his own indulgent upbringing in one of the most wealthy families in all of Axiom, City of the Great Game, and his falling into the faith of Soo-min the Sorrowborn early in his life.

Personality Characteristics


Passionate, internally motivated, and driven to help those in need, Orichalchos is a man whose motivations are often somewhat confusing to those who meet him - he seeks out danger on principle and sees helping of those in need and those at the bottom as a fact of life akin to gravity or air; a universal principle that he ascribes to out of a deep-seated desire to help those who were not lucky enough to be born into a comfortable life like he was.   Deep down, he is perhaps most keenly motivated by a subtle guilt due to his noble birth - as if he so deeply desires to help others and do right by the downtrodden in repayment for his upbringing of safety, security, and comfort due to those very same noble origins.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent at Survivalism, Foraging, Hunting, Spear-Fighting, Monster Hunting, Managing Money, Running a Business, Macro-Scale Investing, Anything to do with numbers, Analyzing and Taking in Lots of Details, Understanding Magical Wards, Detective Work, Fighting Enormous Beasts, Dual-Wielding Enormous Weapons, Martial Combat, Unarmed Combat, Bare-Knuckle Brawling, Archery   Inept at letting go of grudges, letting anything "odd" go once he's gotten wind of it, ???

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Foraging, Hunting, Fighting Monsters, Helping Others, Balancing Ledgers, Finding Discrepancies in things, 'Spot the difference" puzzles, Training, Those who help others, Those who don't do good to get famous, Helping others for the right reasons, Even Distributions of Wealth   Dislikes: Landed Elite, Vigilantes, Heros who only help or fight evils that make them famous, Doing good because its convenient, Unbalanced Ledgers, Uneven Distributions of Wealth, Relaxing, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Among his many virtues, Orichalchos's greatest strengths are his humility and earnest dedication to fighting injustice on all fronts, as well as his deep-seated desire to combat inequality both economically, militarily, and otherwise - he considers all injustices to equal whether they be children bullying children or great injustices like poverty and hunger, and fights equally zealously to stop both. He despises those who call themselves "hero" who only fight the battles that make them famous, that earn them the most publicity, that are the easiest or most visible, or otherwise - and constantly strives to not just cry out in protest against economic inequality and caste systems, but to enact real and potent change in the world instead of just shouting out into the void hoping for change.   He is a man who always gives others a chance to improve themselves or get help, who always gives others the benefit of the doubt, and who always looks out for the "little man" - be that the poor or the oppressed, he will always stand at their side to fight for those who cannot or will not fight for themselves.

Vices & Personality flaws

For all his virtues, Orichalchos is not without his flaws - his unwavering committment to stopping and fighting injustice at every level wherever it can be found is a hard bar for those who follow him, and his zeal often drives others away who cannot match his dedication or drive; without even meaning to he often pushes and drives away those who attempt to be close to him or those who follow him due to his incredibly ardent beliefs.   Though it is one of his only flaws, it is made all the more extreme by how brightly his virtues shine - making others feel inadequate or unable to properly "live up" to his standards the longer they stay at his side or serve under him, often leading to feelings of remorse or guilt as they project their failings onto their leader and back onto themselves, leading to Orichalchos accruing incredibly loyal but often misbegotten followers who feel hopelessly inadequate next to the one they admire so much.


As an adventurer for most of his adult life, Orichalchos cares little for the trappings of traditional hygiene - though he does have enough poise to clean himself when political or social situations require it.


Contacts & Relations

Having grown up as the eldest child and scion to a long-forgotten noble house in the City-State of Axiom, Orichalchos has an extensive network of contacts within The City of the Great Game thanks to having grown up and spent much of his formative years within its enormous and expansive districts.   Secondarily, while he quite expectedly has a vast network of contacts and relations in The Rasmanthus Guild in which he has worked for most of his adult life, he also has a suprisingly large network of contacts and other affiliations in The Narixian Empire as he has sworn himself to the Narixian Narix'Ana and taken the vows of the Narixian People after he formed the Ímarsira clan from those who had gathered around him.

