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Spirit King of Water, representing Change, Community, Curiosity, and Adventure

Titles: Spirit King of Water, Grand Blue King, The Calamitous Commodore, Lord of Home and Hearth, The Changebringer, The Evercurious, The Arch-Adventurer, Patron of Exploration   Favored Weapon: Rapier   Alignment: Water   Holy Land: Throneos City   Main Temple: The Indivisible(Decomissioned former flagship of the Gāngtao Migrant Fleet)   Church Moniker(s): Church of the Calamitous Commodore

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Crashing waves within a sapphire sphere

Tenets of Faith

Be adaptable and accepting of change of all kinds. Bring change to all people and places you meet and go, for better or worse.
Respect your community and treasure your family, friends, and allies. Stand by them even through the worst of times.
Be curious, be bold, and seek adventure. Your fate is yours to grasp, and to do so is to have the Commodore's blessing.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To bring change to the world and break the stagnant and still.   To foster curiosity and adventure within the hearts of mortals.
Divine Classification
Spirit King(Major God or Prime Deity Equivalent)
Related Myths
Divine Realm
The Elemental Plane of Water
Holy Animal
Kraken, Dolphin
Holy Colors
Blue, White, Silver
Holy Number


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