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Yrdil, The Rainstorm Duchess

The Evil Elemental Lord of Water

Titles: The Rainstorm Duchess, The Lady of Calamity, The Changebringer, The Evermoving Duchess, The Stormlady   Favored Weapon: Bladed Scarf   Alignment: Water   Spirit King: Yezhiha   Obedience: Write down, draw, or otherwise record your closest connections, homelands, or treasured people or places. Once all have been recorded, tear up the records you just created and dissolve them in water.   Effect: You can no longer be affected by non-magical difficult terrain. Treat all Swim DCs are one class lower for both yourself and other allied creatures you choose within 10ft of you.

Divine Domains

Water, Chaos, Destruction, Weather

Holy Books & Codes

The Drenched Grimoire

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Tornadic Waterspout with a sapphire in the center

Tenets of Faith

Bring change for change's sake, stir up the status quo, and act on whim and instinct. Life was not to be lived at rest, so ensure you keep moving and not tied down.
All life should control naught but themselves and their own destinies. Empower others to control their own fates instead of entrusting them to law or others.
Embrace the new that comes through the destruction of the old.

The Duchess of Watery Destruction

Yrdil is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Yezhiha, the Spirit King of Water. She represents the more capricious, destructive, and chaotic aspects of Yezhiha's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the Matron Saint of Chaos, Disaster, Change, and Upheaval. She preaches the ways of whimsy, of chaos, and of living life according to one's own law and one's own desires exclusively - nothing is more anathema to Yrdil and what she preaches than living an orderly life, settled down in a big city under anothers law. Yrdil instead preaches a life lived in transit, in motion, on the road, anything that sees them move and constantly accumulate new experiences and memories - even if it means abandoning that which they know and have grown attached to. She is also the matron saint of the weather and disaster - and thus teaches the acceptance of desturction and embracing the new that rises as a result...so her followers often embrace the destruction that visits their lives, and focus instead on the new that will come with such things. This makes her faithful incredibly hard to dishearten, as most will simply accept such disaster and move on. Some more evil followers will also seek to cause this destruction to bring about a better, newer thing in its place as agents of chaos and destruction.   She preaches above all that "life was not meant to be lived in immobility", and that all life should embrace and even seek out change for change's sake - because without change, one's life is simply sitting still and thus undesirable. So are her followers often those who wish to grip the wheels of their own lives first and foremost - those who cannot stay in one place for long, those who wish to wander or those who wish to cause chaos and sow mayhem to bring change, whether good or bad...her followers vary wildly, but all are united in their beliefs in her teachings of eschewing long-lasting connections or settling down in any given place. She also preaches that above all, one should be empowered to decide the change in their own lives - to live according to another's laws and have the change in your life decided by another is sacrilage of the highest order, and something to be avoided at all costs - and to that end, her followers often seek to bring about change and teach others to grasp their life's wheel, so they might steer their destinies themselves at any cost.   So does Yrdil embody the more selfish and negative aspects of water - she embodies its chaotic, unpredictable nature and its constantly changing nature, and the slow but assured destruction it wreaks upon the world as floods, tsunamis, and other disasters the weather can bring.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Torrential Fortress, The Elemental Plane of Water   Areas of Concern: Water, Chaos, Destruction, Weather   Holy Animal: Moray Eel   Holy Colors: Blue, Silver   Holy Number: 17

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Wanderer: Never stay in a population center(Village or larger) longer than a week unless a suitably dire task keeps you there. Always seek out new lands and experiences. Protect those in travel or transit at all costs, and always give help and advice to fellow adventurers or wanderers.
Oath of the Headhunter: Seek out and slay those who resist the coming of change and/or those who cling to their positions or statuses in resistance of the status quo. Seek out and slay those who threaten a family or community without fail. You cannot deal nonlethal damage and must kill an unconscious or bleeding out enemy before you in combat if you are able.


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