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Jasmine the Librarian

Saint of Magic, Spells, Knowledge, and History

Titles: Saint Jasmine the Librarian, The Lady of the Stars, Founder of the Code, The Lambent Librarian, The Pale Stargazer, The Gossamer Mage   Favored Weapon: Scimitar   Alignment: Light   Elemental Lord: Amnasol, The Lambent Overlord   Obedience: Spend an hour charting the stars above you while writing down your ideas for a new spell or magical item.   Effect: Gain any two skills of your choice as class skills. You gain cold resistance 5 and no longer need to breathe.

Divine Domains

Sun, Knowledge, Magic, Void, Law(Archon, Inevitable, and Legislation Subdomains only)

Holy Books & Codes

The Ars Limnal

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An 8 pointed star with an emerald in the middle

Tenets of Faith

Ensure those with power abide the law or code. Bring those that do not to justice and see them punished appropriately.
With great power must come great order. Live an ordered life and uphold the arcane code.
Right the wrongs of the world and tear out evil from its blackest roots.
Protect knowledge in all forms and foster the seeds of magic.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To see those that wield great power abide by an equally great code of ethics or honor.   To spread the word of law alongside the word of magic.   To protect the knowledge of the world and ensure history does not repeat itself.

Followers & Priesthood

  The followers of Saint Jasmine are more akin to an order of knights than they are a traditional mage order - they organize themselves and rank themselves more along the lines of an order of warriors, or an army. Members of the faithful all hold the initial rank of "Squire", and hold various rankings all the way up to "Lord Mage" - the title given to those who rule over Jasmine's churches - and the highest rank of "Archknight", given to the member of the faithful who rules over the entire church. Members of the faithful are distinguished by the trim and and decoration on their armor or clothing. Churches to Jasmine are more akin to giant campuses than actual cathedrals or churches - more often than not, fully-realized 'churches' of Saint Jasmine involve the construction of eight spires around a central domed building in the center - giving these massive 'campuses' a well-known reputation as a building to be avoided and stayed away from unless you have business there, as the magical wards and protectors that keep the place safe are some of the most dangerous in all the world.   Followers of Jasmine are often quite commonly wanderers - these members of the church, though they may not be a part of any official campus or district, are given the title of "Knight-Errant" by the faithful to signify their wandering nature. This rank is equal to a medium-ranking follower in the church, and they are afforded with sanctuary and basic accomodations wherever they might go as respect for their willingness to venture out into the dangerous world to travel and adventure. Followers of Jasmine most commonly decorate themselves with star-like symbology, with the eight pointed star being most synonymous with Jasmine herself - whether painted on their skin or outfit or armor, this symbol is almost always found somewhere on her faithful.   Though her followers most commonly keep to themselves when a new 'church' is established, they do often develop a reputation as avid defenders of a given area, and often provide basic arcane services to those who can afford them. Finally, they are ranked by a mixture of things - for those members of her church who prefer to not adventure they tend to be ranked based on scholastic achievement and spellcasting prowess, while those out and about on adventures tend to be ranked more by their achievements on the road, conquests, and new knowledge gained than anything else.  


  For good reason are Saint Jasmine's faithful likened to "The Magical Guard" - they act as a sort of Magical Police force and take this duty quite seriously. They live their lives by the Arcane Code, a series of 5 rules that define their very existence, and hold themselves to an excrutiating standard comparable to those used by the fervent Knight-Orders of Amnasol, The Lambent Overlord or his other saints. Training, dedication, and adherence to the Arcane Code are the most important creed to Jasmine's followers - they believe that as some of the chosen few gifted with arcane power, it is their responsibility to use that power wisely and ensure that others do so as well. To them, Magic is a gift that demands to be used according to the law or by a suitably restrictive code of ethics - followers of Jasmine believe that the inherent act of holding power indebts one to a code of law or ethics as penance for holding that very power, and they enforce that ideology on not only themselves but on others as well - meaning they are a dangerous force to corrupt rulers in a given area.   They are also notoriously active members of their community - they believe the best way to worship Jasmine and her tenets is direct and powerful action, rather than words or sermons. They take an active role in stomping out rogue mages or lawbreakers in a given area, and often serve as independent bastions of law and order when Churches are found out in the wilderness. They are diligent and active creatures who hold themselves to an exacting standard and code of ethics, which they believe is neccesary as one who holds the power of magic.  


  Jasmine is one of Amnasol, The Lambent Overlord's most ancient and honored Saints - she can trace her lineage back all the way to the Age of Rebirth nearly 4500 years ago, when the Six Great Ancestors gave their very lives and existences to allow the Spirit Kings to incarnate on the material plane. As they incarnated they brought their elemental lords with them, and Jasmine is said to be the last surviving mage left from the old world from the time of the Sapphire Elves - found by Amnasol while bleeding out and on the edge of death, Jasmine is said to have become her Lord's right hand, and served as the conduit through which the great spirit kings weaved magic back into the continent, from the font of all magic Guanyong to his spirit king Amnasol, The Lambent Overlord, with aid from Jasmine herself.   And after the centuries passed and Spirit Kings returned to their original, slumbering forms, Jasmine remained behind as her lord Amnasol returned to the Elemental Plane of light - but they would not be parted forever. She remained behind and did much to form the foundation for what Magic would become on Zheng-Kitar, and founded her church while she was still alive - a rarity for Elemental Saints - and continued her work spreading the ways of magic and order after the chaos of the Age of Desolation until her death of natural causes at the ripe old age of 104. After her death she was reunited with Amnasol in the elemental plane of light as his first Elemental Saint since the Age of Desolation. Her legacy has endured ever since - her followers have endured through thousands of years, carrying her creed of strict adherence to law and the Arcane Code, said to be a joint work by her and Amnasol himself...a point of utmost pride to her church.
  1. It is the duty of the great to foster a righteous world.
  2. It is the duty of those blessed by magic to use it in the pursuit of that world.
  3. Selfish use of magic is not a sin; When it is used in pursuit of needless evil, is.
  4. Blame not the tool - it is he who wields it who should be blamed for its misuse.
  5. The day when magic is catalogued entirely is the day it dies. A mage's work is never done.
— The Arcane Code
Divine Classification
Elemental Saint
The Everlux Skyscraper, The Plane of Positive Energy
Areas of Concern
Light, Magic, History, Knowledge, Stars
Holy Animal
Flying Fish
Holy Colors
Blue, Gold
Holy Number

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Magic Warden: Never let magic be misused or abused, either in a way that leads to the suffering or deaths of others or in some other way. Seek out those mages who misuse magic and the arcane and see them punished appropriately.
Oath of the Spell Scholar: You must always attempt to identify a spell that is cast when you see it. If you have a spellbook, you must add every spell you find into it that you can. If you hear of a unique spell, unique method of casting, or some other unique invention of magic(GM Discretion), you must pursue it and attempt to learn it for yourself.


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