Orstac Orid

Holder of the title Narix'Ana the Gallant, and fifth ruler of Narixia and all its people

Orstac Orid (a.k.a. Narix'Ana the Gallant)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Contrary to what many might think of the leader of a country of hardened warriors, Orstac is short, lithe, and unassuming - he can generally go unnoticed in crowds and most would not peg him as being such a powerful warrior. He is otherwise completely healthy and fit, dangerously so for such an aged man, and can absolutely still run with the best of them from the younger generations. He is known to have a wicked scar across his belly that makes breathing mildly difficult for him due to an old injury, but it is nothing serious.

Body Features

He is short, unassuming, and lithe - and combined with the layers he tends to wear, he is the exact opposite of what a trained warrior-king should probably look like. He is thin, scarred, and not obviously muscled - many unfamiliar with him often think of him as nothing more than a skinny old man.

Facial Features

His face is thin and gaunt, with pale white hair and sunken cheeks that make him look emaciated.

Identifying Characteristics

He does not have many, aside from his stomach scar - if one is especially close to him, one might hear the familiar raspy wheezing of his breath that he hides quite well, but otherwise he has none.

Physical quirks

None, aside from his raspy, wheezing style of breathing - an old injury removed part of his insides and he has yet to get it fixed, leaving him with a gasping wheeze that is minor enough for him to hide most of the time.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears a scuffed, dirty, battle-scarred suit of Adamantine armor custom-tailored and crafted to his exacting specifications - as well as a pair of gauntlets of brightest silver that he wears at all times. He tends to hide a vast plethora of knives and small weapons on his person at any given time, and usually hides his trademark buster sword beneath his cloak after shrinking it down slightly.   Otherwise, he wears loose, manifold layers of dusty ponchos, scarves, and other handmedown pieces of gear and clothing.

Specialized Equipment

His armor is a one of a kind masterpiece made for him, and his various weapons are each themselves unique masterpieces as well - as an avid collector of weapons, he has an entire armory of unique and powerful weaponry.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adopted into Clan Gatogg as a young child, Orstac grew up in that most powerful of clans, home clan of the previous Narix'Ana, Narix'Ana the Ultimate. The two grew up alongside each other as friends, though his friend's nature as a Gith meant the two were quite different, and bickered often.   He lived a life in Clan Gatogg, serving with distinction, but otherwise without note - he was known to be close with the future Narix'Ana the Ultimate, but the two, despite their closeness, were bitter rivals - Orstac could not stand his companion's cold-hearted cruelty and wanton sadism with which he trained his men, and likewise his companion could seldom stand Orstac's excessive compassion or bottomless love for his own men, which he believed engendered weakness.   Once his companion ascended to the throne of Narix'Ana, he in time went on to found his own Clan and make a name for himself in the conquests of the day - living out his life into middle age under the banner of his old companion. It was not until Narix'Ana the Ultimate sustained a near-fatal injury that forced him to retire did he earn his place and prove himself worthy of the title of Narix'Ana, succeeding his own friend and rival and supplanting him as head of Narixia.


None - he was raised in a tribe of warrior-nomads and grew up upon the battlefield.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He led the clans of Narixia in the conquest of the cities of Hontoro and Shikanai - two great feats which already earned him the title of "Invincible", though he depises that title himself. His feats of valor and bravery, not to mention his compassion for his men and clanmates, has earned him a great deal of accomplishments and respect in Narixia and beyond, where is renowned as a brave and valiant ruler.

Failures & Embarrassments


Mental Trauma

His compassion is a bit of curse, and he is known to be haunted by those who have died under his rule - he tends to take each such death as a personal failure which haunts him.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is cunning, crafty, and unpredictable - he knows that most write him off as a senile, short old man, and uses it to his advantage to outwit others in conversation and on the battlefield. He is a schemer and planner, who makes up for his lack of physical prowess with wit and intellect.

Morality & Philosophy

His first and only philosophy is the protection of "His Boys" - better known as his close friends and family in Clan Orid and the rare few outside of it. To an equal but perhaps slightly lesser degree, this includes the entire country of Narixia as well - he holds absolutely no compunctions about brutal torture or violent acts of barbarism when done in service to protect his family and countrymen.

Personality Characteristics


To protect the clans of Narixia.   To expand the lands and holdings of his country, protect his people, and inscribe his name into the history books.   To give a home to the homeless, a bed to the vagrant, and welcome all into the Narixian clans who wish or need it.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent at showing compassion, understanding people, showing and reading emotion, bloodshed and battle, leading troops, engendering trust and loyalty in others, underhanded and dirty tactics, smooth-talking, tracking, hunting   Inept at detaching himself from a situation, being cold-blooded, holding back when he gets emotional or flies into a rage, giving grandiose speeches

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: His "Boys"(AKA his close family in the Orid clan), Narixia, Fighting, Warfare, Narixian Shortcake, Moving Unnoticed, Cooking, Worthy Foes   Dislikes: Narix'Ana the Ultimate(His predecessor), Anyone who threatens his Boys or his people, Sadists and the Cold-Hearted, Anyone who tries to take advantage of Narixian generosity

Virtues & Personality perks

He is an infinitely compassionate man who cannot help but love those close to him unconditionally - he deeply, deeply cares for all those close to him and those in Clan Orid, and will go any lengths to protect those close to him and Narixia as a whole, who he sees as his responsibility. He is a smooth-talker who can easily talk his way out of most situations, and thanks to his short stature most do not pay attention to him so he can move unnoticed in most crowds, making him a natural sneak and rogue.   As part of this compassion, he is quick to 'adopt' those he finds who he believes are truly in need - he is quick to latch onto them and will treat them as no different than he would his real biological children.

