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The scaly children of true dragons

Base Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers: (+2 Strength, +2 Charisma) Dragonborn are strong and charismatic, owing to their Draconic heritage.   Size: Dragonborn are medium-sized, and gain no penalties or benefits because of it.   Type: Dragonborn count as Dragons, and gain immunity to magic sleep effects and paralysis effects.   Speed: Dragonborn have a 30ft base land speed.   Vision: Due to their Draconic Nature, Dragonborn have 60ft of darkvision and Low-Light vision.   Languages: Dragonborn begin play speaking The Regional Language(See Languages of Zheng-Kitar) that reflects their origins, and Draconic. Dragonborn with high INT may choose from the following languages:(Common, Goblin, Ignan, Terran, Auran, Aquan, Sylvan, and Giant)   Dragonblooded: Dragonborn are treated as both humanoid and dragon for the purposes of spells and all effects that work off type.   The Scaled Horde: Dragonborn grow up being trained to fight and die as part of a greater whole, with their tribes favoring mass wave tactics - this training allows a Dragonborn and one of its allies to share the same square at the same time regardless of size. If they are occupying the same square and attack the same foe, they are considered to be flanking that foe.   Khadagarian Beastmasters: Dragonborn are legendarily well-known for their skill at raising mounts and animals, as well as their lethal skill riding them. Dragonborn gain a racial +4 to ride checks and a racial +2 to handle animal checks, one of which is always a class skill for them. They gain the Mounted Combat feat as a bonus feat ignoring prerequisites.   Dragon Engine: Dragonborn, in a pale imitation of their True Draconic Ancestors, carry a shard of eternity within them - Dragonborn do not take age penalties for moving into higher age categories and instead invert all age penalties into equal bonuses. They still die of old age when their time is up, and gain immunity to aging effects. Players who choose this race cannot start in Old Age or higher - though they may choose to start in the Middle Age Category by becoming an LA 1 race(And thus gaining +1 to all ability scores on top of their existing ability scores from age bonuses/penalties).   Draconic Resistance: Dragonborn gain Resistance 5 to the element of their Ancestry(See Breath Weapon Below). Copper Dragon Ancestry Dragonborns gain DR 5/Magic instead. When they reach 5HD, their resistance upgrades to 10 or their DR upgrades to Magic and Adamantine.   Scarlet Emperor's Inheritors: Though many modern dragonborn shun their legendary ancestor, his beloved Crimson Lightning remains in the heavens awaiting the call of his children - as an immediate action, a Dragonborn can convert a single instance of Electricity Damage within 120ft of them that they can see into Crimson Lightning. This functions as Goldbolt, ignoring all electricity resistance and immunity, but also ignores any effects that grant resistance or immunity to Goldbolt itself - additionally, the unique properties of Crimson Lightning empowers its damage against creatures of the Dragon type or the Oni Subtype and automatically slays any creature its damage reduces to 0HP or below. However, Crimson Lightning is incapable of doing HP damage to any creature that has the Kami subtype.   Wyrm's Instincts: Dragonborn may use the Appraise skill in place of Spellcraft for identifying magic items, and may use any mental ability score of their choosing for Appraise instead of INT if doing so would benefit them - once chosen, it cannot be changed. Additionally, they become capable of smelling large concentrations of wealth in their vicinity(GM Discretion), with more emphasis being given to loose coins and magical item stockpiles - by focusing on an item in their possession or adjacent to them as a full-round action, a Dragonborn can learn its value in GP.   Breath Weapon: See Table and Description Below.  
Draconic Ancestry Table:

Dragon(Dmg. Type)

Breath Weapon

30ft line(Fort. Save)
30ft line(Fort. Save)
30ft line(Fort. Save)
Copper(Magic Bludg/Piercing/Slashing)
30ft Line(Fort. Save)
30ft Line (Fort. Save)
15ft Cone(Ref. Save)
15ft Cone(Ref. Save)
15ft Cone (Ref. Save)
15ft Cone (Ref. Save)
15ft Cone (Ref. Save)
Choose from the above Ancestries. The Breath weapon of the Dragonborn is determined accordingly, and influences the color of your scales(skin). Once selected, it cannot be changed.   Once every 1d8 rounds, as a standard action, members of this race can make a supernatural breath weapon attack that deals 2d6 points of the damage type chosen in the area chosen at first level. At every 4HD, their breath weapon gains an additional damage dice. All creatures within the affected area must make an appropriate saving throw to avoid taking damage. The save DC against this breath weapon is 10 + 1/2 HD + the user’s Constitution modifier. Those who succeed at the save take half damage from the attack.

