The extremely lethal acid capable of melting through most anything


Material Characteristics

Omniacid is a bubbling, roiling, thick acidic liquid that resembling green gelatin that churns and roils with strange power. It burbles and belches menacingly, and eats through almost everything in its path.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Omniacid is extremely lethal, and melts through nearly all other materials, save for other true elements - and the stomach lining of the High Lamia from which it originates.   It is one of the few True Elements whose secondary effect is not known - it seems to simply melt other creatures with terrifying efficiency, so if there is some secondary effect of Omniacid, it is either kept secret or not known.

Geology & Geography

Omniacid is only found naturally in the stomachs of High Lamia, where it serves as digestive acid in their stomachs.

Origin & Source

Omniacid was said to be a gift bestowed upon the entire High Lamia race by their God-Queen, who ascended into godhood herself and was rewarded for her brief stint in divinity with a new form of acid, said to be able to eat through anything - and though she died, she made sure her children would have access to her gift and thus kept it alive.   Now, however, it also dwells within the Elemental Plane of Earth as one of the tools in the arsenal of Baoshan.

History & Usage


Omniacid was mostly an unknown True Element on Zheng-Kitar until after the death of the High Lamia God-Queen and its induction into the Elemental Plane of Earth - until then, its history is unknown.


Omniacid was first discovered by the God-Queen of the High Lamia when she ascended into divinity.

Everyday use

Omniacid is commonly used by High Lamia in normal biological functions, to digest their food - but it is also a gift to followers of Baoshan for especially great things that deserve equally great rewards.

Cultural Significance and Usage

None, for the most part - but High Lamia find it oddly embarrassing to see other races going around using what amounts to basically their stomach acids as lethal weapons.


When handled improperly, Omniacid's can obviously lead to the melting part or all of the handler.

Enviromental Impact

Omniacid is not especially bad for the environment - it just melts through it.


Trade & Market

Omniacid is perhaps the only True Element that can be found for sale - but only in the markets of Raoulin, where the High Lamia dwell. Otherwise, it is next to impossible to find.


Any form of glass is suitable to store Omniacid.


Elemental / Molecular
Somewhat rare outside of areas with High Lamia or the Elemental Plane of Earth.
Dark Greenish-Black
Common State
Related Species


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