Vices & Personality flaws

His bottomless compassion is also his fatal flaw - he cannot detach himself from a situation or those he cares about, and will get furious to a fault when those close to him are messed with or attacked in some way - he sees himself as their father and will stop at absolutely nothing to get revenge on those responsible for bringing harm to those he cares about.

Personality Quirks

He is a collector of exotic and handcrafted weapons - often one-of-a-kind masterpieces he has found and added to his personal collection either by killing those with them or comissioning them for his own use.


He sees hygiene as a part of any self-respecting warrior's arsenal - part of their fight is often fought in conversation, after all, and hygiene is as important a weapon in such fights as a blade.


Contacts & Relations

As the fifth and current Narix'Ana, head of all the Narixian clans on Zheng-Kitar, he has a truly titanic network of vassals, informants, and contacts - every single clan is subordinate to him and his rule, and responds to his commands and requests promptly. He is well-respect even among the communities the Narixians have conquered, and some far afield countries.

Family Ties

He has no biological, blood related-children - in true Narixian fashion, he has adopted many errant children and wandering adults both into his true family, the Orid Clan. He is well-respect and beloved by them all, and thus has a sizable amount of children.

Religious Views

Orstac is an avid follower of Sunder the Raucous, and has been most all of his life.

Social Aptitude

Orstac is not a commonly charismatic man - rather than possessing powerful charisma that motivates the masses with motivational speeches and zealous fervor, he has the charisma of an aged father or grandfather. He has chill, relaxed energy that does not beholden him to normal speeches, and makes him more likely to hold his speeches to his followers and other Narixians from a seat in a cafe or longhouse around a communal fireplace than an actual stage, talking in a casual environment. He is warm, compassionate, and enjoys heart-to-heart conversation face to face rather than from a grandiose stage.   He is excellent at casual conversation and making others feel comfortable, and getting to truly know someone and pulling them out of their shell. And to his Narixian brethren, he pleases them with his raging, furious brutality when the times call for it - he is absolutely merciless when provoked or when his family is threatened, and will stop at nothing to ensure their safety or destroy those who mess with them. For good reason, thusly, has he been likened to "Narixia's protective grandfather".


He is excessively laid back - but to those trained in the ways of fighting, he is always a hairs breadth away from combat, always balancing on a knife's edge between relaxation and cold-blooded slaughter, ready to act on a moments notice. But to the casual observer, he is laid back to the extreme, full of smiles and warmness - which is genuine in and of itself. He is excellent at seeming to have his guard down at all times, and provide a welcome, open atmosphere in his mannerisms and speech to put others at ease - for his friends to feel welcome and for his enemies to underestimate him.

Hobbies & Pets

He is well-known for his strange pet that he keeps - a basilisk he has named "Lord Tyrana". It is a foul, disgusting, smelly, rambunctious beast that only he can truly tame - all others are liable to get killed or petrified by it.


Shou Ozawa

Beloved Enemy (Vital)

Towards Orstac Orid



Orstac Orid

Promising Rival (Important)

Towards Shou Ozawa




As a being who crippled his friend and predecessor Narix'Ana the Ultimate, Shou could never and will never be anything to Orstac Orid than a bitter enemy...however, he is one that the grizzled old man cannot help but admire and pity.   Shou, meanwhile, views Orstac Orid with nothing short of giddy reverence - viewing the aging leader of the Narixian people as one of the most promising heroes he has fostered in recent memory...and one who might prove capable of giving him the death he longs for.   As such, the two have a relationship similar to old enemies and drinking partners - both know that they will inevitably meet on the battlefield once more, and that one will walk away dead from such an encounter, but until they they are carefully neutral to each other.

Wealth & Financial state

Unlike most rulers of countries, Orstac is not spectacularly wealthy - he has earned a splendid set of arms and armor thanks to his station, and due to his conquests at the head of the Narixian clans he has amassed a decent amount of wealth, but it is nothing extraordinary. True to Narixian style, he yet lives as a bit of a nomad inside of his own capital, bumming beds wherever he can find them and keeping all his belongings simple and on his person. Most of the wealth he has earned is worn and shown off in his gear and weaponry, or on other things he can keep on his person. Anything in excess of what he can carry is sold off or given away.
You can fight ice-cold or you can fight red-hot. Ors fights hot. It's his weakness.
— Narix'Ana the Ultimate
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Narix'Ana the Gallant, Narix'Ana the Invincible, The Big O, Old Man Orid, The Son of Sunder, Hero of Hontoro, The Walking Arsenal
Year of Birth
4515 ASK 48 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Adopted into Clan Gatogg as a very young child, and raised communally by its members on the battlefield.
Unknown. Unofficially, he considers the camp of Clan Gatogg his true birthplace.
Current Residence
As a nomad he doesn't have much of a permanent residence, but can usually be found somewhere in the city of Zul-Sanaag.
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Thick, white dreadlocks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5.4 ft (1.65m)
140lbs (63.5kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
Would you stop calling me Narix'Ana the Invincible? It makes me sound pretentious.
If it's the last thing I do, my people will have their eternal prosperity. Even if I have to beat it out of people a year at a time.


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