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The Element of Water

The element of change

Spirit King: Yezhiha   What it stands for: To the people of Zheng-Kitar, the element of Water stands for change and curiosity, as well as the familiarity of one's community and homeland. It also represents adventure, and the lure of the unknown, and thus is special in the hearts of many who seek to venture out on a journey.   Common Alignments: Those aligned to Water lean towards neutrality on both the law/chaos and the morality axis, as they are often fluid and capable of adapting to any scenario. They are most commonly found as any alignment, though neutrality on one or both sides is common.   The People of Water: Those aligned closely to water are often capable of adapting to many things. They are often filled with a deep sense of community and love, and are often those who treasure such things and focus on them to get themselves and others through difficult times. They are often adventurous, curious, and can often be the impetus for change in the places they go and travel, though they most always carry their families and communities in their hearts even far afield from them.   Virtues: At their best, those of water can be adaptable and united, carrying a powerful spirit of adventure that burns in their heart that sees them explore, wander, and embrace their curiosity to seek out new experiences, places, and people. Their strong sense of community can ground them even in the worst of times, and no matter how far afield they may roam they will keep their homes in their hearts while remaining open and supportive of others and their communities as well.   Flaws: At their worst, those of water can be capricious and xenophobic, protecting and supporting their community or those close to them to the exclusion of all others. Their wanderlust can become a vice, their curiosity getting them into places they should not be, and thus getting themselves and others into trouble in the process. Their desire and capacity for change and adapting to it can cause them to be an unwanted force of change wherever they go, as they can embrace it to the exclusion of all else.


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