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Spirit King of Light, representing Support, Knowledge, Magic, and Hope

Titles: Spirit King of Light, Mother Sun, The Dawnbringer, She who inspires, The Great Recordkeeper, The Divine Librarian, The Sunlit Scholar, The Healing Lady   Favored Weapon: Longsword   Alignment: Light   Holy Land: Mount Jiutai, in the Tianzhao Peaks   Main Temple: Taiyang Temple   Church Moniker(s): Church of Mother Sun

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Sphere of Light with a book in the center

Tenets of Faith

Never stand by when another creature is in need of support. Help out in your own way, no matter how small.
Give hope to the hopeless, and inspire others to live and act.
Obliterate ignorance wherever you go by fostering knowledge and understanding in yourself and others. Seek out, collect, protect, and spread knowledge.
Foster the seeds of the arcane, and of magic. Ensure it is not used for selfish reasons or to cause hopelessness or despair to others.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To see the fire of knowledge spread and given to every creature in the land.   To see the ways of magic taught to all.   To see creatures support and help each other through all times, both good and bad.
Divine Classification
Spirit King(Major God or Prime Deity Equivalent)
Divine Realm
The Plane of Positive Energy
Holy Animal
Imperial Dragons, Dog, Owl
Holy Colors
Yellow, Gold, White
Holy Number


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