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The Wanderer

The Wanderer (a.k.a. The Titan of the Tundra)

The Wanderer is classified as a Lesser Idol, and is capable of granting powers as a patron to witches and warlocks, and perhaps clerics and the like(though none have ever been brave enough to try). Consult your GM if you are interested in following or recieving power from The Wanderer as described here.
  Obedience: Spend an hour calling out to the Great Destroyer, and making offerings of items, valuable or not, that you are then to break over the course of your worship. Once finished, crush the remains of the items as best as possible beneath a single stomp.   Effect: You gain DR 15/- or Resistance 15 against all damage that comes from trample or overrun attacks. This resistance applies even against True Elements. Once a week, if you would die due to trample or overrun damage, you can stay 1pt above your death threshold and stablize.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Titan's physical condition is the stuff of utmost legend and awe-inspiring terror - its body is so tall that it reaches into the clouds, and it seems to be the very image of physical fitness, despite its unkempt state. It has never been known to appear ill or sick, but a lack of observation means this information is sketchy at best, as few can get close to it without dying.   It has never been known to sprint or run, but is assumed to be able to - and while the curve of its body has been reported as unmistakably feminine, it has several masculine traits that imply it is either a creature who can alter its gender at will, has a mixed gender or no gender, or simply is gifted with immense physical prowess due to its titan-nature. All fancy things to say that most modern scholars have no earthly idea about a majority of its bodily features.

Facial Features

No creature that has laid eyes on the titan has seen its face and lived to tell the tale - so none can say for sure what the Titan's face looks like, so many miles above the ground...

Identifying Characteristics

Its size is its most identifying feature - it is akin to an enormous, mobile mountain taller than the highest peak in the world, who can be seen from miles upon miles away in the distance like a terrifying god walking the ground. Due to its sheer size, its feet are its most defining feature - a creature standing within several miles of the titan could break its neck upwards and scarcely see its ankles and knees - an enormous wall of titanic flesh that looms as an unfathomably massive wall before them.   Its hair is also somewhat identifiable - its pure white color is somewhat notable from a distance, and it seems to enjoy putting it up in different hairstyles on occasion, though it remains dirty, matted, and tangled.

Physical quirks

Its height is the most major of its physical quirks, as well as the unfathomable strength and endurance that comes with it. Its' skin is also supernaturally durable - more akin to solid rock or granite than actual skin - meaning that it is both climable with the right equipment, and that those trapped beneath its footfalls are crushed beneath a material as pliant as skin but as durable as the hardest stone, pulverized in seconds.

Special abilities

Aside from its sheer enormity and the physical qualities that it has a result, it seems to have a poorly-documented aura that affects those who get incredible close to the titan - seemingly close than a mile, but exactly how close is unknown. This aura seems to infect the mind of they who fall victim to it, cursing them with nightmares that provide glimpses of the titan in their dreams, visions of not only crushing and all-consuming loneliness, but also being killed, flattened, crushed, smashed, and otherwise murdered by it time and again, sometimes accompanied by one's hometime or family. These nightmares prevent restful sleep and are said to eventually bleed into one's waking life, until one's thoughts are consumed with the Titan and the affected eventually sets out on a journey to find the Titan once more - what becomes of those affected in this way have never been recorded. The illness given by this aura is believed to be infectious, and spreadable in some way, but it has never been researched or documented enough to learn how or why, or if it is even true.   The only accounts of this 'illness' generated by the Titan's aura come from the rare few times it has ventured outside of its normal stomping grounds, leaving cities flattened in its wake - the survivors have been reported as acting odd by many, and contact is eventually lost with the survivors alltogether, barring one incredibly rare exception. The accounts of this illness were then recovered from journals recovered from the site the survivors vanished from, with equipment, clothing, and even arms and armor left strewn about like all vanished mid-conversation - these journals had reports of 'nightmares both waking and otherwise' by the survivors of the Titan's assault, and many plagued by horrifying nightmare, hallucinations, changes in taste and thought patterns, and more horrifying bits of information that none have confirmed since.   Finally, it has an ability similar to Dai-Yukai that lets it generate an enormous, hurricane force blizzard in an area measured in miles - this Superstorm is a typical sign one is getting close to the Titan, as it usually keeps the superstorm going constantly unless taking a break to rest its feet from its eternal wandering. This blizzard is infused with Uttercold, AKA True Elemental Cold, and freezes the body and soul in equal measure - making the mere act of getting close to this beast a dangerous prospect, as even if one does not freeze to death in body and soul, one will likely never see The Titan coming and be flattened underfoot.

