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Khaasin Baatar

The legendary warlord who shattered and re-forged the lands of Khadagar, scourge of god and man, and herald of the Crimson Lightning

Great Khan Khaasin Baatar (a.k.a. The Scourge of Gods)

Where I have passed, I will be forgotten. My legacy will end upon the fields of Oyuun, and no grass shall grow where I have passed.   None will mourn the passing of the Crimson Lightning, nor its Scarlet King. My men will scatter, and rejoice at my passing.   Hewn into the Liferiver, my only army shall be the rocks, the trees, and the birds in the sky.
— Khaasin Baatar, Unknown

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He was believed to be in his physical prime throughout most of his life, though he is sometimes spoken of as having to work off a relatively obese bodyshape after long campaigns for the amount of exotic food he would consume during his downtime. Many of his own warriors laughingly claimed that "Were it not for war, General Baatar would eat himself to death".

Body Features

Many of his body features have been lost to time, as even now debate rages on exactly what race he was in life - though many still agree it must have bene Dragonborn, little description of him remains regardless beyond "Healthy, muscular, and fit". The most enduring feature of his body many know of was "Draconic" - which many have taken to mean Dragonborn, but some more recently have put forth the notion that he may have been a half-dragon, or possibly even an actual dragon of some kind.

Facial Features

Moreso than even his body, details of what Khaasin's face may have looked like is utterly unknown - most common is a humanoid depiction wearing enough armor for the face to be unseen, as a result of this lack of information. Many more hardline Khadagarian historians depict him as something more akin to a Dragonborn, while some of the hated "Khaasin Cults" depict him as a full resplendant Dragon-Man or full on Dragon, from whom blood is pouring from his wrists depicting his untimely death.

Identifying Characteristics

His most and only remaining identifying feature is his "draconic" nature - either as a dragon, half-dragon, or Dragonborn.

Physical quirks

Little is known of his physical quirks, aside from the flexible and powerful nature of his throat and Draconic Bellows that let him pioneer so many interesting ways for the Dragonborn to use their breath weapons.

Special abilities

Most notably among Khaasin Baatar's abilities was his mastery of the legendary Crimson Lightning, which has long been heralded by Khadagarian myth scholars, shamans, and historians as the lightning of The High Dragons, stained red by their deaths at the hands of The Yema long ago.   This lightning, long heralded as an omen of calamity and unbridaled, uncontrolled disaster, was Khaasin's and his alone to wield - none before or since have ever claimed any degree of control over it as he did, wielding to peel back the bolts of Voruzaad, the Onyx Inferno, a Dragon previously thought invincible, and to split the very heavens and earth asunder in the final battle of his horde on the fields of Oyuun.

Apparel & Accessories

Khaasin Baatar is often depicted as wearing a massive suit of heavy metal armor, with resplendant dragon wings and dragon bones emerging from the armor as evidence of his Draconic nature - he wore many rings and a brutish crown of bones, and always bore a cloak of wonderful black and red scales as trophy of his fight with Voruzaad, the Onyx Inferno.

Specialized Equipment

While many records of his gear and apparel have been lost to time, little endures as well or as potently as the legends of his weapon, the two-handed greatblade he wielded in one hand known only as Omencarver - which is often given the unflattering and fear-inducing epithet of Ender of Legends. This weapon was said to have been Khaasin's childhood blade, a mighty and terrifying relic passed down from his father unto him that was, over the course of his lifetime, bathed in the blood of millions, plunged deep into the heart of Voruzaad, the Onyx Inferno and skewered upon his blackflame heart, and slew dozens of heroes who came to claim the life of the greatest and bloodiest warlord in all of Zheng-Kitaran history, save for the likes of Cao Lu and Dahmunara Worldthrone.   The blade, stained black by its time in the heart of Voruzaad, the Onyx Inferno until the metal gleamed like the midnight sky, was warped into a strange, hollow shape of seemingly alien design wreathed in the legendary Crimson Lightning(long heralded in Khadagarian myth as the lightning of The High Dragons themselves) and rusted from all the blood and filth it was bathed in over the decades. The final and ultimate resting place of the legendary blade Omencarver is unknown, as with Khaasin's body and wealth - but is coveted and sought after by many who eagerly desire the blade for its reputed ability to "sever the threads of fate".

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of Khaasin's Personal History is unknown - all that remains is that he was known to have been born as a young boy to a long-defunct tribe in the lands of modern-day Khadagar, gifted his blade by his father during his coming of age ceremony, and would eventually go on to become the legendary warlord known as Khaasin Baatar. His real, birth name is no longer known.   The details of his many conquests, while better preserved, are the subject of closely-guarded scrutiny by the select few who carry on his legacy - jealously guarded for fear of those who would see it destroyed and his legacy bespoiled forever.

