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The frigid and mysterious fox-people of the frozen north

Base Racial Traits

Ability Score Racial Traits: (+2 Intelligence, +2 Constitution, -2 Strength): Kitsune, born with a connection to the spirit realm and infused with the nefarious Yokai spirits, are unnaturally hardy and exceptionally intelligent, but physically weak.   Size: Kitsune are Medium creatures and thus have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.   Type: Kitsune are humanoids with the Kitsune and Shapechanger subtypes.   Speed: Kitsune have a base speed of 30 feet.   Senses: Kitsune have Low-Light Vision, and can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.   Languages: Kitsune begin play speaking The Regional Language(See Languages of Zheng-Kitar) that reflects their origins, and Sylvan. Kitsune with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: (Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Luxan, Giant, and Draconic)   Profane Secrets: Born in secluded, icy chambers far beneath the frozen tundras of the north in chambers overseen by the mysterious Cabal Witches that lead their people, Kitsune carry profane arcane knowledge etched into their very beings - Kitsune with spellcasting levels in a class that has a limited number of spells known(Witch, Sorcerer, Wizard, Etc) automatically adds one spell to their list of spells known each time they gain a new level - this spell is chosen from a random spell list by the GM of the same or loosely equivalent level as that of the highest level they can cast.   Unseen Adepts: Secretive, mysterious, and skilled in the arcane arts, Kitsune gain a racial +2 bonus on Stealth and Knowledge Arcana checks(And may make such checks untrained) and automatically identify any spell they witness the casting of(So long as its casting could be detected normally by detect magic). For secret spells, spells that are not common knowledge, or especially powerful spells(GM Discretion), only the spell's name is learned.   Shifter's Guise: Born with an innate talent for Shapechanging thanks to their Yokai heritage, Kitsune may hide their tails(rendering them invisible as per the spell) as a standard action that does not provoke AoO. Additionally, they gain Fox Shape as a Bonus Feat ignoring Prerequisites and may, as a standard action, take on the appearance of a humanoid creature that they have line of sight to as per Disguise Self(A realistic reconstruction of their appearance such as a picture or painting may suffice, GM Discretion), save that it is an extraordinary ability. They may drop this guise and return to their true form as a free action.   Moisture Control: Masters of the blisteringly cold Tundra upon which they live, Kitsune have made ancient pacts to grant them and their progeny mastery over the ice and waves which surround and make up their homes. Kitsune can manipulate an amount of water or ice equal to 5lbs per HD they possess - the amount of exact control they have over this material is inversely proportionate to the size of what they are manipulating(Less control manipulating water in an ocean rather than water in a bowl). For each Kitsune that joins their efforts with this trait to an adjacent Kitsune and so on, they may collectively manipulate as much as their capacities combined.   Throw Wide the Yawning Gate: Bound irrevocably to the spirit realm from which they originate, Kitsune can call upon the profane rites burned into their bodies in the heat of combat to return a fallen creature to life in their service - as a standard action that does not provoke on the round following an enemy creature's death, the Kitsune can call a Yokai Spirit into the corpse and return the creature to life as a Minion under their control. A Kitsune can only have one Minion summoned at a time - making a new Minion immediately destroys the old one. Reviving the creature destroys the minion. Additionally, while the Yokai spirit may have access to the knowledge and memories of the slain creature(GM Discretion), they are evil spirits by nature forced into a corporeal shell and typically will not deign to answer questions related to the body they now inhabit.   Prismatic Blessing: Kitsune are notoriously well-adapted to the blisteringly cold weather of their homeland, thanks in large part to the prismatic energy of the atmospheric lights of the far north suffused into their bodies. Kitsune gain Resistance 5 to an element of their choice upon recieving their first tail(Typically Cold), and add 5 to this resistance for every tail after the first. Upon recieving their 3rd tail and every odd-numbered tail afterward, they can choose to begin bolstering another elemental resistance or continue with a pre-existing one. If the same elemental resistance is bolstered with 8 tails, the resistance becomes immunity instead. If the immunity is bolstered at the ninth tail, it grants immunity to the associated true element. Additionally, they are always counted as having a Cold-Weather Outfit and as being one for a number of adjacent creatures equal to their total number of tails - 1.   Yōkai Spirits: Kitsune are said to be Yōkai - spirits or monsters linked to the realm of the supernatural - that have transitioned and adapted to a life on the material plane, with tails that link them back to their original homeland in the realms beyond. Kitsune measure age by the number of tails they have, with each tail measuring years of life and accumulating magical and supernatural power. Kitsune are unique, and when they die their souls do not enter the normal cycle - they are instead sent back to their homeland, the Yōkai Realm, to be reincarnated and remanifested on the material sometime later. Because of this, many Kitsune can remember several past lives. See the "Kitsune Age Categories", "Kitsune Tail Drawbacks" and "Kitsune Tail Powers" charts below for powers gained as they advance in age.

