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The Narixian Empire

The land of warrior nomads and conquered peoples


The Empire of Narixia has a very compact organizational structure that is entirely lacking traditional nobility of any kind - this is due to a unique facet of Narixian culture that sees them hold a MASSIVE, intense dislike for nobility and learned creatures in general - and this facet sees them issue a terrifying ultimatum to the nobility in the territories they conquer: Offer up their wealth and become a normal citizen, or be killed. As a result, their society is largely merit-based and is reflected in the societal ranks below.   Notably, there is a marked difference between true "Narixians" and other normal citizens of the empire, who, by terrible naming conventions, are also called Narixians. These "True Narixians" are made up of those who have joined the Narixian Clans that founded the empire, and make up a large part of the Empire's citizenry at this point - these "True Narixians" follow the will of their Clan's Chieftain and the Narix'Ana by extension, and are beholden primarily to the Six Values that traditional Narixian society was and remains based on(For more info on the Six Values, see the Narixian page). For the rest of the narixians, they may call themselves "Narixians" but are more truly a breed apart - and while there is little to no societal bias or distinction made on a legal level between them, these normal narixians are more common citizens who are beholden to the country's laws first and foremost, follow the Narix'Ana primarily because they hold a King-Like role, and are often those conquered by the True Narixians on their original conquests across Zheng-Kitar, or are perhaps those True Narixians who, for one reason or another, got out of their nomadic lifestyles to go native and settle down which, while unusual and sometimes frowned upon, is not completely unheard of.    

Societal Ranks

  • Narix'Ana - The ultimate ruler of the entire empire, and the one who holds sway over all Narixian Clans that make up the original force which founded the country, and makes up a large part of its citizenry. They earn their position largely through proven tests of wisdom and prowess, and are typically chosen from the ranks of True Narixian veterans who are widely respected for one reason or another. Each Narix'Ana takes on a unique epithet to commemorate their rule that describes them in some form or fashion, and wears a helmet passed down from one Narix'Ana to another throughout history symbolic of the position. To the Narixian clans, they are their champion and greatest warrior-king who embodies the Six Values and their entire cultural lifestyle, and the only one worthy of leading and uniting the scattered and normally disparate Narixian clans. To the people of the empire, they are a glorious hero-king or hero-queen that rules fairly and with humility, and is the head of state.
  • Chieftain - Those who rule over one of the many Narixian clans that "True Narixians" join and are a part of. They enjoy little societal special privileges, but hold high respect and standing within the Empire as the Eyes, Ears, and Limbs as well as trusted advisors of the Narix'Ana. They are chosen from the ranks of the Narixian clans based on merit, wisdom, and deed alone.
  • True Narixians - One of the two ranks held by normal rank and file citizenry, that specifically distinguishes those who swear allegience to the true Narixian culture and way of life and the Chieftain that rules the clan they joined, as well as the Narix'Ana. While they enjoy no special societal privileges for this distinction, some "normal" Narixians deride and scorn them for their role in subjugating and conquering them.
  • Narixians - The second of the two ranks held by the rank and file citizenry. Denotes those who are Narixian by conquest or by proxy of being a citizen of the empire, and while they often embrace Narixian culture and meld it with their own, they do not hold to it as tightly as True Narixians(Often holding their own original cultural identity close as well). They are not scorned or frowned upon nor do they have any societal restrictions or privileges for this rank, and instead hold it to distinguish them from their more traditional Narixian peers who were either born into a Narixian Clan or Joined of their own volition for one reason or another.


For information on the culture of the Narixian Empire, see the Narixian ethnicity page.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the empire is simple - to provide for its people, to better the people and clans of Narixian, and to ensure the Narixian way of life endures through the ages. It is merely a coincidence that a part of this way of life is seeking glorious battle, worthy foes, and conquests to carve one's name into history.


Formed many centuries ago from the tribes of Neo-Narixians who swept down from the Great Vhudsing Mountain Range and began conquering tribes of peoples and eventually entire empires, the Narixian Empire was founded on the backs of the Narixian Clans beneath the original ruler of their people, the First Narix'Ana, better known as Sunder the Raucous - now the patron saint of Narixia. Sweeping outwards like a wave, the Narixian clans conquered territory after territory, absorbing countless tribes and peoples and civilizations into their fold until they became the enormous empire they are today.   For information on the history of the Narixian Empire, see the Narixian ethnicity page.

Demography and Population

Narixia is home to an incredible amount of diverse peoples thanks to the nature of the empire's expansion through conquest and absorbption, and it is home to large populations of Humans, Forest Elves, Goliath, Dwarves, Tortle, Half-Orcs, as well as the largest and only surviving population of Githyanki on Zheng-Kitar.   Additionally, Narixia is home to smaller populations of Sea Elves, Dirge, Guīmogoa, Dragonborn, Výtrúl and Qìtóng.


