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The Element of Fire

The element of power

Spirit King: Huofeng   What it stands for: To the people of Zheng-Kitar, fire represents raw power and emotion, and all the burning ambition that dwells in the hearts of also represents civilization, and order, and the rule of law over the chaos of the natural world.   Common Alignments: Those aligned to Fire tend towards Lawful Alignments, while some may remain neutral almost none are chaotically aligned. Depending on the creature they may good, neutral, or evil.   The People of Flame: Those aligned closely to fire are often highly driven and ambitious, full of passion and desire, with the energy and drive to see those ambitions and desires achieved. They are often those with great forces of will or personality, with a penchant for organized systems and order, who treasure power above most things for better or worse, and often see order as a thing that naturally begets that power and security to both themselves and others.   Virtues: At their best, those of fire can be bastions of order, bringing structure and civilization wherever they go as they use their desires and ambitions to strive for ever-greater heights, pushing those around them to do the same. They can often motivate those around them just with their energy and drive, and at their best they can spur others into action and serve as legendary icons of personality others wish to become themselves.   Flaws: At their worst, those of fire can be warmongers, slavers, and tyrants who shackle others beneath their law with their power and might. Their ambitions can smother those around them, and they can become dictators who achieve their ambitions on the broken backs of thousands, their desires massive and carnivorous things that snuff out the lives of others without care, so long as order is upheld and the weak subjugated.


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