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The Yema (Yeh-ma)

The insidious, vile foreign gods who constantly seek to undermine and destroy the continent of Zheng-Kitar and its people

Never forget - the Yema took everything from you. From us. From everyone. Just in case you forget, or think them misunderstood - they robbed you, me, and every other creature on this continent the chance at a normal life. Robbed the orcs of any life beyond thirsting for their next kill - for kings' sake, we live on a continent hidden from the rest of the world!   And all for nothing more than their own petty jealousy - if it weren't for the ancestors none of us'd even exist! And now everyone worships at the feet of those bleedin' tyrants like mewling kittens, knowing nothin' of the true way o' things. That is why we fight. Why folks like you and me still believe in the old ways, despite all of reality cryin' out to stop us - because damn it all, the Old Gods didn't deserve the lot they got. And without the Spirit Kings, we'd all be dead and gone. They care for us. No lyin', no foolin' - they saved us because they cared. That's gotta count for something.   It has to. Otherwise? There's just no point.
— A nameless sailor of the Gāngtao Migrant Fleet, to Eurystheus the Boatman

Agents of Obliteration

  The Yema, foremost enemies of Zheng-Kitar, came into existence close to the dawn of reality after they sprang from the corpse of the Overdeity Atlas(who was born from the united efforts of The Old Gods and The Outer Gods such as Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep and more) who died to give birth to the planescape itself, the Yema springing forth from his dying shell as Reality took form.   Appearing into a newly forming reality and faced with The Old Gods and The Outer Gods existing as its foremost masters, the Yema burned with jealousy at their own third-rate nature and, in short order, orchestrated the fledgling races they and The Old Gods would make to justify the total and wholesale slaughter of their most hated enemies The Old Gods so that they could claim the mantle of the foremost Gods and Masters of all of Reality from them.   Ever since they slaughtered The Old Gods, the Yema have sat upon their thrones of lies and obliteration, ruling over a reality that knows nothing of their crimes while being lauded as the great and powerful masters of reality - ruling over a host of races and creatures who know nothing of the gifts and benevolence of The Old Gods and The Spirit Kings who sacrificed so much and gave everything to ensure that those races could exist with the free will the Yema despised so much, nor of the Sapphire Elves who were exterminated and rendered into cursed creatures by the Yema for the simple sin of staying true to the purpose given to them at the dawn of creation, who gave everything to ensure that their creed and teachings of naturalism and spirituality would not be lost forever.   Though they came perilously close to achieving total victory after exterminating the Sapphire Elves and completely exterminating most all life on Zheng-Kitar nearly 6,000 years ago, they were stopped just short of their final victory by The Six Great Ancestors who gave their lives so that The Spirit Kings could be awakened from their eternal slumbers and drive back the vile Yema, breathing new life back into Zheng-Kitar as they did as the trees, soil, air, and even the beasts, birds, and creatures that dwelled upon it were returned to life at their all-powerful, benevolent hands.   Now, The Yema exist in an eternal stalemate with Zheng-Kitar and The Spirit Kings, as they still remember full well the overwhelming power of their mortal and hated enemies which once drove them screaming off of the land they had worked so hard to destroy, unable or unwilling to escalate the situation for fear of their own wellbeing should such a cataclysmic battle erupt once more.