Family Ties

Orichalchos has little in the way of family ties remaining - his blood-related family has all either abandoned him or severed ties with him after he, upon ascending to the rule of his noble family in the City-State of Axiom, quickly spent most of his family's wealth and reduced them to the middle-class before abdicating his seat to his one remaining sibling and joining The Rasmanthus Guild.   As such, if any of his family remains, it has no bearing on him or his life as they have either sworn him off or abandoned him for his vocal disdain for the wealthy or the elite.

Religious Views

Orichalchos is quite vocal about his faith in Soo-min the Sorrowborn - though exactly how he came to find such a strange faith typically not found in his homeland of Axiom, City of the Great Game is a mystery. Regardless of how he fell into it, the fact remains that Orichalchos himself has stood valiantly by his Saint Soo-min the Sorrowborn ever since he was a young boy, carry her values as his own even as he grew up and inherited his family's wealth and subsequently joining The Rasmanthus Guild to adventure and help the world and its downtrodden.

Social Aptitude

Despite his vocal opinions on the wealthy and the elite, Orichalchos is a charismatic and affable man whose raw, natural charisma has carried him far in his life - combined with his down-to-earth, caring personality and willingness to intervene in any situation regardless of circumstances makes him a very charming and socially apt man who naturally attracts others to his cause as a matter of course.   His social aptitude is often likened to that of a charming and grizzled mercenary commander rather than that of an armchair politician.


Orichalchos is a man who doesn't move much when he speaks or is otherwise in action - he is economic with his movement to a fault, as if he measures out each of his movements and mannerisms to conserve as much energy as possible.


Orichalchos is known to have a slight stutter that he has mostly overcome with age, time, and training, but it occasionally makes itself known in his speech when he is stressed, angry, or otherwise in a high-adrenaline situation.


Orichalchos of Ímarsira

Jailer (Vital)

Towards Sylnara Worldthrone



Sylnara Worldthrone

Prisoner (Vital)

Towards Orichalchos of Ímarsira




While originally transferred to the Prison of The Whitetail Wraith some years before the implementation of The Sundown Contingency, Orichalchos served dutifully as the warden of the shrine-prison for The Whitetail Wraith for years and kept the prison's defenses maintained and its location a secret until recently, when a breach in the prison's defenses by an unknown party(Assumed to be fanatics keen on finding Sylnara Worldthrone and drinking deeply from her blood and body in the hopes of gaining power themselves) caused a catastrophic failure in the shrine-prison's defenses and nearly released Sylnara Worldthrone from her bindings.   Now, having single-handedly prevented the release of Sylnara Worldthrone, Orichalchos now stands as the sole Warden of the prison in the wake of The Sundown Contingency, which, among many other things, calls for a total lockdown of the prison from both in and out - meaning he is likely forevermore doomed to maintain the prison from the inside...at the mercy of its occupant.

Nicknames & Petnames

Little is known about the relationship of Orichalchos and Sylnara Worldthrone inside of her prison - but from what little has been told by Orichalchos himself, it seems to be cordial at the very least, as Sylnara herself seems to have taken to calling Orichalchos by the nickname "Ori".

Wealth & Financial state

Though he stands as one of the mightiest and most noble adventurers in service to The Rasmanthus Guild in the modern day, Orichalchos is not as wealthy as one may be led to believe by his rank and status - his ardent faith in Soo-min the Sorrowborn leads him to travel light and live modestly and within his means, such that he has even quite famously sold off all the assets of his formerly noble family and lived most of his life as an itinerant wanderer.   As such, what wealth he has come into possession of he either carries with him or sells off to those who require it - and has been somewhat vocal in his desire in countries with landed nobility to tear down the wealthy elite and spread the wealth across the citizenry.
Current Status
Maintaining the prison of Sylnara Worldthrone.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Orichalchos the Just, The Twinspear, Hero of the Empty Quarter, Chieftain of Clan Ímarsira, The Sorrowborn Spear
Year of Birth
4536 ASK 27 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to his mother and father as their firstborn son, heir to their noble lineage under an auspicious star.
Born to an unknown noble house as its eldest son in the City-State of Axiom
Current Residence
The Prison of Sylnara Worldthrone
Long, dusty, Sandy-Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Tan, Stony, Cracked, Weathered and Worn
5'11 (1.80m)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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