Basic Information


Dragonborn have an anatomy that resembles that of normal humanoids, with two arms and two legs attached to a central torso with a head locatop atop the torso...but their bodies are covered in scales, their hearts beat with powerful magic and are pierced by small crystal growths, and their blood runs thick with the power of arcane magic, owing to their Draconic heritage. They have a mostly normal anatomy, though supercharged through the lens of their draconic ancestry; Dragonborn have the same internal organ structure as humans, but theirs functions at a level only humans that have trained for years to reach the peak physical condition for their species can hope to match.   Their bodies function so well Dragonborn can last nearly four times as long exerting physical effort before they get tired, their bodies process food much quicker and their metabolisms are much more hyperactive such that it is quite hard for them to get fat, and they have a much stronger natural affinity to magic as well. For good reason, they are often referred to as "Humans 2.0", though it is a term many resent.   They almost never grow true 'hair' as humans or other races do, but instead have a gaggle of hair-like 'tendrils' that sprout from the backs of their heads and cascade down their backs and around their necks that serve a similar role. Sometimes, these tendrils can sprout from their pointed chins to act as a sort of strange facial 'hair'.

Biological Traits

Dragonborn are unique creatures, and possess the biology of ancient True Dragons mixed with that of humanity...like Dragons, they have powerful hearts that are covered in mana crystals, their blood boils with magical power, and their scales are regal and imposing. Their hearts, with age and luck, can grow to completely resemble those of True Dragons and become solid chunks of crystal, their blood literally boiling with elemental power as their powerful crystal hearts slow their aging, empower their resistances, and make them stronger and healthier.   Their lungs also double as powerful elemental bellows that allow them to channel the element of their ancestry.   They almost never grow true 'hair' as humans or other races do, but instead have a gaggle of hair-like 'tendrils' that sprout from the backs of their heads and cascade down their backs and around their necks that serve a similar role. Sometimes, these tendrils can sprout from their pointed chins to act as a sort of strange facial 'hair'.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragonborn reproduce through sexual reproduction but rather than birthing live young Female Dragonborn instead lay clutches of Eggs, often single eggs at a time though sometimes Double, Triple or rarely more clutches of Eggs are not unheard of. Female dragonborns generally carry their eggs for anywhere between 8-12 weeks, at which point they lay them in clutches for them to emerge from the eggs some time later.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once hatched from their eggs, Dragonborn grow to maturity alarmingly quick and grow to full adulthood in as little as 2-4 years, a fact which can surprise many non-dragonborn when they learn the age of the Dragonborn they stand before.   Once they have reached adulthood, Dragonborn reach middle age around 120 years old, reach old around age 170, and become venerably around age 220 and die shortly thereafter. To facilitate their incredibly rapid growth to adulthood, Dragonborn undergo a "Genetic Link" with their mothers while they carry their eggs inside of them, linking to their mother and learning memories, experiences, and knowledge directly from their mother's genetics and brain, in a process that hearkens back to their Draconic Ancestry, leftover as a legacy from their True Dragon Ancestors.

Ecology and Habitats

Dragonborn are often found in extremely arid and warm environment such as deserts, though they can be found at high altitudes near temperate areas as well. They are somewhat cold-blooded creatures and thus are much more susceptible to cold climates, though certain Draconic Ancestries can negate this weakness, such as White Scaled Dragonborn. On the large, however, they are creatures who crave warmth and heat to stay warm themselves, so are most commonly found in the arid deserts and badlands of the world or in other arid locations such as in some mountain ranges bordering deserts, or in temperate zones.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragonborn are omnivores, though much like ancient True Dragons they prefer the taste of live flesh and/or prey, and possess a strong hunter's instinct.

Biological Cycle

Dragonborn, as they age, find their scales and horns growing and growing into very regal and intimidating styles, their bodies growing more colorful and their scales and horns growing more and more pronounced. Their "hair tendrils" tends to get longer and longer, their muscle mass begins to decrease, and the bellows that dwell in their lungs to power their breath weapons can become dim and hard to utilize.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The scales, heart, eyes, and blood of an old Dragonborn is worth its weight in gold, much like True Dragons themselves, and is coveted by many for a variety of reasons.

Facial characteristics

Dragonborn faces are scaly and proud, with long snouts, and long tendrils that resemble "Hair" or "whiskers" that drape off of their faces and from the backs of their heads as strange hair and facial hair analogues. Their faces are bony, scaly, and are often very regal and imposing thanks to their scaley hides.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dragonborn are most commonly found in their hot, humid homeland of Khadagar, but can be found in small tribes in the world's hottest deserts and the highest mountaintops.