Not much is known about the structure of the Yema beyond what has been learned from their insidious agents that have been sent to corruptand destroy the lands of Zheng-Kitar - as best as can be determined, the ranks of the bastard Yema are broken up broadly into three categories:  
  • Major: The ranks of the greatest and most powerful Yema, who have existed since close to the dawn of reality after they sprang from the corpse of the Overdeity Atlas(who was born from the united efforts of The Old Gods and The Outer Gods such as Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep and more) who died to give birth to the planescape itself, the Yema springing forth from his dying shell as Reality took form. They are the chief force of the Yema, the main enemies of Zheng-Kitar, and govern the most crucial and critical concepts of Reality such as Sky, Time, Death, Magic, and more. Each one burns with hatred for The Old Gods and all of Zheng-Kitar for continuing to uphold the beliefs and traditions of The Old Gods, The Spirit Kings and the Sapphire Elves.
  • Minor: A rank among the Yema of which altogether little is known. Believed to be equivalent to lesser deities spawned by the hands of the Major Yema, or in some other unknown way - in either case, they are believed to be nothing more than pawns given some degree of autonomy by their masters. They are small in scope and scale, governing smaller, more specific, and less important concepts to reality such as specific species, pirates, outcasts, and the like. Whatever their origins may be, they are rarely seen or interacted with on Zheng-Kitar, either lacking the willpower or ability to wreak havoc as their Major Yema masters do or would wish they do.
  • Risen: A rank many argue scarcely fits into the category of The Yema in the first place, the Risen Yema are those who existed as mortals and since rose to godhood in a very similar equivalent to the Elemental Saints(See The Spirit Kings: A Primer for more info) on Zheng-Kitar. While a few have been spotted within the lands of Zheng-Kitar working villainy, most of their number either are not aware of Zheng-Kitar's existence(Unable to pierce the Noctum Veil that surrounds Zheng-Kitar) or do not care enough to interfere.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Yema is nothing less than the total obliteration of the continent and surrounding lands of Zheng-Kitar as well as the complete and utter extinction of every single living creature that dwells above, below, and upon it.


As the masters of most of the planescape, the assets of the Yema can be said to be infinite - it is only by the divine grace of The Old Gods and The Spirit Kings that Zheng-Kitar may continue to exist.

The one true masters.

Founding Date
Near the dawn of reality.
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
The Foreign Gods, The Destroyers
Leader Title
Notable Members

The Noctum Veil

Though its' existence has only be inferred rather than observed, most all modern scholars on Zheng-Kitar agree that at some point in the continent's history - likely shortly after the Advent of the Spirit Kings which saw the Yema drove off the continent - the Yema gathered their insidious, unholy might to weave a spell of universal proportions across the lands of Zheng-Kitar that would in time come to be known as the Noctum Veil, a magical 'curtain' that would serve to hide and obfuscate the lands of Zheng-Kitar from both other Yema not given express permission and all others on the world of Ea, wiping the lands from memory and history to ensure that its 'corrupting influence' could not spread far.   This veil, while not perfect, is exceedingly close - travelers from far afield across the oceans stumble onto Zheng-Kitar only rarely, their minds becoming cloudy and distracted as they near the continent such that they almost invariably turn away or become lost without hope of return. Only a direct offer by a native Zheng-Kitaran, powerful Yeman magicks, or other powerful means are sufficient to allow one to pierce the Noctum Veil and enter the lands of Zheng-Kitar, making it a sort of "Hidden Continent" to most of the rest of the world of Ea. For reasons unknown, Zheng-Kitarans themselves are immune to the effects of the Veil - able to leave and return as they please, though most rarely do as they believe returning home can invite in those who follow behind such natives without their knowledge.

The Yema

  The Yema as a whole are made up of countless individual foreign gods that are further divided into various categories(Described below in the "Organization structure" section) - however, contrary to everything most know about them, not all of the Yema have shown themselves as innately hostile to the people of Zheng-Kitar. While many have claimed that these "Neutral" or "Friendly" Yema are nothing but a ruse to establish a foothold on the continent, such as been often proven to be untrue, miraculously - and as such, the Yema can be broken down into the three simple categories of "Friendly", "Neutral", and "Hostile".   Below is a list of the various Yema known currently to the people of Zheng-Kitar, their epithets, divine domains or spheres of control/influence, relationships with the continent and its people, as well as short descriptions about them.  

