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Hannoxyn, Duchess of the Abyss

The Evil Elemental Lord of Void

Titles: Duchess of the Abyss, The Lady of Pain, The Great Greedfont, The Vengeance-Bringer, The Agonizer, The Selfish Siren, Queen of the Insane   Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword   Alignment: Void   Spirit King: Xu-Jie   Obedience: Spend an hour counting all your personal wealth, tallying the target(s) of your vengeance, and recording your deepest, most burning desires.   Effect: You can detect the rough estimate of an item's worth by touching it and focusing for one full round. Gain a +2 to hit and damage against the creature who most recently did damage to you in the previous round.

Divine Domains

Darkness, Death, Void, Evil, Trickery, Madness

Holy Books & Codes

The Sutured Scripture

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A bloody meathook with a bag of gold hanging from the tip

Tenets of Faith

Place the self above all. Be selfish, focus on you, and place your own desires, thoughts, and ambitions above all others. Commit no selfless acts.
Pain is all the sweeter when shared. Take your suffering, your pain, and your agony, and spread it to others that they might share your burden.
Be greedy, and always take revenge on those who wronged you. Never let a wrong commited against you go unpunished or without being repaid in kind.

Duchess of the Saccharine Suffering

Hannoxyn is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Xu-Jie, the Spirit King of Void. The direct antithesis to her counterpart Mokmonid, she embodies all the negative and cruel aspects of Xu-Jie's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the Matron Saint of Sadists, Sufferers, The Greedy and Selfish, and those done wrong by the world and by others who wish to alleviate their burden through pain and suffering.   She preaches a creed of vengeance and repaying each slight against one's person in blood, and the lessening of one's own suffering by spreading pain and suffering onto others, that they might share one's burden and experience the agony with you. She preaches a very selfish creed of placing yourself above others and caring only about yourself, worrying about yourself only, and ignoring the demands and needs of others in favor of furthering the self. So does Hannoxyn represent all that is negative or selfish in Xu-Jie's portfolio - the cruel nature of the creeping void that inflicts suffering, punishment, and agony on others while caring only about itself, ignoring the demands and pain and needs of others in pursuit of its own goals.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Abyssal Tower, The Plane of Negative Energy   Areas of Concern: Suffering, Punishment, Revenge, Greed, Self   Holy Animal: Raven   Holy Colors: Red, Black, Brown   Holy Number: 0

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Greedy King: Always seek more wealth, and always take the lion's share of every reward you receive. Never stop taking and hoarding until all the world's treasures rest in your vaults. Never bend the knee, grovel, or reduce yourself for others, and spare no effort nor expense in protecting your treasures and that which you own.
Oath of Vengeance: Rest at nothing until the target of your revenge is slain. Forego all creature comforts, amenities, and similar comforts until you achieve your vengeance. Let no act or deed be beyond your means to achieve this revenge, and never let the flame of vengeance fade from your heart until the deed is done. Make the target of your revenge suffer as much as you have.


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