True Elements

The ultimate versions of the elements, most dangerous in all reality

Mechanical Benefits

  True Elements are "heightened" or "upgraded" versions of the base elemental damage types - Fire, Cold, Electricity, Acid, Sonic, etc. They are, for the most part, similar to their normal elemental counterparts, but with a few exceptions - theyt bypass all Elemental Resistances and Immunities any creatures might have against their normal counterparts: That is to say, Hellfire, the True Elemental Version of Fire, ignores and bypasses all Fire Resistance and Immunity. Only special creatures who specifically call out they resist or are immune to True Elements are such, otherwise it overrides all resistance and immunities.   Additionally, each of the True Elements typically have some secondary consequence to their use, typically in the form of doing something to those killed by them. Those killed by Hellfire for example, find their souls condemned to the courts of the Elemental Lords of Fire or to the Nine Hells themselves, while those killed by Uttercold soon rise as an undead not long after the killing, while undead struck by it rapidly go mad if they weren't already. Blacksong, most insidiously of all, is said to transform those it slays into horrid Dread Wraiths, enslaved to The Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl and their Six Black Thrones, their souls perpetually torn from the cycle of souls and bound to the same eternal punishment as their new Witch-King Masters.   The Specifics of these Elements can be found below.  

Where they come from

  The Origins of the various True Elements are varied - most come from foreign gods, better known as the damnable Yema, created when a given Yema sprung into existence or took the existing elements and carved them into true manifestations of their divine power, symbols of their power and rule. Others, like Blacksong, were creations of Zheng-Kitarans - though Blacksong's unholy reputation and origins as being the creation of the evil Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl have done it no favors.   Everlux and Voidlight, however, are unique - they came into being at the same time as The Spirit Kings of Light and Void, and are the true forms of the Positive and Negative Energies of reality, not thought to be capable of existing outside the Planes of Positive and Negative Energy respectively. They are the least commonly seen in the hands of mortals, for they are the most dangerous - too much of either for those normally healed by their lesser counterparts can rapidly spell death.   Regardless of their origins, however, Zheng-Kitarans do not pull from the Yema who created some of the True Elements - once a True Element has been invented or created, a wellspring immediately appears and springs to life within the respective Elemental Plane, even should the original source die away - standing as a record to the power of the original creator, now the sole domain of The Spirit Kings


Trade & Market

Though it varies depending on the True Element, it is very rare to find True Elements being sold in common markets - they are specialty items sold only by specialized vendors or black-market dealers.
Elemental / Molecular
All are incredibly valuable, but some moreso than others.
Varies depending on the True Element. Most all are rare to some degree.
Varies depending on the True Element.
Varies depending on the True Element.
Varies depending on the True Element.
Varies depending on the True Element.
Common State
Varies depending on the True Element.

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