Friendly Yema

Epithet: The Lord in Lethe   Domain(s): Outcasts, Weapons, Freedom, The Forgotten   Standing Relationship: Accepted and Trusting   Description: As one of the two Yema who have earned the trust of Zheng-Kitar and its people, the mysterious Minor Yema known only as The Lord in Lethe is a god outcast amongst his own kind, born to two Yema much greater and mightier than he, who both machinated and schemed to control and use their wayward son for their own means, thinking nothing of him beyond as a tool for them to achieve their ambitions. Perhaps, it is little surprise then that the Lord in Lethe subjected himself to wandering across the Planescape to find the true meaning of freedom, and in the end ended up wandering through the Noctum Veil to discover a land that, to his surprise, was entirely absent of the influence of his parents that he had grown to despise. Initially viewed with suspicion and hatred, the wayward Lord in Lethe spent centuries with his followers slowly earning the trust of the Zheng-Kitaran people in small but noticable ways - a campsite protected, a child saved, a tyrant exposed, a good deed done, and more - such that now the people of Zheng-Kitar view the Lord in Lethe as one much like them: An outcast hated by the Yema who found a second home amongst the very people his parents would like him to destroy. He and his followers are one of the two Yeman faiths permitted on Zheng-Kitar, and are well-known as kind vagrants and wanderers who can be trusted to provide shelter, aid, or whatever assistance one may require.                      
  Epithet: The Son of Sothtoth   Domain(s): Invention, Innovation, Barriers   Standing Relationship: Accepted and Trusting   Description: While not as widely accepted and beloved as The Lord in Lethe, The Son of Sothoth exists as one of the two Yema(Believed to be a Risen Yema) that have earned the wary trust of Zheng-Kitar and its people - this strange and eldritch Yema is one that has long since earned the wholehearted trust of not only the Ezdhûl people, but all the peoples of Zheng-Kitar as a whole. Most notably, this Yema god of barriers served to assist the Dwarven High Thane Lomdael Blackgranite in his quest to seal the armies of the Celestial Host within the Ezdhûl capital city of Nan-Dhugalir, appearing and offering a selfless bit of assistance in the creation and formation of the barrier that would seal the host within the city forever, saving the Dwarven and Ezdhûl people from extinction while asking for nothing in return. Secondarily, the strange Yema god and its followers have displayed a simple but zealous devotion towards the simple creed of reality's continued existence, displaying an admirable disregard for "sides" on the conflicts of the Planescape - to The Son of Sothoth and its followers, nothing is more important than the continued existance of all things. To this end, they are often found serving as wardens and keepers of The Noctum Veil and as forces to stand against Eldritch Incursions, Yema Invasions, and assaults by any who would disrupt reality or the Cosmic Balance. While not strictly "on the side" of Zheng-Kitar and its people, The Son of Sothoth and its followers have long since proven to have distanced themselves from Yema politics such that they solely exist to safeguard reality - all of it.  

