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Mokmonid, The Everdark Emperor

The Good Elemental Lord of Void

Titles: The Everdark Emperor, He of Headstones, The Eyeless Seer, The Lord in Mortatorium, The Eternal Warden, King of the Cradle   Favored Weapon: Scythe   Alignment: Void   Spirit King: Xu-Jie   Obedience: Spend an hour writing the names of those close to you that have died in powdered ash upon the ground around you. Once done, recite a prayer for each.   Effect: Gain a +2 on all saves versus death effects. You can reroll any one die roll each day and take the higher result.

Divine Domains

Death, Repose, Healing, Knowledge, Animal

Holy Books & Codes

The Codex Noctum

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A headstone inscribed with a skull

Tenets of Faith

Only in death does duty end. Stay loyal to your lord, cause, or given word and carry out your duty to its bitter end.
Give the walking dead a final rest and hunt down those who raise the bodies and souls of the dead for the own purposes. Ensure all who die are given a fair burial and final rights, no matter the corpse.
Protect the immutable cycles of the world such as time, nature, birth, and death and see they are not disturbed, exploited, or destroyed.

First of the Dutiful Dead

Mokmonid is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Xu-Jie, the Spirit King of Void. He represents the more neutral, eternal aspects of Xu-Jie's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the Patron Saint of Gravekeepers, Seers, Oracles, Druids, Samurai, Midwives, and all those who wish to preserve the sanctity of death and the beauty of birth or who swear a binding oath of duty or loyalty. Mokmonid preaches a simple creed of "Duty above all", and teaches that once you have given your word or sworn yourself to a cause or lord, only death does that duty end - barring the death and destruction of all you swore yourself to, you have a binding obligation to see that duty done, even if it costs you your life. His followers and faithful thus hold promises, oaths of fealty or servitude, and the like incredibly seriously and often form entire kill-teams to track down those who bring dishonor to themselves and Mokmonid by betrayed their duty and forgoing it.   Mokmonid also watches over death, and preaches a simple creed of protecting the sanctity of death and ensuring all who die receive the simple right deserved to all dead - the right to a funeral or burial rite and a simple but effective prayer wishing them well on their way into the afterlife, even they were just your enemies...and it is this simple teaching that has led to his massive following, ranging from the legendary "Silent" who travel their land with their corpse wagons given burials to the dead, to the faithful who hunt down the undead to give them a final rest. Mokmonid also is the lord of prophecy and fate, and with a similar zeal do his followers embrace their duty as protectors of fate and prophecy, seeking out those who would defy the instructions and commands of fate and punishing them accordingly.   Thus does Mokmonid embody the more neutral and eternal aspects of Xu-Jie's portfolio - representing the steady, even hand of death that comes for all without bias or judgement, and the inevitability of fate and destiny that no living creature can fully escape.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: Silentia Citadel, The Plane of Negative Energy   Areas of Concern: Nature, Duty, Death, Birth, Fate   Holy Animal: Panda   Holy Colors: Purple, Black, Blue   Holy Number: 4

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Duty Bound Friend: Protect your closest friends and allies with your life, even if that means sacrificing your own. Make their goals your own, and always act in their best interests even if those do not align with their goals. Be there to support them no matter what, and defend them even if it costs you your dignity, life, or limb. Take no reward for what you do unless it is offered to you first.
Oath of the Natural Protector: Protect nature from the intrustions of others, and keep it as pure and untouched as possible. Protect the cycles of nature, the beasts that live within it, and save both from exploitation. Treat all which dwells within the forests of the world as your family.
Oath of the Gravewatcher: Seek out the taint of undeath and those who would seek to twist death, manipulate it, or avoid it altogether and give both a final, true death.


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