Unique even for an empire, the lands of the Narixian Empire are almost entirely conquered aside from a single city - the city of Opalgadi, nestled high in the Great Vhudsing Range - and no less than 4 great kingdoms were conquered and absorbed into what would become the enormous Narixian Empire, to say nothing of the dozens or even hundreds of tribal peoples they defeated, absorbed, and assimilated in their early formative years before they even challenged their first empire.   For the most part, thanks to a combination of the Narixian's natural propensity for accepting defeated peoples into their fold and their suprising ease of governance over a conquered people that finds an almost perfect balance between integrating them into Narixian culture and allowing them to keep their own identity, the conquered peoples the Narixian Empire has absorbed have grown content with their new overlords - a notable exception among the super-empires established during the age of conquest - with the exception of the newest addition to the Empire, the easternmost addition to it known as The Kingdom of Asagawa, whose people have yet to fully adapt to their new conquered lifestyle.


The military of Narixia is a wholly unique thing, much like many other aspects of the empire - almost all of the empire's military power comes from the host of Narixian Clans that call it home and call themselves subordinate to the Narix'Ana, leader of the entire country. These Clans and the warrior-nomads who make them up are almost the entirety of Narixia's military power(Excluding town guard and other internal defense forces) - and as such, there is technically no standing military for the Narixian Empire as it instead has more of what can only be considered a 'civilian military'. The military of these Narixian clans is unfathomably enormous, and the incredible flexibility of the Narixian clans and their legendary ability to innately and easily slip into coordinated and organized units in times of war organized by goals instead of personal desire makes them an incredibly deadly force.   Adding onto this the fact that Narixia has no forced requirement for its citizens to join the clans that make up its military and are perfectly content to let them lounge as normal citizens if they so choose, making joining the Narixian clans and thus becoming a true and recognized "Narixian" entirely optional to a conquered people, and the Empire's military is a strangely unique thing that blends in with the civilian population with startling ease, and comes out of the woodwork with a similar startling ease as well. This strange military is made up of the husbands, wives, sons, and daughters in the Narixian clans who march beneath the banner of the Narixian chieftains who lead their clan and the Narix'Ana(Grand Chieftain) who rules above all Clans, and are a terrifyingly powerful force that is known to be strangely patriotic despite their conquering and imperialistic nature, and often sees conquered people accepted with ease into their ranks and made true Narixians.


Freedom of Religion is a freedom that is paramount in Narixia - the founding Neo-Narixian tribes who conquered and formed the empire had less than zero interest in overseeing religious differences, so aside from a general edict threatening military involvement should religious issues get out of hand, the empire allows a startling degree of freedom when it comes to religions so long as the common good is not affected.   However, as the first Narix'Ana and founder of the Empire, Sunder the Raucous is the most common faith in the Narixian Empire and is commonly seen as the Patron Saint of Narixia.

Foreign Relations

Narixia has notoriously terrible relations with its neighbors thanks to its creed of expansion through military force - both its neighbors The Dharan Alliance to the Southwest and the remains of the Shaoshu Empire to the east harbor a strong dislike for it as an imperialistic, expansionist land of conquerors and who they see as 'barbaric nomads'.   Adding on to this Narixia's history of expanding into adjacent lands and engaging in brutal but honorable warfare which has always resulted in the attacked party capitulating to and being absorbed by the Empire, and they are unlikely to have good relations with their neighbors anytime soon.   However, it is important to note this is not generally due to the attitude of the Narixians themselves - the strangely relaxed, laid-back warrior nomad tribes hold little resentment or ill-will towards their neighbors and mostly see them as worthy foes to pit themselves against, so that their stories might be told, their tales sung of, and to carve their legends into history against a worthy foe - the conquest and expansion of their empire is ironically second to them, ranked beneath the thrill of engagement and the expansion of their own legends. With each new siege comes new glories, new battles to pit one's skill against, new worthy foes to fight...and new additions to the clan once their foe lies defeated, meaning more honored brothers and sisters to fight alongside.

Agriculture & Industry

Controlling a large part of western Zheng-Kitar's breadbasket, the Narixian Empire has an incredibly booming agriculture industry that only doubled when they conquered the Coastal Kingdoms of Asagawa and Raja-Goyal, gaining the entirety of the North-Western Coast of Zheng-Kitar as their own in the process. Their farms are some of the most productive in all the world, and their arms and armor industries are far and away recognized as some of the best in all the world, bar none - making Narixian smiths some of the most sought after the world over. Adding onto this easy access to the Great Vhudsing Range, one of the most resource-packed mountain ranges on Zheng-Kitar, and Narixia has countless booming industries both on sea and land.