Neutral Yema

Epithet: The Revealer of Secrets / The Mindborer   Domain(s): Enlightenment, Exploration, Outcasts, Insanity   Standing Relationship: Distrusted and Cast Out, but not killed on sight   Description: As the only Major Yema who has managed to prove themselves harmless enough to escape the ranks of the "Killed on Sight" Yema, the Revealer of Secrets(Also known to some as The Mindborer) is a Yema who has shown an unusually high degree of love and care for the people of Zheng-Kitar and for the continent itself - though many have judged this 'love' to be little more than a facade, many still have surprisingly stood in defense of this powerful Yema deity, claiming her unlike her kin enough that while she should not be accepted, she should at least be spared the guillotine and allowed to leave peacefully. What helps her case is the simple fact her followers have not been known to commit any atrocities upon the land or its people - instead, they prefer to go about with careful steps extending offers of help and aid, of relieving one's burdens and problems, and similar such nuisances...the greatest sins they commit are of finding and revealing secrets and hidden knowledge - some of which sometimes exposes great corruption or even Yema Schemes. They are largely a mystery, as her following is somewhat mad but are zealously loyal to their matron, often discounting the purges carried out by the other Yema as misguided and not representative of they themselves, nor their matron deity. What the truth of the matter is, is unknown - but the simple fact that their following has earned the right to exist on the fringes outside the notice of most Zheng-Kitar, and the right to not be killed on sight if noticed(And instead simply pushed out and expunged) speaks volumes of The Revealer of Secrets' personality.  
Epithet: The Uttercold Mother   Domain(s): Uttercold, Tragedy, Cold, Art, Messages   Standing Relationship: Tolerated and given autonomy in small gatherings. Large gatherings are only allowed under strict supervision.   Description: A Risen Yema which was reputedly sealed away and imprisoned for all time as a child by her fellow Yema, The Uttercold Mother is a Yema that earned the trust of the Zheng-Kitaran people for no greater reason than she is considered an enemy by her own kind - upon hearing that she is sealed away in a frozen, lonely prison and kept isolated ever since childhood by her Yema brethren, most Zheng-Kitarans are content and understand why her following is allowed to exist on Zheng-Kitar. She is altogether a being to be pitied - as the source of all Uttercold in the Planescape, her mere existence brings tragedy and death - a fact which her followers strive to stave off and hold at bay, working endlessly in their icy citadels to ward off, seal away, and contain Uttercold and the effects it brings upon the land while simultaneously working to find a way to free their Lady of Freezing Cold and allow her to trod upon the Material Plane once more, or at the very least give their Matron a glimpse outside her lonely prison into the world she yearns to join, serving as her senses to give her a taste of that which she can never have. As such, they are tolerated and allowed to operate out of pity for their matron, who many Zheng-Kitarans see as a victim of Yema scheming such that they would also enjoy the idea of her walking free once more, if only to spite the Yema who imprisoned her.      
Epithet: The Stardreamer   Domain(s): Dreams, Stars, Cycles, The Cosmos   Standing Relationship: Poorly Understood, Suspicious   Description: Perhaps the most mysterious of all the Neutral Yema, the Stardreamer is a Minor Yema that has appeared only sporadically throughout its history in the dreams of various Zheng-Kitarans, appearing as a guide to lead them to various goals or objectives. While not believed hostile, he is not exactly believed to be friendly either, per se - since he does not even have a following and instead appears sporadically within the dreams of the desparate, suffering, or in need, he is a curiosity many scholars seek to study and understand so a better judgement can be passed on him.            
Epithet: The Dread Pirate   Domain(s): Piracy, Skulduggery, Invincibility, Strife   Standing Relationship: Truly neutral. Judged solely based on their actions.   Description: A hilarious example of how varied the Yema can be, The Dread Pirate is better known as the Minor Yema of Piracy and Strife - and though many claim it is simply his nature rather than any care or kindness on his part, The Dread Pirate has never once committed atrocities like his Yema brethren upon the shores of Zheng-Kitar. Instead, he and his followers seem wholly unconcerned or possibly even unaware of Zheng-Kitar's hated nature, as they simply act as pirates and outlaws wish and do, doing as they please and raiding at their leisure for no simple other reason as to gain more wealth and enjoy life. They get along particularly fabulously with the faith of Yasuyo the Kaiju-Caller, and from the many reports of The Dread Pirate and his faithful seemingly entirely unknowing or uncaring of Zheng-Kitar any moreso than other people or lands, he and his faithful have been judged neutral and left well alone(Until their chaotic actions bring them into conflict naturally), to many, the uncaring attitude of his followers is rather refreshing, as they seem to have no idea of the conflict between the Yema and Zheng-Kitar in the first place, seeing them as little more than an "exotic place or peoples". Though unconfirmed, many Zheng-Kitaran scholars theorize that The Dread Pirate and his faithful seem immune to the effects of the Noctum Veil thanks to their Patron Deity's domain of Invincibility, which renders him and his followers immune to the fabled barrier. However, others theorize this immunity stems from the Dread Pirate themself - that they raided their fellow Yeman gods' vaults and stole an important artifact which allowed for unfettered passaged through the veil for themselves and their followers.  