Gender Identity





Khaasin Baatar recieved no education, but nonetheless spoke like one at times - his strange penchant for philosophy and poetry signals some sort of education or training, but if he did have one it is not known.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Conquered the entirety of the Khadagan Peninsula, bringing every single one of its disparate cultures and peoples beneath his banner into a united empire of unparalleled size.   Practically and Literally created the entire Khadagarian ethnicity as its founding father.   Formed the first and only Khadagan Empire, which would eventually destabilize after his death and reform into the Khadagan Commonwealth that endures into the modern day.   Paved the way for the entire Khadagarian culture to come into its own as a culture, and for its people to truly unify and become as one.   Innovated dozens of ingenius military tactics, weapons of warfare, and ways for the Dragonborn to utilize their breath weapons that, while mostly lost to time, are eagerly sought after by many even now.   While not as well known, he caused directly or indirectly countless revolutionary advancements in Khadagarian cuisine, and the cuisine of many peoples in south and south-eastern Zheng-Kitar - the sheer amount of diverse people he brought together created beautifully complex fusion dishes that are still being made, even today, as far west as the Ustanan Concord and as far east as the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu.

Failures & Embarrassments


Mental Trauma


Intellectual Characteristics

Despite his brutish, barbaric appearance and mannerisms, Khaasin was strikingly poetic and philosophical at the oddest of times - he was a deeply contemplative man of reserved mannerisms who is recorded as passionately pursuing the "Why" of many things in his life. He would often not be satisfied unless he knew "why" he was doing something or "why" something worked the way it did, and was not happy with merely loyal soldiers or friends - he would butcher a million of his own men to find and save the ten who were truly, unshakably loyal to him in body, mind, and spirit.

Morality & Philosophy

Little about his morality or his philosophy is known anymore, purely for the fact that the remaining quotes of his and records that speak of him are so deeply conflicting - painting the image on one hand of a brutal, simplistic warlord out for greed and lust, while others paint him as a deep and mysterious prophet-philosopher whose cryptic musings have told the future centuries later.


Khaasin had no taboos, quite famously - he would kill anyone or commit any atrocity in the name of his goals.

Personality Characteristics


Moreso than even perhaps the likes of Dahmunara Worldthrone, Khaasin Baatar's motivations are the stuff of zealous historians and eager Khadagarians who seek to understand the greatest and most reviled figure in their history - he is believed to have been solely motivated by the desire to create a single, unitary empire-state for himself and his people, and to that end waged a decades long bloody slaughter to accomplish that fact.   Many, for the longest time before and after his death, have assumed him to be a simple Warlord motivated by the simplest motivations one can find(Greed, Lust for Power, Etc), but recent inquiries into the Baatarian Oracles(Seven books of prophecy supposedly sourced from Khaasin himself) have called this into question - that perhaps the great philosophical warlord had some deeper, more profound motivation behind his unfathomably cruel actions that founded the nation of Khadagar.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Was a legendarily, inhumanly excellent military tactician and warrior. Was also good at poetry, personal combat, climbing, mountaineering, hunter, Throat-Singer, Animal Handler, Archer, predicting the weather ???   Inept at Showing Empathy, Forgiving Others, Controlling his Temper, ???

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Eating, Experiencing different cultures, warfare, travelling, Mountain Climbing, Stargazing, Being with animals, writing, ???   Dislikes: Bathing, Positivity, Fate, Mindless Loyalty, The Dragon Voruzaad, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Few remain alive who can speak of Khaasin's virtues - any he may have had, if any, have been lost to time and only of interest to the occasional Khadagarian Historian.

Vices & Personality flaws

Unlike his virtues, Khaasin's flaws are well-documented and likely exaggerated by centuries of hatred and vitriol - he was well known as a tempestuous, wrathful man who gave no quarter to any of his enemies no matter their sins, who put entire clans to the bloody stake for minor crimes, and who was notoriously well-documented as preferring murder to letting his foes live on in his service. "Better for my enemies to die", he would say, "Than to live a lie in my service out of fear. I have no need of fake loyalty.".   In addition, he was a greedy, hedonistic man who engaged in sexual relations so frequently and so often with members of so many different species that many believe that a full 10% of the Khadagarian people which he founded are descended from him. He was violent, brutal, gave no mercy and expected none, and embodied all the "worst" traits many think of when they think of a Khadagarian Warlord - whom he all inspired through his legendary life and actions.


Much like the Khadagarian people he forged with his own conquests and decades of bloodshed and strife, he was notoriously hateful of bathing and hygiene in general - which he viewed with superstition as "The actions of the pagan and the heretical" - considering it a way to "Drown the spirits of your ancestors and the gifts they give". As such, his hygiene was legendarily terrible.



The Reign of Khaasin Baatar was a brutal but legendary one - starting from the fields surrounding Panchun, he spent decades carving his way across the entire Khadagarian Peninsula on a campaign of death, carnage, and conquest until his armies conquered the last holdout in the fields of Oyuun, shattering the last of the independent Khadagarian Tribes and forming the first ever united Khadagan Empire, with his council of advisors ruling as a collective with him as king.   His Reign, in total, lasted for decades of brutal fighting and slaughter, and for a handful of years afterwards until his sudden and untimely death not long into the peace he had established. It is marked even now, centuries afterwards, by repeatedly accomplishing the impossible, defeating the undefeatable(Including the still-sung of defeat of the Dragon Voruzaad, the Onyx Inferno), and forming the biggest army in Khadagarian history that pioneered dozens of new military and weapon tactics and strategies, though most were lost in the years following his death.

