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The Element of Air

The element of freedom

Spirit King: Ziyouqi   What it stands for: To the people of Zheng-Kitar, Air represents chaos and freedom, as well as peace. It represents the freedom to do whatever one wishes, the open road, whimsy, and the joys and sorrows of travel either alone or with others. As the air is free to blow where it wishes, so too does it represent the chaotic nature of the world, and the peaceful nature with which it blows about.   Common Alignments: Those aligned to Air are most commonly chaotic creatures, and while some may be neutral very few if any are often of a Lawful alignment. Those aligned to Air lean towards moral neutrality more than any other alignment, but can be found as any moral alignment depending on the creature in question.   The People of Air: Those closely aligned to air are those who treasure their personal freedoms, who enjoy the open road, solve their issues with wit, trickery, guile, and intellect, and whose bodies burn with the souls of free spirits who often cannot be kept in one place for long. They are unpredictable and mischevious for better or worse, and many are fond of peace and tranquility, though how they achieve such peace or seek it out can vary wildly. They are often people on the move, often those who want to see many things, and/or those who hate existing in ordered systems.   Virtues: At their best, those closely aligned to air can be whimsical and carefree, living their lives free of worry or concern and seeing the struggles of the world and those around them from an outside perspective, doing as they wish without regard to exact rules or laws or specifics, but perhaps doing good in their own way, though their methods may be slapdash and chaotic. They can bring brevity and wit to the darkest situation, introduce fresh perspectives to stagnant situations, and can bring joy and wondrous tales to the hearts of many who hear them tell the tales of their travels. Though they focus on their own whims and fancies, many of them can hold an understanding and care for others, in some way or form. They can come to understand the place of ordered systems, though they may not agree with them or respect them, and live their lives accordingly while letting others do the same.   Flaws: At their worst, those closely aligned to air can be cruel, uncaring, and capricious, sometimes tearing down the systems of order and law in favor of seeing chaos prosper. They might act exclusively out of self-interest, and can be almost impossible to keep in one place or made to commit to anything for an extended period, living their lives so chaotically it is difficult or impossible for them to stay focused for any one thing at a time. They can enjoy chaos for the sake of it, or might be simply those who act their own lives out with absolutely no regard or care to others around them, or perhaps are simply focused only on themselves and them alone.


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