Kitsune Tails and how to get them

  Kitsune tails are mainly gained through age, but to balance out the system of tail powers for players who wish to play a Kitsune, Kitsune can only start in with up to two tails without taking any tail start in age categories above this begins to grant drawbacks to balance out the tail powers that are gained from the higher age categories. These Tail Drawbacks apply ONLY to Kitsune starting a game in them, NOT to Kitsune who progress naturally either through aging or through other means described below. It was designed this way to encourage growth over time as the Kitsune gains power and continues their journey.   Aside from age categories and aging naturally, Kitsune also gain an additional tail every 5 class levels they gain, to a maximum of 4 additional tails when they hit 20th level. Additionally, by taking the Magic Tail Kitsune racial feat, kitsune can gain a tail without taking a tail drawback. Kitsune gain a special tail power when reaching ninth level - chosen from the below list of ninth-level tail powers.  

Kitsune Age Categories


Age Categories:


0-50 years
No tail. End of category marks full adulthood.
51-100 years
First tail. Gain 1 minor tail power.
101-150 years
Second tail. Gain 1 major tail power.
151-200 years
Third tail. Gain 1 minor tail power. Gain 1 minor tail drawback.
201-250 years
Fourth tail. Gain 1 major tail power. Gain 1 major tail drawback.
251-300 years
Fifth tail. Gain 1 minor tail power. Gain 1 minor tail drawback.
301-400 years
Sixth tail. Gain 1 major tail power. Gain 1 major tail drawback.
401-500 years
Seventh tail. Gain 1 minor tail power. Gain 1 minor tail drawback of the GM's choice.
501-600 years
Eighth tail. Gain 1 major tail power. Gain 1 major tail drawback of the GM's choice.
Special - Must have at least 15HD or Class Levels
Ninth Tail. Gain 1 Ninth Level Tail Power. Cannot be gained through normal aging process, even if lifespan is extended artificially. Can only be reached by Kitsune, not be other races who gain tails.

Tail Powers

Minor Tail Powers

  • +2 trait bonus to any 1 mental attribute based skill, or gain one mental attribute based skill as a class skill.
  • +2 trait bonus to any 1 physical attribute based skill, or gain one physical attribute based skill as a class skill.
  • Gain +5 to any movement speed you already possess.
  • Gain +10 to any scent ability you already possess.
  • Gain +2 to any Elemental Resistance you already possess.
  • Gain a racial +2 bonus to CMB.
  • Gain a racial +2 bonus to CMD.
  • Gain an additional language known.
  • Gain one free die reroll each day that can be used on any of your dice rolls you make OR any attack made against you, taking either result. The second time this power is taken, you can use this reroll on any rolls made by allies within 30ft, but you may still only reroll attacks made against you. If you use the roll on yourself you gain a +1 luck bonus on the roll. You cannot take this power more than twice.
  • You gain +1 caster level for determining scaling damage or effects for spells whose effects or damage scale based on level(Like fireball), and when determining the total duration of a spell. This bonus can put you above the maximum bonus for these spells like fireball. This power can only be taken once.