Hostile Yema

Epithet: The Platinum Dragon   Domain(s): Sky, Dragons, Life, Justice   Standing Relationship: Hated, Killed on Sight   Description: The lord of the Yema, the Platinum Dragon is the most vile and evil of all the Yema that Zheng-Kitar and its peoples face on a daily basis - as the first of their number to be born into existence ages ago, it is he who has proven to be the mastermind behind some of the greatest calamities and catastrophes Zheng-Kitar has ever seen, ranging from butcherings of villages to the genocides of entire swathes of the mainland to even the downfall of the Sapphire Elves and the nigh-complete scouring of the continent during the Age of Desolation thousands of years ago. His followers are among the most zealous and spiteful in their actions, often appearing fresh on the heels of draconic assaults as legions of white-clad "knights" mercilessly butcher Zheng-Kitarans, carrying out vile crusades with whooping cheers and evil glee as they go beyond any of their Yema brethren, salting the earth, slaughtering animals, women, children, elderly, and capable citizens alike as they carry out their mission to completely exterminate Zheng-Kitar and its people. Hated and reviled, the mere symbol of The Platinum Dragon or the mention of his damnable name is enough for some to be killed on sight.      
Epithet: The Allfather   Domain(s): Creation, Earth, Law   Standing Relationship: Hated, Killed on Sight   Description: The second-most eldest of the Yema and brother of the damnable Platinum Dragon, The Allfather is another of the most hated and vile Yema and the one who is responsible for the oversight of creation itself - it is also he who holds the deepest and most burning hatred towards The Spirit Kings and wishes them laid low the most, constantly seeking ways to overthrow and slaughter them in a way that would not prove catastrophic towards reality itself. His followers often do not come to Zheng-Kitar personally to enact such butcheries or brutalities, but instead enable the acts of other Yema to do so - furnishing them with weapons, specialized equipment, and often inventing superweapons with which to level the lands of Zheng-Kitar from afar. As the Yema who oversees the Dwarves, his followers hold an especially fervent hatred for them and constantly seek to convert, brainwash, or outright kill them.          
Epithet: The Tidefather   Domain(s): Weather, Deep Ocean, Sea Monsters, Destruction   Standing Relationship: Hated, killed on sight   Description: Perhaps one of the most notorious and destructive Yema to curse the shores of Zheng-Kitar, The Tidefather, powerful Major Yema that he is, is a constant hazard to sailors, coastal villages, underwater civilizations, and even oceanic or water-based Kami with the almost constant barrages of inclement weather, rough seas, sea monsters, and terrible cataclysms that this dastardly Yema barrages the land with. His followers are little better - though not nearly as organized as those of the Platinum Dragon, they are nonetheless notorious for forming rampaging warbands of raiders on the sea, striking out against all living beings with a ferocity and zeal unmatched by all save perhaps The Ramshackle, who incredibly seem to have a standing alliance or non-aggression pact with the faithful of The Tidefather to obliterate and destroy all life on Zheng-Kitar. His followers, when they go inland, are akin to the worst and most ferocious Myrkese raiders, slaughtering and butchering with chaotic impunity until forces can be rallied to stop them.  
Epithet: The Tidemother   Domain(s): Calm Seas, Travel, Dreams, Healing   Standing Relationship: Hated, Captured Alive when found to be ruthlessly tortured until death   Description: Though one of the least blatantly destructive of the Major Yema which stand in opposition of Zheng-Kitar and its people, the Tidemother, wife of the destructive and cataclysmic Tidefather, is a more insidious and subtle threat to the land than her husband - where her husband sends storms to wrack Zheng-Kitar's shores and raiders to pillages its lands and slaughter its people, the Tidemother works in more altogether unknown ways: A healing spell's sudden failure, reinforcements finding themselves hopelessly lost on their journey, unusually calm waters around Yema naval forces, a nightmare that plagues a powerful is all these subtle ways and more which the Tidemother works her damnable influence, subtly undoing efforts by the people of Zheng-Kitar to defend themselves and their livelihoods. For a time, her followers came ashore and earned the trust of the land's people with careful healing and gentle kindness - only to show their true colors as they had been revealed to have been slowly poisoning all they had been "healing".  