Apparel & Accessories

It has never been seen wearing intact clothing - the only apparel is seems to wear is anklets made of animal hide, waistwraps made of tattered cloth and dirty animal hide, and chestwraps that seem to have once been a resplendent metallic breastplate, but is now little more than cloth chest wrappings made of dirty material with bits of metal clinging to it, curiously rust-free and gleaming with magic. It has been seen as having the ruined remains of a metallic armor pauldron clinging to its left shoulder, and has a metal bracer on its right bicep to upper wrist, remnants of some ancient battle gear that some have said seems to occasionally attempt to regrow itself, though it is quickly rebroken by the shackles adorning its wrists and ankles.   Its hair is adorned with ancient lockets, rusted weapons, massive ornate clasps of gold and silver, and remnants of those who attempted to scale the beast but suffocated in the process - skeletons cling to its body at various intervals as a reminder of its sheer enormity.

Specialized Equipment

Most curiously, massive and ornate black-iron shackles are locked around the Titan's wrists and ankles, with a few rings of massive chain dangling off of them - these shackles seem like massive puzzle rings, and have been heard grinding and rotating about seemingly of their own accord at somewhat regular intervals - usually accompanied by a pained grunt or wail on the Titan's behalf, implying it may have once been imprisoned...or that its current state is some form of imprisonment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The history of The Titan is all but unknown - it is documented in the most ancient of records as old as 4,500 years ago during the descent of The Spirit Kings and the reformation of the continent. Records of it are sparse, but it is believed to have appeared incredibly suddenly in the historical record, surprising those of the times and quickly establishing its stomping grounds as its territory which it almost never left.   During the subsequent 4,500 years of history that is has remained in the furthest reaches of the Shenchuan Tundra, almost nothing more has been gleamed about it - and in that time it has only left its stomping grounds a handful of times, countable on one hand, which has often seen it seek out a specific locale, person, or city, and grind it into powder...though several times, it has simply roamed far afield to a specific location, stared up at the sky or dug enormous ruts in the ground or other strange activities, and returned back to its usual pattern.   Many have gone up to attempt to document the Titan, but they have either fallen victim to its insidious aura that delivers an illness to the mind(Described in Special Abilities above) or been flattened by its crushing footfalls, swatted out of the air while flying up, or died while climbing its massive body.

Gender Identity

It seems to be a female, but the biology and anatomy of a Titan is an unknown and mysterious thing that none have confirmed.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Unknown. It has flattened a handful of cities durings the 4,500 it has remained in its current location, including one entire civilization that developed along the coast opposite the Glacial Reach, inside its stomping grounds - this civilization was founded by the Myrkese who had come from their far off homeland to found a coastal city and plunder the riches of the Glacial Drift for themselves. For a time, the Titan was seemingly placated by a complicated and now-lost ritual that seemed to pacify the Titan and convince it to avoid crushing the city on its usual patrols - though after a time, the Titan seemingly ground the city into powder with furious purpose for reasons unknown, meaning the secrets of that lost civilization have been lost to time...and none dare to venture up into its territory to investigate any ruins that remain.

Failures & Embarrassments


Mental Trauma

Unknown. It seems to be a former or current prisoner, or some ancient warrior - and its seemingly dislike of other creatures, especially those that gather around it or stare at it for extended periods, leads many to assume it is perhaps ashamed of itself in some way, or thinks itself hideous somehow.

Intellectual Characteristics

It is believed to be intelligent, but has never been observed speaking or listening to others speak - though that is more assumed to be because it cannot hear normal creatures unless magic is used or they fly up to its ears.

Morality & Philosophy

Unknown. It simply crushes all foolish enough to get in its way.


It almost never leaves its stomping grounds in the northeast reaches of the Shenchuan Tundra, dubbed "Titan's Reach" but the rest of the world - it either dislikes leaving, or has some other strange reason that is usually does not. It does, however, sometimes travel out into the ocean around the Glacial Drift, where it will stay for days and even months at a time before returning to the land.