Major Tail Powers

  • Gain either Disguise Self, Charm Person, Misdirection, or Suggestion as a Spell-Like Ability 2/day. Can take this ability multiple times to get multiple SLA's, but cannot select the same spell twice.
  • Gain either Invisibility(4+ Tails), Displacement(6+ Tails), Confusion(7+ Tails), or Dominate Person (8+ Tails) as a Spell-Like Ability 2/day. Can take this ability multiple times to get multiple SLA's, but cannot select the same spell twice. Must meet the tail count requirement to take each SLA.
  • Gain resist 5 against an energy type you are not already resistant against(Fire, Cold, Acid, Electricity, Sonic). If you have resist 5 against them all, you may begin stacking them. This power can be taken more than once.
  • Gain +10ft to any movement speed, even one you do not already possess. You gain take this power more than once.
  • Gain +2 natural armor. Can be taken twice but no more times afterwards.
  • Gain a racial +2 to any one ability score. Can only be taken once. Must have 4+ tails.
  • Gain an extra skill rank per level. Can only be taken once. Must have 4+ tails.
  • A number of times per day equal to 1 + CHAMOD as a swift action, you can teleport to unoccupied square within 30ft. Each additional time this power is taken, gain +1 use per day and +10ft to the teleport. Requires 6+ Tails.
  • Gain a racial +1 to any one save of your choice. Can only be taken once, but can be taken once more at 4+ and 6+ tails.
  • Gain SR equal to 13 + HD. Can only be taken once. Requires 8 tails.

Nine Tail Powers

  • Eternal Youth: You no longer age. From the moment this tail power is taken forward you take no penalty to you physical ability scores from advanced age. If you are already taking such penalties, they are removed at this time.
  • Godflesh: Gain Regeneration 5/Epic(magic weapons with at least a +6 enhancement bonus).
  • Divine Source:Select four domains and 6 subdomains. These domains must be alignment domains matching your alignment if possible, unless your alignment is neutral. You can grant access to these domains as if you were a deity. You can grant spells to followers and creatures that would gain power from you of any level just as a normal deity. You can cast one spell from each domain you grant as at-will spell like abilities, though you cannot use spells from these domains whose spell level is greater than 1/2 your HD. If you’re a cleric or you venerate a deity, you may change your spell domains to those you grant others. Unlike normal SLA's, they require material components.
  • Dominating Enchantment: You can permanently mentally enslave a creature. When you successfully affect a target with an enchantment spell that requires a saving throw, you can force that creature to attempt a second Will saving throw with a DC equal to the spell’s DC. If the creature fails, it becomes a permanent thrall to you (as dominate monster) until you die. If the target succeeds, it can’t be affected by this ability again for 24 hours. You can have only one creature enthralled at a time. If you enthrall a new creature, the previous one is set free but is unaware that it was enthralled by you.
  • Godbody: Gain a racial +2 to all your ability scores.
  • Atlas Form: You may freely alter your size category as a full-round action to any category ranging from fine to colossal, taking only half from all associated size penalties. Your ability scores do not change as a result of this transformation.
  • Infinite Tail Prison: As a full-round action, you can force a creature to make a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) within 60ft. If they fail, they are shunted into one of your tails, into an extradimensional space similar to that created by a maze spell. Inside this otherworldly prison, the maze appears as an endless cherry orchard filled with “walls” of windblown cherry blossoms and cranes flying overhead. Each minute on its turn, the victim inside may attempt a DC 25 Intelligence check to escape. If the victim does not escape after 10 minutes, they are affected by an imprisonment spell with no save as a small inked tattoo of them appears somewhere of your choosing on your body. You may release these victims whenever you desire as a free action. Killing you will release the targets in the maze, but those imprisoned will remain imprisoned at the spot you were slain until they are freed normally.