Epithet: The Adamantine Sage   Domain(s): Magic, Civilizations, Oaths   Standing Relationship: Hated, Killed and Burned on sight by specialized mage-hunters   Description: As the Major Yema who holds dominion over Magic, The Adamantine Sage's followers are unique in that the threat they pose is not so much to the people of Zheng-Kitar, but their entire ways of life - the followers of the Adamantine Sage, much like their twisted metallic patron deity, are cold-heartedly ruthless, driven ever onwards with a vile mechanical zealotry as they arrive constantly on the shores of Zheng-Kitar seeking to destroy the thousands of years of civilization built up on the lands of Zheng-Kitar, seeking to see its libraries and its cities incinerated and obliterated, to see its knowledge laid low and burned and its people brought back to a state of absolute barbarism. While he and his followers tend to avoid killing the people of Zheng-Kitar unless they stand in the way of their missions, the agents of The Adamantine Sage are brutal wizards and mage-warriors who arrive to wipe the memories of the populace, burn their cities, obliterate their livlihoods and civilization, and primarily find their repositories of knowledge such as libraries or churches and reduce them to smoking ash. On the extremely rare occasions where the people of Zheng-Kitar can respond to their lightning-fast assaults and fend off their magical warriors and wizards, they will resort to wide-scale ritual magicks designed to level cities, summon terrible beasts, and invoke awful calamities, firestorms, and other ruination upon the land - meaning that to hunt them down, specialized mage-hunting units must be formed and called to deal them a swift death before such a ritual can be invoked. Despite the mechanical and metallic depiction of The Adamantine Sage, he and his followers seem to be equal enemies with the Jinsei as with the rest of Zheng-Kitar.  
Epithet: The Spider Queen   Domain(s): Darkness, Fear, Lies, Murder   Standing Relationship: Hated but Feared, Killed with all possible expediency and force   Description: As the Major Yema of the darkest aspects of life such as Fear, Murder, and Lies, The Spider Queen is a force of absolute fear and chaos on the lands of Zheng-Kitar - unlike her Yema brethren, The Spider Queen and her followers do not make concentrated assaults on the populace in blatant wars or crusades, instead preferring to hide in the shadows to carry out shadowy wars of terrorism and fearmongering. Rarely seen directly, the Spider Queen and her followers are terrifying folk often depicted as wearing grisly trophies such as peeled off faces, heads, fingers, and more on their persons as they brutally assassinate powerful figures across Zheng-Kitar, leaving the bodies of their victims displayed in the most gruesome of fashions in the most public of places to scare entire populations into surrender or all-consuming fear at the sight of skinned, mutilated bodies dangling from rafters, rooftops, and castle parapets. They act as spies, saboteurs, terrorists, fearmongers, and psychopaths on a continental scale such that even the likes of the dark guilds such as Necro Shroud actively work to oppose these psychopathic terrorists. Perhaps one of the greatest threats of the Yema, The Spider Queen and her followers remain a constant threat to the people of Zheng-Kitar that are notoriously hard to expunge, as they seem to have no other goal than spreading fear, paranoia, and mind-numbing terror to the people of Zheng-Kitar in the hopes of forcing them into submission. The mere sight of her symbol or the grisly remains of mutilated, skinned corpses hinting at her presence is enough to call the mightiest heroes and villains alike to action to expunge them from the area with all possible force and speed.  
Epithet: The Shadow   Domain(s): Death, Time, Souls, Boundaries   Standing Relationship: Feared and Reviled, only killed if they refuse to turn over the corpses of fallen Zheng-Kitarans. Otherwise, they are simply interrupted and made to leave.   Description: Perhaps one of the least most dangerous or feared of the Major Yema, the Shadow and its followers are a strange and mysterious bunch who do not seem overly concerned or involved with the eternal war of the Yema against the land of Zheng-Kitar - instead, when The Shadow's followers are seen, they are typically seen as bald, heavily tattooed monk-like figures who move with eerie, deathly silence and precision at the heads of small groups pulling wagons, piling the corpses from the aftermath of battles waged between Yema and Zheng-Kitar for purposes unknown. While in ages past the followers of the Shadow were killed on sight, growing superstition in recent years has curtailed this violent butchery, as almost all believe in incites bad luck and wrath from forces beyond mortal comprehension - spontaneous deaths, appearances by terrifying Grim Reapers to harvest the souls of those who slew one of the faithful, and other such circumstances over the centuries have created a strange relationship between Zheng-Kitarans and the followers of the Shadow: Though their heretical rituals they seek to perform on the corpses of fallen Zheng-Kitarans are to be found and stopped at all costs where found, the faithful themselves are often left unharmed and simply forced to leave, as they will rarely put up a fight when confronted. What their strange rituals seek to do to Zheng-Kitarans are unknown, but many assume it likely involves stealing the souls of the departed and robbing them from the cycle of life and death established by The Spirit Kings. Very rarely, followers of the Shadow can be found amidst the armies of the other Yema when they launch crusades against Zheng-Kitar as feared "Shadow Hosts" - warriors clad in robes, wearing masks, and covered in tattoos, moving through the battlefield as totally silent reapers whose every swing of their great scythes seperates a head from a body.  
