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Spirit King of Void, representing Death, Nature, Self, and Duty

Titles: Spirit King of Void, Father Night, The Hooded One, The Shackled, The Dutiful Darkness, The Deathly Demiurge, The Selfish One   Favored Weapon: Morningstar   Alignment: Void   Holy Land: The Brutal Downpour, Center of the Yudao Rainforest   Main Temple: The Temple of Nox Erebhûl   Church Moniker(s): Church of Father Night

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Crescent Moon with a tree in the center

Tenets of Faith

Accept the immutable aspects of the world and the cycles of nature as sacrosanct. Ensure that which should be unavoidable and unchangable is kept as such.
Never shirk or shy away from your duties or responsibilities. Do what you must do until the end because it must be done, and take pride in that.
Spend time on yourself, and indulge your own desires. Focus on the self before dealing with others.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To maintain the cycles of the world.   To promote the self and self-interest over selflessness.   To maintain the sanctity of death and the holiness of duty.   To teach all creatures that carry out one's duties is, in itself, a worthy act.
Divine Classification
Spirit King(Major God or Prime Deity Equivalent)
Divine Realm
The Plane of Negative Energy
Holy Animal
The Ikaga, Raven, Panda
Holy Colors
Black, Purple
Holy Number


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