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The Elements: A Primer

The six basic elements of reality and what they represent to the people of Zheng-Kitar

Every creature or lifeform, it is believed, is born containing infinite possibility, holding the raw potential of all 6 elements inside of them. As they grow and mature as a creature, they slowly but surely become aligned to one element that best represents their nature, personality, and/or how they typically act, believe, function, or see the world. More uncommonly, creatures can stay aligned to a primary and a secondary elements, which is commonly referred to as a "Dual Natured" creature. Even rarer are creatures born with three or more primary/secondary elements, whose existence is so rare as to be things of myth.   One's element typically informs the schools/types/elements of magic available to them, which elements respond to their will, and so on...making Dual-natured creatures or those with even more aligned elements incredibly talented and feared beings for their talent in a wide array of expertises.   Very rarely, creatures are born that, as they grow, do not lose their alignment to the elements at all and retain an affinity for all six elements. These mythological beings are referred as "Oldsoul" creatures, and exist free of burden or binding to the elements, representing infinite potential and possibility.   However, even "Oldsouls" or Multi-Natured creatures typically classify themselves or are themselves labeled or classified as aligned to a primary element, and sometimes a secondary one as well, simply and strictly for which best fit their personality and inner nature, as in their case their "Personality Elements" differ from their "Affinity Elements".   Please note the below descriptions of the elements and those they are aligned to them are intended to be broad and general, not guidelines for how one should act.   The Element of Fire, the element of law that opposes The Element of Air, the element of chaos.   The Element of Earth, the element of stability that opposes The Element of Water, the element of change.   The Element of Light, the element of Hope, Outgoingness, Magic, and Positivity that opposes The Element of Void, the element of Negativity, Inwardness, and Cycles.

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