Contacts & Relations

In his heydey, none alive did not know the name of Khaasin Baatar, the Scourge of Gods who mastered the legendary Crimson Lightning and slew the long-feared Voruzaad, the Onyx Inferno, who once terrorized all of Khadagar with his black flame of death and scales harder than Adamantine.   Now, however, almost none remain alive who truly know of him or his deeds - because he was so immensely hated during his lifetime, much of what he created was scoured from the world and destroyed, while his name himself was slandered and dragged through the mud for centuries by his hateful detractors. Only a handful of Dragonborn carry on his legacy in the modern day, doing their best to keep his flame alive and honor their legendary General whom they still view as their one true king, even centuries after his death.   Perhaps only the Kami are exceptions to this rule, as they seem to remember him even now, so long after his death - an absolute oddity, as the eccentric Kami seldom remember any for so long, and with such consistency as they remember he they call The Cloven Star, singing his name in breezes and within the rustling of reeds even now centuries later, their strange singsong voices echoing through countless glades, forests, and swamps. Why exactly it is that the Kami care so much for the Scarlet King who terrorized so many is unknown.

Family Ties

Khaasin Baatar had a great plethora of children while he was alive - so many in fact that his harem of wives numbered well into the thousands while his children are said to have been so numerous as to outnumber the very stars in the sky. Though many of his hateful detractors attempted to slay his many children after his death, the simple fact that even now upwards of 10% of all Khadagarian people claim to have descended from him speaks volumes of the difficulty of this task.   Upon his death, his most beloved wives were chosen to be entombed with him in the secret final resting place of his body, while his eldest children would stabilize the infant Khadagan Empire and eventually form the Khadagan Commonwealth as it is known in the modern day.

Religious Views

Khaasin himself is difficult to determine as far as religious views goes - for a barbarian warlord he was legendarily philosophical and poetic, but spoke little of his personal beliefs outside of his own title as "Scourge of Gods". Many have come to the assumption he venerated the Kami due to his many strange nature-related musings and the Kami's continued remembrance of him, but such a thing is not based in true fact.

Social Aptitude

Down to the very marrow of his bones, Khaasin was an unwashed, brutal savage through and through - he was spoken of as rough and brutal, cunning but savage, and while he carried a brutish charisma that easily rallied others to his cause, his military genius was nearly beyond the realm of men. However, contrasting this savage appearance is his well-known nature as a rather philosophical and poetic soul, who often waxed poetic at length about topics that would confuse his own men - his words, even now, are studied by various Khadagarian Historians who still seek to uncover the wise, hidden meanings in the few remaining quotes of his that survived into the modern day, most notably in the Baatarian Oracles(Seven Tattered Books of prophecy believed to originate from Khaasin himself).


In contrast to his savage appearance, Khaasin was supposedly a man with reserved mannerisms - though the specifics of this have been lost to time.

Wealth & Financial state

Khaasin Baatar is with only moderate exaggeration lauded as one of the most wealth figures in Zheng-Kitaran history - as a selfish, hoarding Khadagarian Warlord and Emperor, his wealth was said to be approaching the limits of mortal reason as even his harem alone was said to number in the thousands and thousands, to say nothing of his more material possessions. Having plundered the coffers of every Khadagarian warlord from Panchun in the east to Oyuun in the west and taken everything for himself, he was in possession of such enormous wealth he was said to have commissioned an entire Vault complex from the finest EzdhĂ»l smiths just to store it all in one place - which by many accounts has yet to be truly found and plundered.   Though some of his wealth has been found and looted in the centuries following his death, much of it remains hidden by his most faithful and loyal men, who were reported to have not only hidden his body, but his most prized possessions in an unknown place following his untimely death to protect both from his detractors who would seek to destroy his body and his wealth.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Scourge of Gods, The Scarlet King, The Lord of the Crimson Lightning, The Skybreather, The Heavenly General, Legendsbane, The Dragon Knight, The Ashwalker, Khaasin 'No-Quarter', Lord Baatar, The Cloven Star
3513 ASK 3638 ASK 125 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Said to have been born the moment the Celestial Orrery was activated during The Fall of Nan-Dhurgalir
Circumstances of Death
Hotly Debated, Several prevailing theories include choking to death in his sleep, being murdered, or even suicide.
A nameless Khadagarian Tribal Camp
Place of Death
His personal command tent in his army's war camp
Current Residence
His final resting place is unknown. Some of his most loyal men are thought to have hidden his body shortly after his death.
Red Sclera with Yellow Draconic Pupils and Irises
Unknown. Rumors range wildly in size.
Quotes & Catchphrases
They sing my name, now and forever - the spirits that dance among the reeds. A prize more valuable than all the words of men.
— Khaasin Baatar's Last Words
Allegedly venerated the Kami.


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