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The Element of Void

The element of inevitability and destiny

Spirit King: Xu-Jie   What it stands for: To the people of Zheng-Kitar, Void is an oft-misrepresented element, one that many believe stands for all the evils in the world, the monsters and evilness within it, and all manner of terrible things. In truth, Void represents isolation and the self, as well as duty and, though few truly remember it, nature itself. Void represents the inevitability of cycles and death, the inescapable nature of one's duty, and the natural world. It stands for introversion and isolation, and those who often find themselves alone.   Common Alignments: Those aligned to Void are commonly believed to be wholly evil, but this is not so. In reality, those aligned to Void lean towards neutrality rather than the extremes of Law or Chaos, but can quite commonly be found in either. They lean towards neutrality rather than true "Goodness", and many find it quite easy to fall into evil, though goodly Void-Aligned creatures are not altogether impossible to find, as while it is hard for them to overcome their solitary and brooding natures, it is not impossible.   The People of Void: Those closely aligned to void are most commonly self-interested, self-centered, and often focus on themselves rather than others. They are often introverted by nature, deriving value and worth from themselves, and can find motivation alone without assistance, needing no others to keep going. They often focus on themselves or a very tight knit group of those they care about, and often are completely uncaring of those outside of that select group, for better or worse. They often see the value in doing a thing because it should be done, and hold duty sacrosanct, seeing whatever they begin through to completion no matter what, come hell or high water. They are those who see the value in cycles and systems, and can accept their place as a part of those things and sometimes work to protect them.   Virtues: At their best, those closely aligned to dark might be misunderstood as selfish and uncaring, but simply place emphasis on certain individuals or groups over others. They often have those they care about, their social circle, and see others as creatures they care little to nothing about, but only to the point of indifference. They may not talk much, but they are known by those they care for to be genuine and caring - if not a bit tough to understand. They are often dedicated and dutiful, doing what they think they should without fail, and while they may not be very outspoken, they often have strong emotions tightly bottled or kept hidden that they may not know how to express, or simple wish not to. While they often have a small group of people they do care for, they can exist on their own and live by themselves for a long time, and are capable of sustaining themselves and feeding off their own energy for extended periods.   Flaws: At their worst, those closely aligned to dark are often everything others think them to be - selfish, self-centered, and caring only about themselves. They might often be introverted and self-sustaining, sometimes to the point of harming others without care. They might have none they truly care about but themselves(Whether through tragedy or detachment or otherwise), and place themselves and their goals above all others. They might be dutiful, but only in regards to themselves or what they think is "worth it", often abandoning or forgetting about others if it suits them.


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