Trade & Transport

In the early days of the Empire, trade and transport was rough going thanks to the slapshod means by which they were connected - the roads that were built by the Neo-Narixians as they expanded outwards were shoddy and rough, and barely recognizable - but in recent years, the roads of narixia have undergone a complete overhaul to become glorious things of cobblestone and hard packed stone, making them much more easy to move on as bridges were built, roads were reinforced, and transport routes all across the Empire were rebuilt at the hands of the Narixian clans - a gesture that did much to endear them to the countless peoples they had conquered up until then.


Education remains as one of the fields Narixia lacks in - there is no central education system nor means to educate onesself outside of libraries present in the biggest cities in the empire, and often the cost for doing so and making visits to such places is immense enough to discourage education(not to mention a social stigma that associates learnedness with arrogant nobility, and thus is a quality to be hated), leading many to simply join the Narixian clans of the Empire for a life of honor, battle, and adventure.

Truth, Honor, Vision.

Founding Date
3570 ASK
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Narixia, Lands of the Nomad Clans
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Narixian Empire uses a unique system of currency known as the Narixian Credit - a fiat currency widely considered the biggest rival of the Saltsheet used by the Gāngtao Migrant Fleet. In order to simplify the currency systems of the hundreds of peoples they conquered and absorbed over the centuries, the Narixians have flattened their currency down to a single 'unit' known as the credit, which is typically made with a proprietary method known only to NarixNational - the central bank of Narixia.   Uniquely, the Credit has made Narixian currency even simpler by the creation of the "Shard" - a single item that, when used in conjunction with most places of business in Narixia that have a special device to 'read' shards, acts as an identification item to notify one of the total 'credits' that the shard represents to make even the act of holding, carrying, and paying with actual Credits somewhat of an anachronism in Narixia.
Major Exports
Arms, Armor, Grain, Timber, Iron, Copper, Tin, Fish, Lead, Pearls
Major Imports
Silks, Spices, Dyes, Silver, Marble, Beef/Meats, Other Exotic Goods
Legislative Body
The Narix'Ana, head of the Narixian Clans and the Empire itself, typically has complete control over legislative decisions, but is believed to hold council with the other chieftains that make up the heads of the Narixian Clans for advice and occasional support.
Judicial Body
Judiciary duties typically fall to the Narixian Clan that is in charge of a given area, with ultimate responsibility resting on the shoulders of the local Chieftain that rules the area's controlling Clan and, above them, the Narix'Ana themselves in charge of the entire Empire.
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

A Government most Unusual

The Narixian clans that founded the Narixian Empire have a notorious dislike of extremely organized politics and nobility - their excessively clan-based hierarchy that places little emphasis on bloodlines means they hold a strangely intense disdain for centralized rulers who rule from palaces and grand buildings from on high - an act they see as pompous and arrogant. Since time immemorial, traditional Narixian clans have banded together beneath Chieftains and the High Chieftain(known as the Narix'Ana) in clans completely absent of nobility, kings, emperors, and traditional rulers, instead preferring informal, casual rulers who commonly hold meetings in taverns, bars, cafés, and other incredibly informal place and live beside and alongside those they rule over, towing the line as much as any other man to contribute to the common good.   As such, when they bounded together beneath Sunder the Raucous and formed the Narixian Empire, they had no use for the extravagant palace complexes used by the kings and nobles they conquered, as their rulers preferred to live in simple tents or houses or, in some cases, homeless and drifting from bar to bar. With such a detached and scattered structure, the Narixians often destroyed or left entire palace complexes and noble mansions empty, or simply let gangs of commoners move into them like massive apartment buildings - and to make things even stranger, their military and leadership often blend in with normal populaces and hold meetings in irregular and roughshod places, and are as such incredibly hard to pin down and attack in a concentrated manner, owing to their origins as a tribal people on the move. This oddity has spread their reputation far and wide as a people whose rulers and organizational structure is almost impossible to assassinate, take by surprise, or even to simply find because their ruler and armies and structure are so often simply common-looking men and women living in normal dwellings or drinking in bars, who enforce the laws handed down by their High King with a startling casualness and lax attitude that confounds countless kingdoms as to how exactly the empire even functions when their society lacks nobility or even a true 'ruler', and the common citizen knows the title and epithet of their ruler, but has never seen their face, where they live, or met them in person - believing solely in their deeds and that which they have brought to their vassals and peoples.

Hostiles in a cold war

Dhara and Narixia have been at odds ever since they came into contact - Narixia's policy of aggressive expansion through military might to prove themselves in the crucible of war does not mesh well at all with the Dharan polocy of isolationist freedom.   As such, they have been testing each other constantly ever since the Narixians managed to take the city of Solyros - the act which set events in motion which would go on to found the Alliance as a whole.


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