The divine lightning that strikes with the rage of a dead god


Material Characteristics

True Lightning appears as golden bolts of electricity that brim and burst with divine power, such that simply being near to it is enough to make one's entire body tingle and hum with power.

Physical & Chemical Properties

True Lightning is infused with the divine power of an ancient Yema God now dead, and strikes with such overwhelming might and force that it can pierce through solid metal. It moves so quick that it is almost invisible to the naked eye, and is so unbelievably powerful and divine that it hits those normally immune to electricity just as easily as it does those normally vulnerable to it...hitting the soul as much as it does the physical form, True Lightning blasts holes in flesh and spirit alike as a terrifying destructive force.   Most notably, those hit and killed by Goldbolt are believed to have their soul blasted apart and utterly obliterated - never again to enter the cycle of souls...though rumors abound of Goldbolt having other strange properties, like storing the memories and knowledge of those it slays somehow for later examination.

Geology & Geography

Goldbolt is almost never found out in the wild as its Yema source has long since died after creating it long ago, and can only really be found in the Elemental Plane of Air within the domain of Ziyouqi in the current day. On other continents across Ea it might be more plentiful in spots where the ancient creator of Goldbolt fought and where his following was strong, but neither hold true of any spots on Zheng-Kitar.

Origin & Source

Goldbolt was born from the power of an ancient foreign god, a Yema, long ago - a God of Wisdom and Battle who forged True Lightning alongside his invincible spear, Gungnir - said to be so sharp as to slice even the heavens asunder.   He was unfortunately killed in a Yema Civil War long ago, and ever since Goldbolt has returned to the Elemental Plane of Air as the domain of Ziyouqi and Ziyouqi alone.

History & Usage


The History of Goldbolt has been lost, with the death of its creator god.


Goldbolt was discovered by its creator god, but that god's name has long since been forgotten on Zheng-Kitar.

Everyday use

Goldbolt is a blessing commonly given to the followers of Ziyouqi for performing incredibly worthy or powerful tasks, or for doing things so dangerous that it is determined to be needed as a weapon.


Trade & Market

Goldbolt is not sold in markets - it is only dealt with by the followers of Ziyouqi and the Elemental Lords of Air.


Goldbolt can be stored in any contained sufficient to store living lightning, or electricity in general.


Elemental / Molecular
Extremely rare outside the Elemental Plane of Air.
Common State


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