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Vidixath, Lady of Luminescence

The Good Elemental Lord of Light

Titles: Lady of Luminescence, The Golden Light, The Holy Healer, The Dawnspear, The Selfless Savior, The Hopebringer   Favored Weapon: Longspear   Alignment: Light   Spirit King: Guanyong   Obedience: Spend an hour patching up the wounds or injuries of yourself or those around you, or otherwise rousing the morale and spirits of yourself or others.   Effect: Gain deathwatch as an at-will extraordinary ability. Deal 1 extra point of healing per die of healing given to yourself or another creature.

Divine Domains

Sun, Healing, Glory, Good

Holy Books & Codes

The Valkyrion Array

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A spear piercing through the center of a halo

Tenets of Faith

Good cannot be defended without skill-at-arms. Better oneself in both body, blade, and mind to center oneself and ensure your foes suffer no longer than needed.
Bring redemption to all who can recieve it, and swift justice to all that which cannot. Give others the chance at redemption no matter the source.
Be the caring, honest light the world needs. Live kindly, help others, and do your best to live a good life.

Lady of the Dawnspear

Vidixath is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Guanyong, the Spirit King of Light. She embodies the kinder and gentler aspects of Guanyong's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the Matron Saint of kindness, healing, redemption, and all things good and gentle in the world. Vidixath preaches that all creatures, even the normally remorseless evils in the world such as Undead or Fiends, have the potential in their hearts for redemption and goodness, and as such preaches that wherever possible, redemption and salvation sould be pursued wherever possible for evildoers, criminals, and evil beings alike. But when creatures prove incapable of being redeemed or saved, she preaches a deliverance of swift and merciless justice upon them to ensure as quick and painless an end as is possible.   Vidixath otherwise preaches the simple virtues of honesty, healing, and kindness, and teaches her followers and faithful to live lives striving for goodness in their daily lives, to help others as they themselves would want to be helped, and to overall "be the light they wish to see in the world". Thus her following has exploded into a massive movement, as her simple and goodly beliefs attract those of all kinds, martial and not, who are dedicated to helping others and putting down the "evils" of the world. In a way, she also teaches that her followers seek out lives of goodness, as to die in pursuit of goodness whether it be helping others or fighting off a great evil will ensure they are taken by her and her Valkyries after death into the afterlife in her court. So does Vidixath embody the kinder, gentler aspects of Guanyong's portfolio - of the healing, gentle aspects of light and the warmth it brings into the lives of those it reaches, kind and benevolent to all.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Brightfire Fields, The Elemental Plane of Light   Areas of Concern: Light, Hope, Healing, Honesty, Redemption   Holy Animal: Dog   Holy Colors: Blue, Yellow, Black   Holy Number: 4

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Physician: Respect and protect the gains and achievements of those who came before you, share your knowledge with others for the sake of those who will come after, and do your best to save every life you come across and keep them safe from harm and injustice. Do all you do wherever you go for the benefit of the sick and suffering.
Oath of the Caregiver: Protect children and infants, and keep them safe from injustice and harm where possible. Provide better means or the means to achieve them to those without home, shelter, or place of rest or sanctuary. Never turn away those down on their luck or downtrodden.


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