Average Intelligence

Owing to their Draconic Ancestry, Dragonborn are extremely intelligent creatures due to their longer lifespans and ability to "learn" from the genetics of their mothers and read the memories other creatures store within their bodies, as well as possessing a natural predisposition for magic and intellect.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragonborn have exceptionally sharp senses thanks to their Draconic Heritage, and not only possess extremely keen mundane senses but can see four times as far in conditions of low light, can see in the dark, and more.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Dragonborn names differ depending on their place of origin. For the Dragonborn who reside within their homeland or the deserts and arid locales of the world, their names tend to lean towards Mongolian and Arabic names with sharp, biting intonations, while the mountain-dwelling Dragonborn generally tend to have long, flowing names that resemble descriptions of themselves or their deeds that, at their longest, take up to several minutes to pronounce. To these Mountain-Dragonborn, their names reflect their entire lives and legacies, and the longer one's name, the more honor it carries. As such, Mountain Dragonborn names have less Male-Female distinction.   Desert/Khadagarian Dragonborn:   Male: Zayaat, Maqali, Alghu, Khutukhu, Habib-al-ashid, Abdul, Altair, Ahmad, etc...   Female: Khojin, Sarantuya, Enkhtuya, Turakina, Mulek, Jamila, Jaydra, Farrah, etc...   Mountain Dragonborn:   Male: Born-Among-Clouds, Burns-With-Courage, Stable-Upon-Stone, Slayer-of-beasts-upon-plains-and-amongst-skies-of-blue, Holds-Many-Grudges, Grand-Ruler-Of-Mountains-Sea-And-Sky, Speaks-With-Presence, Fights-Like-Mad-Warrior, etc...   Female: Mother-of-many, Crusher-of-Skulls, Layer-Of-Countless-Warriors, Picker-of-Locks, Hides-In-Shadow, Heart-of-lightning, etc...
Alternate Racial Trait List:   Currently undergoing rework.   Dragonborn Alternate Racial Traits  
Racial Feat List:   Currently undergoing rework.   Dragonborn Racial Feats  
220 Years
Conservation Status
Dragonborn are incredibly numerous in their homeland of Khadagar, but are somewhat rare outside of it, found only in the arid deserts of the world and its highest mountain ranges.
Average Height
5.24ft - 7.21ft (1.6m - 2.2m)
Average Weight
132lbs - 209lbs (60kg - 95kg)
Average Physique
Dragonborn can vary wildly in appearance and physique, much like Humans. They are often moderately tall but can range from short to tall, stocky to thin, and have a great amount of variance in how they can appear.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dragonborn bodies can vary wildly in color as a result of thier ancestry, from black to white, to red, green, or any other metallic or chromatic color. Their eyes typically reflect this color, though their eyes can vary in color wildly sometimes and do not reflect their ancestry - their hair tendrils are usually black or some other dark color.
Related Organizations
Related Ethnicities

Scions of the True Dragons

Dragonborn, much like the Goliath, are a race not native to the continent of Zheng-Kitar - they were a race that was brought about artificially by the ancient Lamia - created by the 'High Lamia' of the same ilk as the Lamia's God-Queen as a race of mates, built to be powerful, regal, charismatic, and proud. They were designed to be the males to the lamia's all-female race, but once the Lamia God-Queen had a change of heart and changed her ways, the ancient Dragonborn Ancestors were released from service and, as thanks and apologies for the nature of their creation, were given females and turned into a fully-fledged race allowed to migrate elsewhere and make their own destinies.   Now, so many thousands of years later, the modern Dragonborn have completely seperated themselves from their scaly creators - only the most storied and knowledgable Dragonborn historians or sages yet recall their origins beyond vague details, and they have settled into a new home - the humid grasslands and hot swamps of their homeland of Khadagar, forming the Khadagarian Commonwealth from the unification of the roaming Dragonborn Tribes that settled their so long ago. Though True Dragons have long since left the world behind and gone to a place where none can comprehend nor find them, their artificial children yet remain as living reminders of the overwhelming power and glory of the True Dragons - and the majesty they command even now, so many centuries after most of the True Dragons vanished from this world.

The Eternal War of Khadagar

In their humid, swamp-covered homeland of Khadagar where the roaming tribes of nomadic Dragonborn have banded together to form a nation all their own, they wage an eternal war on the largest of their border nations - the metal-clad nation of the Cheoltang Technocracy, homeland of the mysterious Jinsei and their metal cities. There, in the Khadagarian Commonwealth, the Dragonborn Hordes engage in a neverending war against the metal men of the technocracy, and through their own ingenuity and unique biological traits they have held those very same metal men at bay for centuries, fighting at the foot of the great reaping wall that guards the border of Khadagar and the Technocracy almost constantly to beat back the ever-emerging hordes of golems and metallic constructs that emerge from the walls, intent on excavating their land and stealing its bounties for themselves.   None but the Khadagarian Dragonborn could have accomplished this feat, many say - the metal men of the technocracy would be all but invulnerable were it not for the power and intellect of the Dragonborn Hordes, and the power of their elemental breath weapons...as such, all Dragonborn that grow up in their homeland of Khadagar know of the struggles of war, and of the frustrating silence of the Technocracy - no matter how much the Khadagarian Dragonborn want peace, they have never gotten it...the Technocracy responds to all attempts of peace with open hostility and slaughter, making communication all but impossible. As such, there is a deep festering hatred of advanced technology in most Khadagarian Dragonborn, who see the incredible weapons of the high-tech Technocracy as evil and horrific tools of slaughter, retaining their simple nomadic lifestyles as a badge of honor - that they need no fancy machines or golems to win their war.


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