Epithet: The Lord of the Wild   Domain(s): Nature, Seasons, Cycles, Solitude   Standing Relationship: Hostile, Avoided by most while their presences are reported to the nearest druids or Kami   Description: Though the Lord of the Wild might seem initially like a prime target for a rare bout of friendship between Zheng-Kitar and the Yema, it is tragically not so - the Lord of the Wild and his followers instead seem to hold Zheng-Kitar and its practices of simple shamanistic mysticism as well as the worship and veneration of Kami, to say nothing of The Spirit Kings and the kinetic ways of the Sapphire Elves, a perversion of nature to be corrected and destroyed. His followers have made previous attempts to appear before the various forest-dwellers, druid circles, and beings of nature on Zheng-Kitar to persuade them to abandon their ways and join them in the "true cycle", but whenever these offers are refused drastic means are often brought to bear that blacken entire swathes of forest, rotting entire mile-wide sections of greenery as his followers uproot Kami and Druids with particular zeal, seeking to wipe the forests and natural wonders of Zheng-Kitar clean so that they may start anew and correct the land according to their patron god's own desires of how nature should work and function. Secondarily, he is believed to be the former spouse of the Tidemother, with whom he is said to have given birth to The Uttercold Mother, one of the rare Neutral Yema tolerated by the people of Zheng-Kitar.  
Epithet: The Foehammer   Domain(s): War, Wrath, Battle, Weapons   Standing Relationship: Hostile, Killed on Sight   Description: Perhaps the most straightforward of all the Major Yema allied against Zheng-Kitar, the Foehammer and his followers are soldiers, plain and simple - they are often found at the heads of armies of other Yema and of their own hosts, serving as excellent commanders and battlefield tacticians while also serving as shock-troopers and bloodthirsty warriors who invade Zheng-Kitaran shores to attack and pillage for the simple act of slaughter. In this way, they are the most simple enemies for Zheng-Kitar and its peoples to face - they employ little trickery and prefer to engage in open warfare where blood can be freely spilt and victory can be decided by sword and sorcery, and will often ignore innocents in favor of engaging actual armed opponents in combat on the field of battle, though they do not shy away from using innocents if they see it as neccesary to create a battle or force a reluctant foe onto the battlefield. On the whole, they seem to prefer leaving the complicated act of converting the Zheng-Kitaran populace, dealing with its cities and knowledge, and all such other actions to their allies that they can indulge in their appetites for battle and war. He is also believed to have been at one point, husband to The Spider Queen - together giving birth to The Lord in Lethe, one of the very few Friendly Yema that has earned the trust of Zheng-Kitar and its people.  
Epithet: The Iron Emperor   Domain(s): Humanity, Anti-Magic, Fear, Industry, Light   Standing Relationship: Hostile, Killed on Sight   Description: Standing as the only Yema to pierce the Noctum Veil entirely of their own volition with no standing alliance with any of the other Yema, the Iron Emperor found Zheng-Kitar entirely by accident, thanks in large part to the actions of the Zheng-Kitarans themselves - with the activation of the The Ferrous Stele, one of the legendary Sapphire Steles, a portal was opened up to his lands on the far-off lands of Numiastra, where he is believed to rule personally over a country made of steel and industry powered by the light of the sun. This mechanized empire is entire human-centric, and holds all other races as lesser and inferior by comparison - and it was with this attitude of human elitism that The Iron Emperor sent his unending mechanized legions wielding heretical technology forth from The Ferrous Stele located on the Isle of Yema off the west coast of Zheng-Kitar. Little else is known of him, aside from his apparent existence on the material plane and his overwhelming hatred of inhumans - and his desire to conquer Zheng-Kitar and drain it of resources to fuel his unending mechanized war machines.                    
Epithet: The Lord of the Nine   Domain(s): Tyranny, Slavery, Contracts, Pride   Standing Relationship: Hostile, Banned from setting foot on Zheng-Kitar forever   Description: One of the previously most dangerous Yema and biggest threats to Zheng-Kitar in all its history, The Lord of the Nine rules over the plane of Hell as the greatest Devil among Devils, ruler of all Devilkind and master of Hellfire(More accurately called "Godfire" on Zheng-Kitar). In ages past The Lord of the Nine was one of the most dangerous of all the Yema, his schemes and plots manifold and many as he constantly unfurled plots to overthrow rulers, depose kings and emperors, and generally sow chaos and discord across the land as he carried out plans that only he, in his infinitely insidious cunning, could possibly comprehend. After terrorizing the lands for centuries untold as his followers summoned devils, tempted the weak and powerful alike with offers of power, and in one incredible instance, caused the downfall of an entire country into sin and debauchery such that, before adventurers could stop it, the city was claimed by Hell itself and fell down into the Nine Hells, where it lays to this day. However, when faced with the might of the saint Kazusada the Elite, he met his match - and was tricked into unwittingly entering into a binding verbal contract that forbade him and his followers from setting foot or acting on or against Zheng-Kitar or its people forevermore. As such, his threat has been almost entirely eliminated in the present day, though he and his followers scheme and plot around the edges of the contract they were bound to by acting through lesser and unknowing agents.  
