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The ever-burning Godfire born from The Nine Hells


Material Characteristics

Hellfire appears as normal fire does, save for the Black-Orange Color with which it burns which drastically sets it apart from other mundane fires. Also unique is its nature as a kind of semi-solid like gelatin...it sticks to things in clumps, almost tangible, and slowly expands as it consumes.   When bestowed by the Spirit King of Fire, it can take a plethora of colors, from the typical black-orange to bright blue.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Hellfire is the hottest form of fire that exists, supernaturally so, born from The Nine Hells and is said so burn to hot that it can burn through anything...even that normally resistance or outright immune to normal fire. This is commonly attributed to its origin from within The Nine Hells and from Asmodeus, The Archfiend himself...and is believed to be because it burns mainly the soul and one's very essence, not just the physical form.   Notably, any creature killed by Hellfire is said to have its soul automatically consumed and consigned to service in The Nine Hells, in the service to the Devilish Patron who gave the wielder the Hellfire they used, or to the plane in general if they lack such a Patron. The only exception to this is if the material was bestowed by Huofeng, Spirit King of Fire - in such a case, the soul is instead condemned to the courts of the Elemental Lords of Fire - typically the patron of the one using it.

Geology & Geography

Hellfire is only found naturally in The Nine Hells, but it can very rarely be found being cultivated on other planes by creatures who received it as a gift or perhaps stole it.   It is also found within The Elemental Plane of Fire.

Life & Expiration

Hellfire burns eternally, and does not require oxygen or anything external to continue to burn.

History & Usage


Born at the beginning of time from the Yema Asmodeus, The Archfiend after he came into existence, Hellfire is said to have been born from and yet comes from his blackened, vacant chest where no heart is said to dwell, only hellfire spilling eternally from the hole where his heart never was. After Molt, First of the Dead and Father Time divided the Planescape with his mighty scythe and formed the various Outer Planes, Asmodeus naturally claimed Hell as his own...and from the first moment he laid foot in the empty plane, the Hellfire that spilled from his chest caught the plane alight with Devilish flame...a flame which burns still to this day, though it has since taken root in the Elemental Plane of Fire as proof of his eternal legacy.


Hellfire was first discovered and invented by Asmodeus, The Archfiend, as a natural byproduct of his very existence. Afterwards, it was discovered by the Devils who later came into existence and then the first Mortals who were burned by its fury, and was added to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Everyday use

Hellfire is commonly used by those who have or wield it to burn and scorch and incinerate their foes and those who dare oppose them with deadly efficiency...it is a tool for killing, through and through. It is also used as a bargaining chip by more powerful Devils and Dukes of Hell and even Asmodeus himself to entice mortals and other beings into taking their deals or bargains by offering them the use of its terrifying power.   However, now that it burns within the Elemental Plane of Fire, it is also very rarely given to adherents to the Spirit King of Fire - though when it is given out in such a way, it lacks its quality of damning the killed soul to the Nine Hells, and is more commonly called Truefire or Godfire.


Trade & Market

Hellfire is not sold by any respectable or sane merchant. To do so is to invite the wrath of The Nine Hells and Asmodeus himself, or the servants of Huofeng.


Hellfire can only be stored in special containers made from material taken from The Nine Hells or the Plane of Fire themselves, and as such is generally only given out by Devils or Huofeng as rewards for service in their or his name. When someone is blessed with its power, it often is binded to their very soul in a complicated and profane ritual known only to powerful Devils, Huofeng and his servants, and incredibly rare Non-Devils given the profane knowledge of its inner workings...thus, can the creature who received the gift of hellfire call upon its wrath at a whim, igniting their weapons or shooting beams of it from their hands at-will.


Elemental / Molecular
Priceless. Often involves selling one's soul to use it to get it from devils, or performing some great deed to get it from The Spirit King of Fire.
Extremely rare outside of The Nine Hells or the Plane of Fire.
Brimstone and Charcoal
Black-Orange(When given by Devils or those loyal to Asmodeus), Blue/Varies(When given by the Spirit King of Fire)
Melting / Freezing Point
Hellfire cannot freeze or be melted or chilled at all by mortal cold. Only the equally deadly Uttercold can hope to quench it.
Alternative Names
Godfire, Truefire


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