Zheng-kitar The Fall of Nan-Dhurgalir

The Fall of Nan-Dhurgalir

Era beginning/end


Though the armies of the Infernal Host were defeated by the marching armies of the Celestial Host summoned by the dwarves of Nan Dhurgalir, that same Celestial Host would in time turn on them - determined to wipe the last traces of the Spirit Kings faith from reality.   However, the Dwarves were not so easily defeated - and in a final, desperate effort to save themselves from destruction at the hands of the Celestial Armies, they abandoned their capital of Nan Dhurgalir and caught the remnants of the Celestial Host in a deadly trap - sealing the leaders of the Host and the remains of their armies inside the city and sealing all away forever. As a result, the Dwarves of the north became a people without a home, and began a long journey to find a new place to call their own.

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