The pure, unfiltered energy of Life itself


Material Characteristics

As the raw, elemental stuff of Life, Everlux has no physical characteristics - it is pure life energy and passes through all barriers, passageways, and obstacles in its path.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is pure energy, and passes through all people and obstacles in its path. It is described as warm and comforting feeling. As raw life energy, it heals and comforts all wounds and injuries, and blasts away all undead and rotting flesh at the same time - though too much given to a living creature will begin to create overwhelming, cancerous, fleshy growths that will rapidly lead to death.   It's one "side-effect" is an odd one - creatures killed by Everlux have a much higher chance to be redeemed and/or forgiven when they face the Judge of the Dead, or be transformed into a powerful being of the plane they go to after their death. Not a major side-effect, but one nonetheless.

Geology & Geography

Everlux is only found on the Plane of Positive Energy.

Origin & Source

Everlux was born alongside Guanyong at the dawn of all things, born into existence when the Plane of Positive Energy was created. It is the literal essence of life itself - as raw and potent as sunshine.

History & Usage


Everlux was first discovered by mortals when the first mortals recieved its gift from Guanyong - but it was first discovered by Guanyong at the dawn of all things.

Everyday use

It is commonly used by clerics and followers of Guanyong exclusively - it is almost unheard of for someone to gain it without the Spirit King of Light's permission. There is also seldom reason to do so - though its power is immense, as it can both heal and harm at the same time and can pass through obstacles and barriers, it can kill those it heals when overused.


Trade & Market

Everlux is not sold - in fact, its sale is outlawed by the faithful of the Spirit King of Light and the Elemental Lords of Light. It must be earned.


Everlux is not capable of being stored within most containers - it is a blessing given to individuals who earn it, which lets them wield it at their will.


Elemental / Molecular
Extremely Rare.
Varies. Described as one's most comforting food.
Varies. Described as one's most comforting food.
Common State


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