Tail Drawbacks

Minor Tail Drawbacks

  • -2 penalty to any 1 mental attribute based skill, or lose one mental attribute based skill as a class skill.
  • -2 penalty to any 1 physical attribute based skill, or lose one physical attribute based skill as a class skill.
  • Lose +5 to any movement speed you already possess.
  • Lose +10 to any scent ability you already possess.
  • Lose 2 to any Elemental Resistance you already possess.
  • Take a -2 penalty to CMB.
  • Take a -2 penalty to CMD.
  • The GM gets to make you reroll any one roll and choose the worse result.
  • A spell or attack of the GM's choice deals minimum damage, or takes one action higher than normal to perform.
  • Major Tail Drawbacks

  • Lose 5 resistance against an energy type you are already resistant against. You cannot take this drawback if you are not resistant to an energy type. This drawback can be taken more than once.
  • Lose 10ft to any movement speed of the GM's choice.
  • Lose 2 natural armor. You cannot take this if you have no natural armor bonus, and your natural armor bonus cannot go below 0 this way.
  • Take a -2 penalty to any one ability score.
  • Lose a skill rank per level.
  • Take a -1 penalty to any one save.
  • Permanently lose 1 cantrip slot if you have spellcasting levels that give you cantrips.
  • The GM gets to make you reroll one roll a day and take the worse result.
  • Basic Information


    Though they were once much more akin to two-legged foxes with fur covering their entire bodies, Kitsune have long since been changed through the power of the Yōkai Realm they are tied to, changing to become much more "Humanoid" than "Animal" in response to their species being tied to the material plane. Now, they have anatomy very similar to humanity, with two normally skinned legs and arms, a central torso, and a head atop the torso.   Unlike humans, however, Kitsune have two key features that they do not: Fox Ears, which grant them vastly increased hearing, and their signature tails. Kitsune tails are giant and fluffy things that can vary wildly in color, attached to the rear of the Kitsune's body and integrating into their skeleton and musculature to allow them to control them like extensions of their own body.   Otherwise, Kitsune anatomy is fairly similar to that of humanity.

    Genetics and Reproduction

    Kitsune reproduce through normal sexual reproduction. Female Kitsune carry their children to term in 6-11 months once they come down with child, and Kitsune have almost an identical ability to reproduce with other races as humans do thanks to their flexible and similar biology.   However, as their lifespans have drastically increased, their sexual drive is more comprable to that of Elves, and they have an almost nonexistant sexual drive - to Kitsune, reproduction is a sacred and deeply personal thing and something done exclusively with another being either as a tool, or an important and deeply personal step along their life journey with their partner. Many rumors abound that Kitsune who have a sexual experience forced upon them might go so far as to die or become incredibly ill, as such a thing goes so contrary to their nature as Yōkai that it can run harmful to their health.

    Growth Rate & Stages

    Kitsune are unique in that their natural lifespan does not allow for them to grow all their natural tails - a Kitsune, once born, reaches adulthood both biologically and mentally around 50 years old, reach middle age around age 200 years old, and hit venerable around age 400 and die anywhere between 1-200 years later - meaning that even the most ancient and venerable of Kitsune, if they are lucky, will only ever have 8 tails - meaning one must have special talent to get the fabled ninth.   See "Kitsune Age Categories" for more information.

    Ecology and Habitats

    Kitsune can thrive in almost any environment thanks to their resilient nature as Yōkai, but tend to avoid excessively hot ones due to their furred tails and ears. They prefer cold climates as that is where their homeland is, but can adapt to most non-hot and non-arid climates.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    Kitsune are omnivores and can eat a wide variety of things.

    Biological Cycle

    Kitsune are almost entirely unaffected by the passing of time, as their nature as Yōkai has granted the entire Kitsune species the ability to exist outside of time, showing no external signs of aging aside from some minor whitening of the hair and loss of color in the fur, but otherwise they remain looking the same for most of their lives - even after their deaths.   The only noticable measure of the age of a Kitsune is their tails; the longer a Kitsune lives, the more tails they will sprout up to a maximum of 8 tails once they become old enough. Kitsune tails are not just a sign of age and wisdom; they contain a massive amount of magical and divine power.

    Additional Information

    Facial characteristics

    Kitsune faces tend to be slender and regal, with a powerful and imposing beauty and presence that lends itself well to commanding and leading.

    Geographic Origin and Distribution

    Kitsune are found mostly within the frigid parts of the north - first and foremost the frigid ice sheets of the Glacial Drift, but they can also be found in some parts of the Shenchuan Tundra as well as Myrkheim. Outside of these places they can be found, but only as an exotic traveler for the most part.