Personality Characteristics


The motivations of The Wanderer are all but a mystery - none know what it wanders the frozen lands of the northern tundra time and again, walking in circles for thousands of years treading over the same ground time and again. Many assume or guess at its intentions, but none can say for sure - getting close to it spells assured destruction, whether it be squashed flat by its feet that stretch on for thousands of feet long and wide, swatted out of the air by an enormous hand, or suffocate on the lack of oxygen after a certain point up its body.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Being alone, The water, ???   Dislikes: insects/bugs, Other creatures, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Thankfully, for all its enormous bulk and awe-inspiring destructive power, the Titan prefers to exist far from the reaches of civilization and away from any other living beings - it rarely leaves its wandering grounds, and for the most part is fine to ignore others unless they are within a certain radius of it, typically within a footstep's reach. And, as a consequence of its immense height, it finds it difficult to notice normal sized creatures unless they gather in great numbers or stand especially close to its feet - which it seems to dislike on both accounts.   Thankfully, it has never once been documented as chasing after fleeing creatures - if one can flee fast enough to avoid its countryside consuming footstep, it will likely not seek you out.

Vices & Personality flaws

It has never been known to issue demands or negotiate - if for some reason it decides to leave its wandering area(As it has done a few times before over the last many thousand years), all creatures can do if they lay in its path is pray and flee that they are not flattened into atoms by its footsteps.   As well, it unfortunately seems to dislike even contact made in honored reverence - populations that have dwelled in its path in ancient times have gone on record as gathering before the titan and offering up all their material wealth, and begging and praying to the enormous beast to leave their lives intact - only for it to crush them flat in a single crushing step, indicating it either dislikes creatures in general or perhaps large gatherings near it specifically, no matter the purpose.

Personality Quirks

Is believed to be somewhat jumpy if other creatures make themselves known out of nowhere - leading many to assume it has a fear of what it percieves as 'bugs'.


It is unknown if the Titan even needs to keep itself clean - whether its immortal body even produces sweat, accumulates dirt, or requires cleaning is a mystery that none are particularly keen on investigating. Its hair appears matted and dirty, but the ways of titans are mysterious, and such is not neccesarily an indicator of hygiene.   If it does require hygiene, it has never been observed cleaning itself aside from its occasional forays into the ocean around the Glacial Drift.


Contacts & Relations

The Titan is not believed to have any contacts or relations - it is so incredible ancient that any family or contacts that it once had are all but dead. However, it is believed to be the figure venerated by The Cult of the Solestorm, who venerates the Titan as a god of destruction they seek to call down upon the world to destroy it before they themselves seek to be consumed by it.

Family Ties

The titan is not known to have any family, if it had any at all.

Religious Views

Its religious views are unknown, if it has any at all.

Social Aptitude

The Titan does not talk or negotiate - it mere tramples over all in its path like an uncaring god of destruction. It does not speak nor make bargains - and while it has not always been documented as seeking out creatures and targets to flatten them, it is rather merciless with its attacks, and has been known to lay entire countrysides and countries to ruin in a single, ruinous footstep.   Those rare, rare few who have tried to get noticed by the behemoth to have an audience with it have either suffocated once they reached a certain height from lack of oxygen, been flattened by its enormous footstep, or have been swatted out of the sky like a flea, bodies pulverized in an instant and turned to powder from the sheer force of the blow.


The Titan's only mannerisms that have been observed are near-endless wandering, with extremely rare breaks to rest its feet that are usually taken near mountain ranges, where its enormous bulk can properly sit down without fear of ruining entire countrysides. People are unsure if whether it is looking for something, cursed, or is moving around for some other reason that others cannot fathom. Whatever its reasons, it does not negotiate, and while it is not typically aggressive, it seldom cares to avoid crushing whatever lies in its path.

Wealth & Financial state

The wealth of the Titan is unknown - it does not wear anything of value, and it has never been spotted with a hoard or a place where valuables are stored, so it assumed to not have much personal wealth.
Divine Classification
Lesser Idol
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Wanderer, The Titan of the Tundra, The Great Destroyer, The Flattener, The Blue Death, The Solereaper, Herald of the Superstorm
Unfathomably Ancient
Date of Birth
Unknown. So ancient that none remain alive who recall their mortality.
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown. None know the circumstances of the Titan's birth, or how ancient it is.
Unknown. Potentially the Shenchuan tundra, as it resembles a Dai-Yukai in vague ways.
Current Residence
They reside in the very northeastern most part of the Shenchuan Tundra, referred to as the Titan's Reach. No sane creatures go near it without good reason.
Solid Blue
Extremely long, messy, dirty white, with sparse dreadlocks. Sometimes put up in a ponytail.
Estimated to be in excess of 70,000ft+ tall(13mi+)
Unfathomable. Notably, does not leave tracks.
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