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Amnasol, The Lambent Overlord

The Evil Elemental Lord of Light

Titles: The Lambent Overlord, Lord of Luminous Gears, King of the Shining Shelves, The Grand Engraver, The Luxon Librarian   Favored Weapon: Greatsword   Alignment: Light   Spirit King: Guanyong   Obedience: Spend an hour reading a book, parchment, or other medium on which information and/or knowledge is recorded. Vow to add at least factoid, scrap of information, invention, or other valuable piece of magical or mundane knowledge to your collection or library or memory.   Effect: You can, as a free action, raise the light level within 30ft of you by one step, turning supernatural darkness into mundane darkness. You gain two knowledge skills as class skills if you do not already have all as class skills, otherwise you gain a +2 to any two knowledge skills of your choice.

Divine Domains

Sun, Knowledge, War, Glory

Holy Books & Codes

The Codex Luxcogni

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Downward-facing greatsword wreathed in light, with a sun in the pommel

Tenets of Faith

Live the neverending crusade and fight the righteous battle. Right the wrongs of the world and tear out evil from its blackest roots.
Death before dishonor. Live an honorable existence in the pursuit of justice and uphold the holy code.
Knowledge is as mighty as a blade. Protect knowledge and foster magic in all forms, learn from both, and hold their use to the same exacting, righteous standard as a warrior's blade.

The Lord of Lambent Justice

Amnasol is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Guanyong, the Spirit King of Light. He embodies the more extreme and zealous aspects of Guanyong's portfolio and constrasts his rival, the gentle and kind Vidixath with his zealous sense of justice and overbearing valor. He is commonly seen as the patron saint of crusaders, scholars, knights, mages, and represents the extreme, overbearing lengths those who serve the ways of good often go to protect their ideals, often to the detriment of others. Amnasol preaches a strict and rigid code of honor, teaching his followers to live their lives on the "neverending crusade", a notion unique to the church of Amnasol which teaches that the crusade, begun by Amnasol himself at the dawn of all things, is an eternal crusade to root out evil from its source, to tear out its twisted heart and secure the ways of good forever. To this end, Amnasol teaches to not simply handle evil at face-value, but to find the source of the evil and malice one encounters and tear it out from the roots - to root out the source of the corruption and evil and deal with it there, rather than simply dealing with the face-value issues.   Amnasol also preaches the ways of a life lived in strict adherence to "the holy code", a set of tenets that can vary from saint to saint and church to church but invariably contains a set of righteous ideals designed for Amnasol's crusaders to live their lives by. He preaches that death is preferable to dishonor, and that by living one's life in accordance with these ideals, one attains a more perfect and good existence closer to Amnasol himself. Amnasol is also simultaneously the Lord of Magic and Knowledge, and preaches the protection of knowledge in all forms, and that the value of knowledge cannot be overstated - its weight is equal to the greatest blade - and to that end he preaches his followers not only protect knowledge but learn from it and study it, while also fostering the seeds of magic wherever they can be found, and nurturing them to maturity while ensuring that both knowledge and magic are held and policed to the same standard as Amnasol's warrior-knights are. Often, this leads to the formation of Magic-Knight brigades in specialized churches designed to police the magic world.   Thus does Amnasol embody the more "evil" aspects of Guanyong's portfolio...and perhaps moreso than any other Elemental Lord, his version of "evil" is incredibly esoteric and hard for many to grasp - but in this way he resembles the extreme aspects of good, from the merciless justice he embodies to the exacting standards to which he holds the world and his followers. He thus embodies light's harsh, blinding nature and its merciless rays, that do not stop shining for any creature no matter who they might be to bring down its holy justice to all equally.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Everlux Skyscraper, The Plane of Positive Energy   Areas of Concern: Light, Knowledge, Magic, Justice, Honor   Holy Animal: Owl   Holy Colors: Yellow, White   Holy Number: 6

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Librarian: Ensure knowledge is given equally to all who desire and need it, regardless of borders, boundaries, or nationalities. Ensure every creature has the opportunity to better themselves through study and knowledge. Never let knowledge be destroyed or suppressed.
Oath of the Magic Warden: Never let magic be misused or abused, either in a way that leads to the suffering or deaths of others or in some other way. Seek out those mages who misuse magic and the arcane and see them punished appropriately.


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