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Arlaxod, Emperor of the Torrent

The Good Elemental Lord of Water

Titles: Emperor of the Torrent, Lord of the Hearth, He of the Homefront, The Changing Rain, Lord of the Everfont Crystal, Patron Saint of Adventure, The Curious King   Favored Weapon: Scimitar   Alignment: Water   Spirit King: Yezhiha   Obedience: Spend an hour sailing a vessel upon open water. If this is not possible, spend at least an hour near close allies, friends, or family meditating in a body of water no matter how big or small, so long as you fit inside of it, sitting or swimming or otherwise.   Effect: All existing movement speeds you possess increase by 10ft. You do not apply your ACP, if any, to swim checks.

Divine Domains

Water, Travel, Community

Holy Books & Codes

The Crystal Tablets

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A double-terminated blue-green crystal with a tidal wave inside it

Tenets of Faith

Accept and embrace change, but ensure that it is for the better. Be the joyful chaos that brings motion to stagnation. Do not be weighed down or focused too much on any one thing.
Treat all who adventure, seek, or wander as kin. Respect others on the road or on a journey, even if your roads bring you into conflict.
Find your ties that bind, and safeguard them whether they be blood or not. Treat any under your care as family until they prove unworthy of it.

Lord of the Welcome Rain

Arlaxod is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Yezhiha, the Spirit King of Water. He embodies the gentler and more nurturing aspects of Yezhiha's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the Patron Saint of the hearth, of family and community, and as the spirit of adventure that watches over all on their journey or on an adventure. He is seen as the source of all curiosity in the world, and was the source of why mortals possess the ability to be curious and to ask questions.   Arlaxod preaches that all living creatures one way or another are travelling down the road their life's path is leading them down, and that others should always be safeguarded or respected while on those roads...and when these roads inevitably bring them into conflict, to travel one's road with conviction and pride, and to not hold back no matter what. He preaches that family is never just one's blood, and that all should seek out their "true family"...those they care about deeply and want to see protected even if it costs them their life. "Find your family and keep them safe" is a common saying in his church, as it encourages both parties to seek out their happiness and hold onto it no matter what comes. He preaches that creatures should be accepting and desiring of change in moderation, and that they shouldn't become overly attached to any one ideal, object, person, or other thing. for the sake of their happiness.   To Arlaxod and his followers, the best life that can be lived is one on the road, wandering and adventuring to see the world and all its peoples, of finding one's family and experiencing life's ups and do so is to invoke the blessing of Arlaxod, and his followers commonly see the moon as proof of him watching over them and their journies, as a father might his children. Thus does Arlaxod embody the more gentler aspects of water - how it is constantly in motion, never stuck for too long on any one obstacle, and always moving forward and never back, changing the landscape gradually but never abruptly - a gentle force slowly enacting change on the world, and impossible to fully stop or halt forever.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: Palace of the Everfont Crystal, Elemental Plane of Water   Areas of Concern: Water, Change, Adventure, Family   Holy Animal: Dolphin   Holy Colors: Blue, Green   Holy Number: 9

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Righteous Vagabond: Never set foot in your village or hometown again unless to combat some great and dire threat. Defend every other community and creature as if they were your own family, and treat them accordingly. Always grant asylum to those in need in your house, dwelling, campsite, or place of rest and be willing to share meal and drink with them.
Oath of the Mystery Seeker: Never accept something without understanding it first, or knowing the 'why' and 'how'. Uncover secrets wherever they can be found and spread them for all to know. Defeat and/or re-educate those who hide secrets or scheme in silence without fail and spread what they hid to all.


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