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The Element of Light

The element of magic and hope

Spirit King: Guanyong   What it stands for: To the people of Zheng-Kitar, Light represents hope, knowledge, and the willingness to help and support others. Just as the dawn brings with it hope as it banishes the night and the horrors it can bring, Light represents the hope for tomorrow, as well supportiveness and aid of also represents knowledge, inspiration, and magic, as it is from the sun and light that many believe inspiration is drawn and knowledge is given down to the mortal world, and where magic flows from.   Common Alignments: Those aligned to Light can ground themselves in either law or chaos, and can be found on any side of the law/chaos axis. They are often more inclined towards Goodness than any other alignment, and while many might be neutral few seldom turn truly evil.   The People of Light: Those closely aligned to light are often selfless and hopeful, valuing magic and/or knowledge as the tools of the enlightened. They often greatly enjoy helping others and can be very outwardly-motivated and extroverted people, often serving as the uniting glue that holds many disparate peoples together. They often derive value from others and helping them achieve their desires, and likely see the good in many by default.   Virtues: At their best, those closely aligned to light can be selfless and bright in both body and spirit, always capable of placing belief in others(Even if they may not deserve it). They may thrive on and delight in social situations, and can empathise very strongly with others or closely sense the moods and feelings of them, being very empathetic people. They can care about others and wish to see them achieve what they believe their potential is and can be, and can often seen good in people where most others would not, and abandon. They might be fine on their own, but many are likely at their best when with others.   Flaws: At their worst, those closely aligned to light can be excessively naive and outgoing, even doing so when it would be dangerous to themselves or others. They might be unwilling or unable to see the evil in others, sometimes to the point of denial, while the more scholarly among them might place such a high value on magic and knowledge they do so at the expense of others. They might be excessively judgemental or zealous in their beliefs, to the point of fanaticism - holding an ideal or belief so close to their hearts they refuse to entertain discussions to the opposite. They might often be reliant on others to derive meaning and worth from, being so extroverted and outgoing they have a hard time existing alone for extended periods of time.


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