    Average Intelligence

    Kitsune are naturally cunning and charismatic, and are as intelligent as baseline humans.

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    Kitsune have incredibly sharp senses thanks to not only their Fox Ears, but their overall sharpened sense of smell, sight, and more. Their noses, tongues, eyes, ears, and more are highly sensitive, much moreso than humans, and allow them overall enhanced senses but also low-light vision, allowing them to see much further than humans in conditions of low light.

    Civilization and Culture

    Naming Traditions

    Due to their cold, frigid homeland so often wracked by icy blizzards, storms, and catastrophe, Kitsune generally have rich, soft fur as white as snow, though those among them who live in warmer climes to the south are known for their black, blonde, brown, and similarly earthy colored fur, with some Kitsune sprouting thick, luscious stripes of varying colors on their fur to accentuate their natural beauty.   Though a rarity, some Kitsune are born with Golden or Silver/Platinum Fur regardless of their climate, a fact which is generally seen as a blessing, and a intense Yōkai influence.   Kitsune names follow an eastern/asian naming convention with no real deviation from real-world norms, though they are heavily bent towards Japanese naming conventions more than any other asian culture.   Male: Keisuke, Masa, Seki, Bensuke, Kurosuke, Akihiko, Genjiro, Daigo, etc...   Female: Tamamo, Ui, Haru, Rekia, Kumiko, Yumiko, Asuka, Ai, Yui, etc…
    Alternate Racial Trait List:  Kitsune Alternate Racial Traits  
      Racial Feat List:   Kitsune Racial Feats  
    400 years
    Conservation Status
    Kitsune are a rarity in most parts of the world, as their only natural homeland is the frozen ice-sheets of the Glacial Drift and some parts of the Shenchaun Tundra and Myrkheim. However, this is not to say there are not plenty of them - they just do not commonly venture into the more well-traveled parts of the world, though the frigid nation of Jugeum is the exception.
    Average Height
    5.24ft - 6.8ft (1.6 - 2.1 Meters)
    Average Weight
    110.23lbs - 198.4lbs (50 - 90kg)   Tails weigh anywhere between 15-25lbs (6.8kg - 11.3kg)
    Average Physique
    Kistune are built lithely and with dexterity rather than strength. They are thin but supple most commonly, and quicker than they are strong.
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    Kitsune skin can vary just as wildly as that of humans can, and their fur can vary anywhere from brown, black or even snowy white or silver. White fur is seen as the most holy fur color, as it resembles their snowy homeland and their Yōkai Realm and thus a sign of divine favor. Their eyes are typically lighter colors, with pure white with no pupils being the most rare. Their eyes typically resemble normal humans', but can occasionally lack pupils - this is seen as a sign of strong Yōkai heritage.
    Related Ethnicities

    Children of the Yōkai Realm

    Though they were once a race more resembling anthropomorphic foxes than actual humans with fox features, Kitsune have long since shown their true heritage as the children of ghosts and monsters and spirits when they, as a species, underwent a transformation known to them only as 'The Adaptation' - a grand process that occured nearly a thousand years prior to the modern day that saw all Kitsune, regardless of age, sex, or location, transform into more humanoid forms. Seen as proof of their Yōkai heritage finally leaking out and forcing them to adapt to their new home, the Adaptation revealed the true nature of the Kitsune for all to see - that of monsters and spirits given physical form.   True to their nature as Yōkai, they are typically seen as tricksters and mischevious pranksters, as well as those who bring chaos and mischief onto the world - rumors abound of their ability to suck the life from others through horrible spirit magics, and they are the topic of countless rumors and superstitions...they are not aided by their reclusive homeland's location, meaning that they seldom visit mainland Zheng-Kitar. To add on to things, Kitsune often speak of their past lives - their souls, uniquely, do not enter the cycle of souls as they die and travel to the river of souls - their souls instead merge back with the Yōkai Realm they came from, melding and transforming and re-creating itself from the years of being 'lived in' to eventually return to the material plane as a reincarnated, reformed kitsune, ready to live life anew - it is unclear when this process ends, and a given Kitsune 'dies' truly.


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