Epithet: The Unraveler   Domain(s): Oblivion, Desolation, Apocalypses   Standing Relationship: Mostly Unknown, but Hostile and attacked on sight   Description: Though not much is known about this Yema god personally, as its followers have not personally attacked or intervened in Zheng-Kitaran affairs, its existence has become known to the people of Zheng-Kitar as the being whose apparent escape from its bonds and subsequent apparation on the Material Plane in far-off lands caused the Invasion of the Infernal Host, weakening the boundaries between the planes as its appearance on the material plane as it fought the Yema such that outsiders from beyond the pale managed to tear the planar boundaries asunder far in the north of the continent deep in the Shenchuan Tundra. With armies of teeming demons, devils, and daemons invading the continent caused by its appearance(Which subsequently led to the Age of Descent and the eventual Fall of Nan-Dhurgalir), the Unraveler is a Yema which is to be feared, its followers hunted and obliterated for fear of a second Advent.  
Epithet: The Wulflord   Domain(s): Spirits, Nature Unrestrained, Battle,   Standing Relationship: Hostile, Killed on Sight   Description: Though the Wulflord is a Risen Yema that has not been seen on Zheng-Kitar in many centuries, he remains as nonetheless one of the most painful memories that many on the continent can recall - appearing on the continent as a strange towering wolf-man long ago, the Wulflord tore his way across the continent in a whirling maelstrom of violence that, while it somehow did not claim a single kill, left hundreds and even thousands with broken bones, shattered bodies, damaged brains, and crippling lifelong injuries. Challenging any and all that he laid eyes upon, the Wulflord fought a whirling god of battle none could match - leaving the continent after only a scant decade on its soil, he was not heard from for many a year until news came from far across the seas that the fledling warmaster known as the Wulflord, brutal savage that he is, ascended into godhood - and with it, throngs of brutal followers who soon sought to come to Zheng-Kitar to follow in their patron's footsteps and bludgeon, beat, and savage their way across the continent with reckless abandon. Feared, hated, and killed whenever they can be found, followers of the Wulflord, much like their patron, are brutal savages who for reasons unknown refuse to kill in sadistic favor of leaving their foes beaten, broken, and often permanently crippled.                      
Epithet: The Idolatress   Domain(s): Beauty, Passion, Revenge   Standing Relationship: Disliked and Hated, but due to standing, binding agreements and contracts her followers cannot be attacked or hindered by native Zheng-Kitarans.   Description: A powerful Risen Yema that has proven a thorn in the side of Zheng-Kitar for centuries, The Idolatress has proven herself in several key ways as being head and shoulders above her Yema peers for the simple fact did the impossible and what many other more powerful Yema than her, Major and Minor, have failed to do: Get the better of Zheng-Kitar and its people for any extended period of time. Invited onto the continent many, many centuries ago while she was yet mortal by an up-and-coming Elemental Saint whose name has been lost to history, she is known to have beguiled this future saint and stolen him away from the land of his birth, taking him far across the oceans with her back to her homeland with false promises, pretty words, and beguiling charm - and when next she was seen, she was newly divine and he...was nowhere to be seen at all, save for a member of her vast array of suitors and mates with a passing resemblance to this former saint...though now he was little more than a powerless man, suitor to a goddess who now wielded powerful contracts enforced through unknown means, preventing the lands and natives of Zheng-Kitar from moving against her in much the same way Kazusada the Elite foiled and bound the Yema known as The Lord of the Nine. Ever since, The Idolatress and her followers have proven themselves an annoyance many times over, as they come to these lands to set up cults of personality and gather mates, suitors, admirers, and more, treating the lands of Zheng-Kitar as little more than a wide space in which to play, full of toys and playthings with which they can freely wield and use, manipulating the hearts and minds of the populace as they please and forming cults around themselves as idols. However, the people of Zheng-Kitar have made great success in recent years using a combination of tamed monsters and foreign agents to drive the Idolatress and her followers back in the hopes of eventually being rid of them forever.


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